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A terrific WWII rifle. The Arisaka Type 99 shoots like a dream.

hi this is Joel Persinger I’m the gun guy thank you very much for watching my videos I really appreciate it I got a great one for you today because a buddy of mine lent me this Arisaka type 99 he had had it in his garage for decades and I don’t know that he’s ever shot it I think he got it from his dad and he’s my age so at this point he’s really interested in taking it out and shooting it so I borrowed it it took me a while to find the ammo because the animals a little hard to find and it sold pricey but that’s okay it it’s a great gun to shoot they are terrific guns they’re among the strongest bolt actions made during the time they were made although they’ve gotten a bad rap at a lot of areas they made about 3.5 million of them I mean it’s just a ton of these that were produced now many of them were destroyed at the end of the war and most of them that you’ll see do not have the little chrysanthemum mark on the top of the receiver that actually was an indicator of the ownership of the Japanese Emperor and as the story goes that was removed either by agreement with the US as part of the surrender or by individual soldiers in order to preserve the honor of the Emperor now I don’t know if that’s true or not but that’s the story and that’s why many of these don’t have that chrysanthemum on it if you actually find that thing intact they’re worth quite a bit more money now there were a number of versions of these made they made a long rifle a short rifle they made a paratrooper type rifle that had I think that little collapsible kind of adjustable folding stock thing on it or something now they also made a sniper rifle some of these you’ll find what the monopod still attached it’s like a wire monopod that comes down kind of folds down off the rifle this one obviously doesn’t have one and then some of them have the anti-aircraft sight now the anti-aircraft sights get a laugh a lot and people think that they’re funny but the truth is when they were first designed they were put there because the Japanese were fighting the Chinese or the Chinese didn’t have a lot of faster aircraft most of the aircraft stated they were slow like old biplanes that were used for observation and more more than that they really were just for anything and they were low-flying so the idea was the Japanese soldier alone with his buddies could use this site to estimate how fast the plane was going take a shot at it maybe if they used volley fire they might actually hit the plane once or twice so that was the general idea as the war went on with the United States obviously those were discontinued there were one extra thing to build and they didn’t need one extra for build they were too busy trying to get the rifles out the door you can find some of these rifles chambered in 30.6 and 308 I’ve not run into any but I’ve read about them I think those were probably reach aim bird for civilian use or maybe for after the war used somewhere else the bolt is pretty cool on these it is a Mauser style style bolt but it’s got a really unusual safety design which is really neat it’s not something we normally see it’s just round piece on the back of the bolt that you can push forward with your thumb or your palm and turn and now the gun is unsafe and then you can push it forward with your thumb or your palm and turn it and the gun is now on fire so that’s the safety design which is really kind of cool other than that the bolt comes out like many bolts you’ve seen before you pull on the lever and slide the bolt out it’s really easy and simple to clean so the rifles are really really strong they’re very very accurate as you can see from the target that I was shooting honestly it did pretty well now the sights are set at about 300 yards so I was shooting at the center mass and you can see it shot high and that makes sense when I was shooting more at the belly button area you can see that the group was really really good so honestly for an old surplus rifle at 100 yards with with iron sights that’s pretty good shooting if you ask me these old rifles are very good now the type 99 is considered one of the strongest rifles built during the war and there’s a few things that it has that the other rifles didn’t for example it’s the first production military rifle to have a chrome-lined bore that’s pretty cool they’re very strong with a fully supported chamber so you can I mean they’ll take a lot of pressure people try to blow those things up and destroy them and put them through torture tests and they’ll take an awful lot of pressure and keep on tickin which is pretty darn cool it is equipped with with a one extra little thing with the sight that I like the sight folds up so that you can shoot farther distances if you want for volley fire whatever that’s pretty common in the world war two type rifles what I think is neat about this though is when you fold up the sight let’s say you’re a Japanese soldier you’re trying to take that long shot and suddenly you get surprised with somebody up close there actually is a little notch on the side at the bottom that is again roughly set at about 300 yards so it’s a rough combat sight you don’t have to flip your sight back down to get on target you can just swing the right way around or wherever you got to go and get it on target pretty quickly so that was kind of cool I thought – five rounds stripper clips is the way they used to feed these they are made extremely well they have and my mind taking the beating over the years in part because of the last-ditch versions of the rifle those were the ones that were made at the last part of the world when they just pump them out of the factory so fast they weren’t made very well but if you get one of these that was made earlier there are a really really good rifle there are a lot of fun to shoot this one doesn’t have everything on it it doesn’t have the bolt cover which came with it but they kind of rattled and made noise apparently so Japanese soldiers took them off and discarded them so you’ll find that sometimes those things are missing it some of the other things are missing so it’s a shooter probably not much of a collector’s gun but boy it is a lot of fun to go out and take to the range of shoot and it’s a great piece of history the other thing I want to mention about these is that if you really think about it these things are 75 years old plus in many cases and yet they run really well they’re they’re very accurate they’re fun to shoot they function just like a brand-new rifle in a lot of respects and I look at these things and you know I review products all the time and shooting the rifles and new guns all the time and I got to tell you there’s a lot of guns being made today that people really really like that’s 75 years from now if they’re treated the way these have been treated to the last 75 years will be dust and that’s a really great testimony to the pride of manufacturing and the manufacturing design and skill of those folks back then when they didn’t have CNC machining and they didn’t have all this fancy stuff we got now they just had to know what the heck they were doing they were craftsmen of a sort these old guns really reflect that thank you very much for watching have a wonderful week please if you haven’t already joined the National Rifle Association they need all the help that they can get particularly now because now that we have a gun friendly president and a gun friendly Congress and a lot of states are very gun friendly unfortunately not mine but a lot of the other ones are people are getting kind of lazy about it and deciding I don’t need to join look now is the time to go on the offensive we need to make sure that federally and in these states where gun rights are strong and in states like ours where we can actually go after them and perhaps recover some of our rights in the states like California then let’s go do it while we have a gun friendly president a gun friendly Congress and hopefully now at least marginally anyway a gun friendly Supreme Court now is the time to go on the offense because I live long enough to tell you that that won’t always be gun friendly we will have an anti-gun Congress an anti-gun president I mean it’s going to swing the other way so we have to establish as much of a beachhead if you will get my rifle that’s we possibly can now so please join the NRA they need your help you can do it with a link that we’ve got in the description and it will save you a little bit of money you can join the NRA for less than the cost of a bucks a box of ammunition for a year and it will help a lot also if you haven’t already checked out insurance for your home defense use of a firearm or concealed carry I want you to check out please second call defense it’s a company I used for that purpose they’re outstanding and when I stack them up against the other companies I started using them and I started talking about them all over the place since that time after about two years they decided to help us out with the channel as well so now what’s really cool about it is not only can you get some great home defense and concealed carry insurance that will help you but also it helps the channel as well it helps us here at gun guy TV so please check out second call defense once again have a great week thank you for watching please be safe

