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A Snag-Free Subcompact? 🤔 Sig Sauer P365 SAS [Review]

– Are you tired of snagging your pistol when it comes out of your pants? Well, that problem is solved, coming up. (buzzing)
(upbeat music) Hey guys, I’m Johnny
with, your source for gun guides, gear reviews, and if it goes bang, we
like to talk about it. The SIG Sauer P365 made a splash last year and with good reason, it
has a massive capacity, at least for its size. 10 plus one in a micro compact size. It really is small and
SIG followed that one up by releasing the XL. It’s a little bit bigger
and a little more shootable and the third in the series
has just been released. It’s the P365 SAS which stands for the SIG anti-snag system. I’m gonna walk you through the features, I’ll get it out to the range, I’ll tell you all that you need to know about the SAS package and at the end I’m gonna have
a question for all y’all. If it’s your first time here, we always put a ton of stuff down below for you to check out including a link that goes over to a full article on this gun, plus a lot more, over at And, if you’re already on the website, you know the drill, take a look up above and down below. There’s a lot to see. Now, choosing a concealed
carry gun is a big decision. There’s features, there are
performance, there’s capacity, there’s all those sorts of
things that are a lot to consider and a lot of folks have adopted the P365 as their personal carry
and for the last year, I’ve been using my P365 as
part of my regular rotation. So, when SIG announced the new SAS, I was interested. Now, let’s go through the features first. The micro-compact frame is polymer and the slide is stainless
steel with a nitron finish. And it’s small. Overall, it’s about half
a mini pumpkin in size, it’s got a three inch barrel inside a five point eight inch slide. It’s a little over four inches tall. It’s one inch wide, and it weighs in at just
over a pound unloaded. It, of course, is striker
fired and it holds ten rounds of nine millimeter in the mag and one in the chamber with a
total capacity of 11 rounds. What it comes with is a
pair of 10 round magazines, one of which has a pinky extension. Now, I know we’ve talked
a lot about boxes before, how most of y’all just
throw those in the closet, but with this one, I
think it’s actually cool. It’s small and it’s sturdy
and I think, some folks, when they’re not concealed
carrying this gun, they’ll enjoy using this box. Maybe for storage or for transport. Now, every feature that
I’ve mentioned so far is exactly like the regular P365. Let me walk you through the SAS package. Again, that’s the SIG anti-snag system. The entire gun has been smoothed out to prevent snagging when it’s drawn. And this is sort of more from
drawing from pants pockets or a vest pocket, rather
than from a rigid holster. The slide is rounded down along the top and the slide lock and
the take down levers are all but gone. The barrel is ported and
the slide is compensated to get some of the gas up
and away from the muzzle to help eat up some of the snappiness of the original P365. Now here’s where it gets interesting. The sides are also completely flush. The bulls eye style side is a fiber optic tritium night sight and to see those sights, you gotta get the gun exactly lined up. Here’s two photos showing how, if you move just a wiggle to either side, you can’t see the sights. And, finally, street price
for the SAS model right now is about $580. All right, let’s get out to the range. For this test, I got a boat
load of rounds down the pipe, the short version of my experience is that the gun ran flawlessly. I took it straight outta the box, I filled up both mags, and I let her rip. Zero problems at the range, at least for me. The sights did take a
little bit to get used to. SIG designed them to be
bright, and that they are. They’re really bright. So, in an emergency situation, you can acquire the sights quickly, but, to be clear, they’re a little funky. They really are different. And, to be honest, I don’t
know how I feel about them but they’re different and they did get my attention. As far as ergonomics, it feels exactly like the regular 365
except for the mag lock and the take down lever. And when firing, the SAS ported barrel and the compensated slide really
do eat up some of the snap. It is certainly less snappy
than the original P365. For me, the trigger is okay. Nothing to get excited about. Little bit of take up and an okay break. No complaints from me, it’s okay. Let’s talk about accuracy. This gun is not designed
for serious range shooting. It’s not a match grade
gun, not by any means. It’s a gun for emergencies
and concealed carrying. There’s a lot of chatter online about how that ported
barrel and the slide cuts affect the accuracy, but it’s a three inch barrel, designed to shoot 10 yards, maybe even much less than that, so, what do you expect? My experience, in the accuracy
department really was okay. Instead of going for
my normal torso steel, I spent most of this test
with a 12 inch steel plate and I was able to stack
rounds, no problem. Of course I struggled
with the magazine release, just like I do with every micro-sized gun #orangutanhands. Now, looks wise, I think
the P365 is all right. I like the branding, it’s pretty minimal. So, no complaints from me. Now here’s what I like about the P365 SAS. Five things. First, after two years on the market, this platform has had a
boat load of field testing and after that first hiccup
with the initial launch, and SIG corrected that one quickly, the gun has been performing
well by most accounts. So, I trust it. Second, and I know this is obvious, but it is fantastic to have
this many rounds in a gun this concealable. Here it is in my hidden, hybrid holster. Now, this holster was
made for my a regular 365, but it fits the SAS just fine. Third, that nitron finish is tough. If you sweaty beasts are
gonna be carrying this next to your man-belly, that finish can handle anything that you throw at it. Fourth, y’all know I’m a
big fan of those SIG grips. Now, there’s no need to stipple these, they feel great, right outta the box. I like the grips. And, finally, while
I’ve got mixed feelings about the sides, I’ve hammered that one pretty
hard but they’re weird, I really enjoyed getting
to try something new. Other companies have done
flush fit sides before, but for me, this was a new experience. I kinda like ’em. I don’t know where I’m
gonna end up on this one, but for now, I do kinda like ’em. As far as my concerns, let me be clear, I’ve got
none as to performance. The gun absolutely runs. But I’m curious about the sight picture covering up the target, and I think most folks, including me, are gonna be frustrated
with the slide lock being flush with the slide and I’ll also think a lot of owners are not gonna like using
a tool for the take down. I’m a fan of the classic
SIG take down lever, and this new-fangled one,
I’m gonna use the word again, it’s a little frustrating. So, with those concerns in mind, here’s my big take away on the SAS. It is designed for a specific, I’ll even call it a narrow purpose, for carrying concealed in
your pants or in a vest, something like that, in fabric rather than in kydex. And it’s designed to draw quickly and get those bright
green sights on target. So ,it’s a trade-off
from the regular P365. It’s got a weird take-down situation, a non-existent slide lock and funky sides but these are all again trade-offs to be able to come out
of your pants smoothly. I think most traditional CCW folks are probably gonna want to
stick with the original P365, that’s me, but for those of you who
carry in fabric regularly, the SAS may be worth considering. And that’s my question
of the day for all y’all. How many of you sometimes carry your gun in your britches pocket
or in a vest pocket? In fabric rather than a holster? Let me know your thoughts down below. Overall, I had fun with
the SIG Sauer P365 SAS. It ran great, it was fun to try something different, and overall, a big thumbs up from me. On behalf of the entire
Pew Pew Tactical team, I’m Johnny and we’ll see you soon. (buzzing)
(upbeat music)

