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A Werewolf in the House! Nerf Blaster Shootout Attack!

>>Good evening.
I am Katelyn Smith.>>And I am Ryan Johnson.>>Tonight’s top story is a crazy one.>>Yes it is Katelyn. Am I reading this right?>>Yes. There seems to be a werewolf
on the loose in the city. All right. Let’s go live to Denise with
old man Robin about his sheep being eaten.>>Thank you Ryan. This is Denise
reporting for channel five news.>>Do you hear that?
That’s ridiculous!>I think so. I mean what else would
they be talking about?>>Why they talk about werewolf
when there’s no such thing? I don’t know. It’s the news. They just think there’s a werewolf.>>Do you hear that?>>I think so.>>Maybe we should check it out.>>But the werewolf? What if it’s real?>>Why would it be in our backyard?>>Good point. Let’s go get the flashlights.>>Wait. Did you hear that?>>Yeah I heard that, too. We should probably
go get the flashlights. Whatever werewolf. Wait. What do werewolf’s eat?>>They eat meat.>>Well, I’m made of meat.>>Well, the news said
they like sheep meat.>>Well, I’m not a sheep. So whatever. I’m all right.>>Maybe it’s a raccoon or something.>>Do you see anything?>>Nope, I see nothing. Nothing out here.>>Did you hear that?
It’s behind the trash can.>>Look, it looks like a raccoon.>>That’s a big raccoon.>>Maybe it’s just a fat raccoon.>>Um I don’t think
that’s a raccoon at all.>>That’s not even a raccoon. Go go go go go. I think there’s a werewolf outside.>>What?>>Let’s go.>>Hurry! Yes, run. Hurry! It’s gonna eat us.
Get under there. Now! He’s gonna see us. Did you see that thing? It’s like who knows what feet long? Well, I’m staying under here tonight.>>Tell me, are we sleeping under the bed?>>Oh yeah?>>Fine!>>I can’t believe we slept
under the bed all night.>>Do you remember what was outside?>>Yeah. We have to prevent that tonight. I think it’s a full moon.>>Let’s get to work.>>Good morning boys.>>Hey mom. Where’s dad?>>I don’t know. I think he went to work early. I haven’t seen him yet today.>>Well do you think it’d be
okay if we use some of his tools?>>I guess so. But what are you guys doing?>>We’re protecting the house.>>If you say so. Just don’t make a mess, please.>>Okay, so you’re gonna
get the wood and the hammer, and I’m gonna get the heavy boxes.>>I got some wood and the hammer.>>Okay. This is my plan. We’re gonna barricade the door
so it only has one way in.>>Why do have to give him one way in?>>But if he comes in
that way, we’ll blast it.>>Oh, peace out werewolf.>>Okay. Right there. Okay. Let’s go arm ourselves.>>These are new. We need to put them
in different places of the house so we can get to them easily.>>Let’s do it.>>Perfect! Done!
>>Done!>>Now, we set up our ambush spot.>>I’m not scared of the werewolf!>>Okay. Let’s move
this couch into place. Let’s start.>>Got it.>>Tip it over.>>This will be perfect. It’s like the best ambush place ever.>>Now, we have to wait ’till tonight.>>Boys!
>>Whoa!>>What are you guys doing?>>You scared us!>>We’re just making an ambush.>>All right, guys. Well, try to be quiet.
I didn’t sleep good last night. So, I’m gonna go back
to bed for a while right?>>Fine. We’ll be quiet.>>All right. We’re set for tonight. Dad’s asleep.
We’re ready to go.>>Now, we just wait.>>It’s a full moon tonight.>>Do you think it’s gonna come back?>>I don’t know. We’ll have to see.>>Let’s get inside and get ready.>>It should be here any time. Go go go! Run run run run run run run. Are you ready for this?>>I was born ready. We’re ready. Wait. Do you see that?>>It looks like it’s inside. How did it get inside?>>I have no idea! I think it’s gone.>>Go check!>>You go check! Go check. Right there. Run! Run! Run! Run! Run! Did you see that thing?>>I hit it in the face!>>Do you think it’s down?>>I don’t know. Go check. I’m out of ammo.>>Nope. It’s still there. It is still there. Oh, we have a problem. I’m out of ammo.>>Me too! Wait. We have that one.>>You have to cover me. The other one’s by the water cooler. Cover me. 1, 2, whoa! Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Get inside. Run! Run! Run! Run! Run! Go go go! Get inside! Get inside!>>Get ready.
>>It’s coming!>>You have no bullets.>>You don’t have any, either.>>I put a gun in here! I got it.>>Really? That’s it? You know those darts aren’t affecting him, right?>>What hurts the werewolf?>>Silver bullets! That is the only thing!>>Why didn’t you say so?! You mean like this one?>>Why do you have this?>>For werewolves! Duh!>>But. Whatever! Just get ready! Hurry up! Load it. In there.>>It’s coming! [Speaking in slo-mo]>>Did that worked? Definitely. Hey guys! Who do you think
the werewolf was? Letus know in the comment. We’ll figure out in three weeks. When all the Halloween
monsters attack us at once. Comment of this week comes
from Derek’s Toys. “I’ll be a werewolf.” Apparently, someone else
around here is one, too.>>Thanks for you comment Derek. Picture of the week come from.>>Braxton!>>l like your gun.>>That’s like military gear right there. He’s like all crazy it up. Awesome picture, Braxton. Thanks! It’s true. We are moving in about a week, and we’re definitely gonna
make a video about that. Just letting you know. But is really light. So give us a thumbs up. Check our Instagram
and our Facebook page. Click on our faces to subscribe
and we’ll see you all next time. Also wait. Hold on. Hold on. Watch my sister and my sister’s
friend mess up being newsmakers. Bye-bye.>>Okay. Tonight– Yes, there seems to be
a werewolf on the loose. Okay. Wait hold on. A day in the life of the newscaster.>>Okay. Stop talking.
I think I’m gonna get it.>>Okay okay.

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