35 thoughts on “A terrific WWII rifle. The Arisaka Type 99 shoots like a dream.

  1. Assault Weapon is defined as a full automatic firing Military style firearm… hence, unless Cal. can change the definition of the dictionary I can register my AR as a AW and mill out to accept auto sear and trip — THANK YOU AND GOOD NIGHT….

  2. Did you know? The Japanese had the best handgun during WW2. It is a super high technoloy handgun. Must of been UFO technology. It can fire without having to pull the trigger! Now that is weapon of the future. Type 94 Nambu.

  3. i had a type 99 in .308 and im really sorry i let it go but i have two type 38's ones a carbine and the others a long rifle and they've become my favorite shooter's.

  4. I have my grandfather's Arisaka that he picked up while in the Philippines. This one has the flower on it. I haven't shot it because of the cost of ammo. Someday I'll have to splurge .

  5. Great rifle. It's a Japanese Mauser. How can you go wrong? Ammo kinda pricey but you can have it all. The Arisaka is on my list of rifles to own. Its a fine piece of WWII history. They really knew how to make things to last back then. Pride in their craft. The rifle really reflects that. Thats in general, not just the Arisaka. Lee Enfields, Mauser, even the Mosin Nagants will be around long after some of these modern rifles are broken into a thousand pieces of plastic.

  6. Thinking about snagging one up for $300 next time around. good price for a great bore, good to decent stock, but no mum? What I really want is a toyo kogyo manufactured arisaka so I can say that Mazda made my rifle.

  7. I may have said it before but I really like your reviewing style. You can be professional, touch on key points without wandering too far off topic, yet you are no stranger to humor. Keep up the good work.

  8. Thanks for the plug about the NRA and gun rights. You are correct that the congress will someday be anti-gun. A strong supreme court and gun laws we can pass today will help blunt them when that day comes. I have always wanted an Arisaka and this video reminded me why. Just the history alone is worth owning one.