40 thoughts on “A Snag-Free Subcompact? 🤔 Sig Sauer P365 SAS [Review]

  1. Do a SIG P365XL vs Sig P365 sas vs SIG P365 vs Glock 43X vs Glock 19 GEN5 vs Springfield Armory Hellcat. It would be a very educational video for people looking it CCW.

  2. Johnny, it's so dark in your studio. Is it halloween decor or are you going through something? I'm here for you baby…..

  3. I pocket carry a LC9S with 9 rounds. Using a Magguts replacement magazine spring you can get one more in there. I've fired it quite a bit, no issues feeding rounds or anything. The rear sights are a touch pointy. Some day I'm going to file them a little. It's always in my De Santis holster.

  4. Wait, ported? For CC? Potentially close quarters, enclosed spaces? Do I want the crap blasting into my face? Three guesses…

  5. I wish women's clothes had bigger pockets. Anyhoo, I would like to carry in my pocket but I would probably use a pocket holster. I can see where folks would prefer this SAS whether carrying in their pockets or in a carry purse when deep concealing.

  6. James over at TFB TV posted a fairly good reason why a ported barrel a carry gun is a very bad idea. Here’s a hint: your own muzzle blast in your face in CQ. It’s not a bad gun or a bad idea to be slick sided, but I’ll pass on a ported barrel.

  7. One thing you might want to consider is if your in your car and have to shoot the SAS P365 the ported barrel might be an issue because, a ported barrel in an inclosed space would be a rough situation not to mention the hot gasses coming from the port in such a small place. That’s a big concern for me with that one plus, I shot one and the sights are hard to get used to. Just saying and hope that might give you a perspective you might not have thought about.

  8. In most ppls minds they're riding around in their cars firing at people while doing one handed manipulations, so the quick target acquisition of the SAS isn't really a priority to a true tactical role player.

  9. If you pocket carry without a holster covering the trigger youre a moron, if you pocket carry with a holster the sas version is useless.

  10. Personally I always use a holster. I know some people do not.That being said it looks like a good choice for those that dont. So many choices so little money. Thanks Johnny

  11. Those sights remind me of my old compound bow sights. They were Timberline No Peep sights. It forced you and eventually trained you to come to the exact anchor point at every shot. You lined up a dot in a circle and then released the arrow without any kind of string peep. Once you learned it, it was very effective. Love the videos

  12. Not an essay. The P365 is interesting, but I haven't found the higher round count compelling. The SAS is novel and neat. Practical? Well I'm trying it out. Does a Sticky Holster count as a holster? It seems to protect the trigger in a pants pocket. Take down is easy with a shell casing. I almost never use a slide stop as my slide release. I generally slingshot from behind or over the top. So I don't miss that either. The porting is a concern although it seems to work. I've ordered an OEM P365 barrel to see what deleting the porting does. The sights are the real draw for me. Still getting used to them.

  13. I purchase the SAS last week and very pleased with it. Yes it's true that you need to get used to the sites. the first time I went to the range I was low left until finally sent a mass. Two days ago I was hitting Center Mass at 6 yards out.

    This gun is ideal for me because my career I have to wear business clothes and I can't always carry appendix oh, and I have the bug bite and it's a perfect fit.

    I don't mind that I have to use a screwdriver to clean out the gun, big deal that's just people being spoiled.

    And people saying about the ported barrel stuff going in their face, there is a difference it's subtle but it's there.

  14. 90% of the time, I carry my G43 or LCP or XDs .45 with a techna clip. No holster, no cloth, just naked and it works for me here in SoCal where it’s shorts and T’s basically all year. I have yet to put the techna clip on my P365 and I usually carry it in a small runners back pack while out and about since I basically walk everywhere I go. Great review. I really want an SAS, but having two of the same guns is just to redundant.

  15. I just got my p365 SAS and took it to the range. I don't see why people are having problems with the sights. I would say I'm just as accurate as with iron sights on a sub compact pistol like this. Red dot would probably still be better, but I wasn't expecting red dot accurate. I think the ppl having difficulties putting a dot in a circle need to get themselves checked for brain damage, maybe from too much lead exposure. I found it simple and effective. Great job sig! Remember y'all, dot goes in the circle. (Ppl might be just using the dot… It's not a red dot)

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