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A terrific rifle scope for a hunting or defense rifle.

Hi. This is Joel Persinger. I’m the Gun
Guy. Thank you very much for watching my
videos. I really, deeply appreciate it. Today, I’m doing a review on a scope that
was sent to me by OpticsPlanet. I was looking for a scope for a deer rifle, and
they were kind enough to send me this Redfield Revolution scope that i mounted
on this little 742. Now… if you’re going to mount a scope, the
first thing you’ve gotta go do is get the darn things sighted in. So, that’s what
we did. We came out here to the Rainbow Range in Rainbow California. They were kind enough to let me shoot today. It’s a terrific range, if you haven’t been here already. But, before we get into the details of
getting the scope set up and sighted in and how easy that was, let me tell you a little bit about the
school first. This scope is a Redfield Revolution and it’s a variable power
scope that goes from 2x to 7x. Now, I discovered pretty quickly that the
adjustment on the scope is very smooth when you’re changing magnification. In fact, I was seriously impressed with that part of the scope. Also, I really like the way that the
scope is adjusted as far as windage and elevation. Because, the first thing we had
to do was get the scope on paper. So, we bore sighted it with a
little laser boresighter, and then once we got it on paper, we thought, we started shooting. Like I
said, “we thought.” Because, when we started shooting the first thing we discovered
was that the scope mount wasn’t tightened down. So, the scope
was wiggling all over the place. So, we put a few rounds on the target and that’s
why you see the tape on there. It’s not because we stole an old target
or whatever. We just shot a few rounds and realized we have a problem. We had to reattach the scope and mount it again, and this time do it right, and away
we went. We started shooting all over again to get it all sighted in. So, it
worked out in the end. But, we had the little problem in the beginning. Now, we fired the first round and you can
tell that it was a little bit off. It was high. And then the second round… you know…
because I didn’t have a way to lock the rifle down too terribly firmly, was a
little bit off there. Then the third round got us right there in the
bull’s eye area. We just had to refine it a little bit from there. So, it
was very easy to adjust this scope and get it on target. Basically, we had it pretty
much on target and dialed-in in three rounds. At that point, it was
shooting a little bit high, and then wiht a little bit more effort we got it
pretty much where it needed to be. And that got it on target pretty well. Now, one of the things I liked about this
scope is, it came with two possible reticles. I could choose one or the other. I really like the concept of the
Accu-Rrange reticle, because it gave me some indicators inside the reticle
when it came to different ranges. The rifle I’ve set this up on is a .308. So,
it gives you different groups when you start looking at how to set the
scope up. With a .308 I sighted it in at 200 yards and that gives
me a real clear indicators for 300, 400, and 500 yards. All the way up to 500
yards without having to make any adjustments in the scope. That’s what
i liked about it, because the reticle is very clear and easy to see. I
really like the fact that I can reach out a little farther and, hopefully, shoot
accurately at those distances. Once we got it on target… you know, of
course… it’s always the limitations of the rifle. The rifle is… A Remington 742 is a deer rifle basically and it’s not known for being a nail driver out at long
distances. So, I thought it shot pretty well as you look at this little group we
had. Two of them went pretty much right next to each. I keyholed two. Then you have the other two outliers, as we finally start shot a four-round group.
One of the other things I liked about the scope, is its clarity. It is extremely
clear for a scope of this price
range. I was very impressed with the glass and the clarity around the edges. So, as we’re looking around the
edges of the image, as I’m looking through the scope, it was clear
and the color was bright all the way through. I know it’s a little hard to see that
with the camera angle there, but it’s really easy to see when your eye is behind
the scope. We did our best to get close to it for you with the camera. The other thing that was interesting
to me and I really liked, was the adjustment knobs. Because, so many scopes I’ve had… you’ve got to have a screwdriver or you’ve got to have a coin or something to
adjust them. These are not that way. You just take off
the cap and away you go. You can adjust Them. They’re click adjustable. This is the one thing about the
scope that I found not as nice as it could have been. And that is, that the
click adjustment is not as sharp… You know, when you’re adjusting something that’s click adjustable, you want each click to be very sharp and very clean. I found that they’re not as sharp and clean as I want them to be. Some of
the clicks were really sharp and clean, some of them were a little mushy. So, that is
one thing I think they could probably improve when they’re trying to build a real nice scope. But other than that, honestly,
adjusting the scope and getting it on target was very, very easy and I found it
to be a joy to shoot in that regard. So, there’s the redfield revolution. Terrific scope! I’m very happy with it. I’m sure you
would be to. It was sent to me by OpticsPlanet. If you would like to get one, we put
some links in the description for you. So, you can check them out on If you would like to save some money on your purchase, not just for this
particular scope, but for all of your purchases at OpticsPlanet, we’ve got a
promo code for you to do that and you’ll find a link specifically to do that in
the description. So, you’ll be able to save yourself some money no matter what
you’re buying. You can certainly go out and check
these Redfield scopes out. They’re really actually terrific scopes and
priced very, very well. I’m very impressed. Anyway, thank you very much for watching
my videos and my channel. I really, deeply appreciate it. Please, “Like”, “Subscribe.” That way we’ll let you know when we’re doing new videos and when the new ones come
out. We’ve got a bunch of them we’ve already done… about a hundred of them. We try to do about two a week… as long as there’s time. We a least get
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11 thoughts on “A terrific rifle scope for a hunting or defense rifle.

  1. Have the similar Leupold VX-1 2-7 on my AR and love it. I have found that at 2 power I can shoot well with both eye's open just like the tacticool optics people pay a lot more for but you can also have a 7 power long shot capability. Got mine from OpticsPlanet too.

  2. GunGuyTV I put that same Scope on My Daughters Deer Rifle a few Years ago. Hers just has a regular Duplex Reticle. The Scope is very clear, and has held Zero. Great Review Sir. Thumbs Up.

  3. Wish they would update the turrets to a level flat surface turret. Kinda useless using any scope leveling tools that pretty much would work with every other scope on the market. They should provide a flat turret to screw on or something at least.

  4. I argue against the gun world that the 2-7×33 is a better option as a general purpose scope vs the 3-9×40 that is most common. The smaller lighter scope makes a bigger difference to a hunter then the 2x power and slightly less view and light from the 33mm. I would skip to a 4 x 12 for high power anyway.

  5. Thanks Joel! I have a 742 with an old Bushnell 3-9×33 scope with 1/2 MOA adjustments. I was thinking of a Redfield Revolution 2-7×33. You just convinced me. Great video!

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