  9. DIRTY HARRY > the Scorpio killer in Dirty Harry used a highly modified – sporter'ized Arisaka 99 custom two peace ' break down ' model with an original Hiram Maxum screw on silencer , it was re-chambered to 30-06. 1st scene he is ona high rise roof and shoots a girl in another high rise a roof top Holiday Inn as she swam in the roof top swimming pool………… HAWAII 5.0 > Another different highly modified – sporter'ized Arisaka 99 ' take down' was used in one episode of the original old Hawaii 5.0 , used by a bad guy sniper in a radio tower to kill a rich guy in his yacht. ….2 different rifles yet the same …..cheers

  10. Hey Joel,
    I have a Type 38 Carbine in 6.5 JAP and it is a very nice rifle. Unfortunately the barrel was shot out, so I am having it replaced and the rifle restored by a company that restores military rifles. Hopefully it will be done in a few months…

  11. Buddy of mine has got a beautiful one. Still got the mum on the receiver.
    He didn't shoot it much till I taught him how to reload for it.
    Now he shoots it all the time for cheap (relatively) 🙂

  12. GunGuy: I've watched a ton of your vids and appreciate them very much. Very useful, entertaining, and expert. If I could just make what I feel is a constructive comment. You have sort of a "newscaster" or commercial delivery style. I recognize it from my days in the broadcasting "business". For me, if you dialed that back to about 1/3 or 1/2, you would come across as much more casual, relaxed, and "natural". IMHO, this would be one of the few ways that you could improve on your already excellent vids. Many thanks, my friend.

  13. So 7.7x58mm ( type 92 )bullet diameter is 7.89 while the 303 is a 7.92 diameter this means the 303 would be putting extra stress on the bore of a Arisaka 99 wearing rifling faster. So Wiki has started a rumor and is saying that the 303 is interchangeable with ALL 7.7x58mm. Including the (type 99 7.7×58) bullet listed as a bullet diameter of 7.7mm on Wiki. so dose wiki have this wrong and it is not the best idea to interchange and use these bullets? Can you Measure the bullet diameter and weights are and see what the real diameters are for the sake of proper history and reloading data if you could make this video it would help me and others greatly?

  14. One of the WWII surps that I don't have, was never very interested in it however as he stated they are very strong. Excellent video Mr Persinger. Thank you

  15. I have two Type 99 rifles (both 1939 receivers) and a Type 38 rifle, and all three are a joy to shoot. Honestly the only two rifles from the WW2 era that I enjoyed shooting more/had more accurate results from were from my Canadian Lee-Enfield and a friends M1 Garand. Aside from ammo costs, which reloading helps reduce the price, I'd highly recommend buying one provided it's not one of the Last-Ditch models.

  16. Good video. The "mum" meant that the rifle was property of the Emperor and a soldier would not dare discard the bolt cover. The bolt cover was serial numbered and fitted to the rifle upon manufacture. GIs lost them when they removed the bolt upon capture. I have an 1942 Type 99 and it is certainly well made. Ammo can be easily formed from reloadable 8MM Mauser cases.

  17. Great video. I have a Type 99 Arisaka that a relative brought back from WWII and it is the most prized gun in my collection. It sat around for many years before I finally took it to the range. I figured it hadn't been fired in 70+ years and it is a pure joy to shoot…plus to the connection to my long dead relative that I never met makes it even more special. I'd shoot it more often if the ammo wasn't so expensive…best to look for it online as finding it in your local store is about impossible and very expensive.
    On older veteran at the range told me that only US officers were allowed to keep Arisakas with the mum still intact (and those are worth a lot more)…mine has it shaved off but that doesn't affect how it shoots. 🙂

  18. The Japanese soldier did not take off the dust covers. Please stop spreading this false info. If a rifle had one, they were taken off by US GIs before bringing them back. If a rifle has a dust cover, it is rarely a match to the receiver and therefore has a rough fit and makes a lot of rattle noise than the original that was issued with the rifle.

  19. With Kali's ammo restrictions 7.7×58 Jap is tough to get as well as other obsolete mil-surp calibers. Idiotic Sacto. politics!

  20. My grandfather killed a Japanese solder coming out of a cave on Iwo Jima well he took the rifle a Arasaka type 99 when he looked closely at the rifle he noticed the mum was ground off the rifle so yes Japanese soldier's did ground off the mum off some of their rifles so American soldiers wouldn't have property of the Emperor but my grandfather gave me the Arasaka before he passed away

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