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A shotgun slug that acts like a HESH tank round!

Today we’ll be testing shotgun slugs that resemble miniature tank rounds more than they do shotgun slugs Regular viewers may recognize the heavy hitter slugs from previous tests, but based on those tests This slug has been redesigned to make it more accurate and stable in flight But the most exciting part about these, these actually go boom when they hit the target Now the new slug design looks very similar to the old one The new one is on the right and you could see that he has shifted the center of gravity a little more forward the fins are a little bit flatter and the overall height of the slug is a little bit shorter and It’s a little tweaks like this that can make the difference between success and failure in the aerodynamics of a slug Now the all these tweaks were have done without sacrificing really any weight these things still weigh almost 42 grams or close to one and a half ounces or 645 grains Ouch, now these are not a solid slug. They have a pretty sizable cavity in there for a little 12-gauge slug so what they want to do is fill that void with a trinary or binary compound and use one of those 22 caliber uh nail gun blanks or powder-actuated tool blanks as The contact fuse. it’s crazy, It’s crazy Welcome back Jeff and Danny here You guys remember the heavy hitters if you’ve watched the previous videos of them well, they sent us some new stuff and He says he’s got a noisemaker of some sort in it. We’re not sure because we don’t know what it is so we can’t say but We’ve got a box full of them here. We’re gonna see what kind of surprises he’s got in store for us so We’re gonna load them up here in the Benelli when you get the rifle choke on there. Yes. All right Since it’s always better to be safe than sorry We wrapped the breech of the shotgun with a Kevlar body armor panel just in case the breach happens, too let go The first target is a gas bottle. It’s made out of steel and it’s filled with water Now the accuracy was pretty good considering the goofy setup we had to shoot these from. But look at that energy rip the top off it, it blew the valve off and the base was as shattered as the cylinder expanded in all directions so far the tests are going really well. Little bit different than the last time we shot one of these tanks This one Blew the valve and ripped the handle off. Jeez Blind aiming it wasn’t too bad. Broke that little plastic base thing. But this time No exit wound Get a few dents. Okay. So did come through and hit it hard, but I don’t have to. And inside the slug is just turned into. This is what we found inside a Piece of the brass. I couldn’t tell if the thing had a report or not If it did it was muffled in the water. Yeah. So we’ll shoot a hard target with him and yeah see what we get out of it Okay, I’m ready when you are Ho! Okay [Laughter] You don’t see that very often, huh. We brought up the frame of the Kronos high-speed camera to eighty eight hundred frames a second and look at that slug stability the rifle choke gave it just enough spin and Look at that accuracy almost dead on on that little sticker Normally a slug will just drive itself into the wood and not split it like that So this gives you an idea how much energy these things have on impact Definitely blew up [Laughter] It blow’d up good. Hey we can see a piece of lead down in there so we’re gonna open it up in front of all of you Was that bout where the sticker was? Think it was. Oh look at that. It’s all charred Charred, there’s a piece of our. Oh. Well Is it hot? Are you burning yourself? Naw. I’m tougher than somebody Yeah ‘Bout all we can find here there was a couple of fragments on the ground and on the table and Nothing us. So that’s good. Yeah, none in us. Open up pretty good cavity there. Yeah, it’s it’s not very often we see a slug split a big old piece of wood like that Not bad So they seem to be working or whatever Yeah, I don’t want you hit by it no, okay, let’s shoot that big ugly block of gel with it. All right Haven’t seen any flashes or anything yet. So it’ll be interesting. Okay. I’m ready when you are Well, no test is complete without a failure, this one the Contact fuse was knocked out of the nose from the inertia We spilled a little bit of that compound and nothing really happened Except when a one and a half once slug strikes a fleshy material like our ballistic booger things happen Okay now Danny recast the lead plate. Thank You Danny Nice and fresh 25 pounds of lead. Let’s see what this will do to the do to that sucker. Okay. I’m ready when you ever you are Yes, sir What you’re about to see is the most impressive lead plate shot we’ve ever recorded so far This slug left a cavity measuring two inches across or around five centimeters huge cavity from a small 12 gauge slug You ruined the the pristine new plate put a dent in her. Bits of lead. That’s Uh That’s deeper than the Russian ones yeah buy a little more than just the tip Look at the back side, though Yep, that thing’s thick Didn’t quite crack it but it sure bulged it. Yeah. All blackened and everything. Okay, that’s good Okay, well we moved the target to 50 yards, so maybe we can actually hear the the Report over the shotgun shot noise, you know We’re shooting at a big cement concrete type paving stone paver See if Danny can hit these, hit that at 50 yards And what effect it will have on it? Okay, I’m ready whenever you are. Okay. Yeah, yeah definitely Now 50 yards is probably getting close to the maximum effective range of these slugs the shot was just a couple inches to the left, but still a very impressive shot by Danny and Look at that devastation and you’re probably saying that things got to be illegal. It’s got to be a destructive device but according to the ATF a destructive device has to have a quarter ounce or more of Compound in it and these only have one or two grams in it I’m not going to put the puzzle back together. Suffice it to say they did hit, it hard, definitely got a little rapport and a bit of a flash out of it now in order to give you an idea how far Jerry link was the designer of these slugs has come in improving the aerodynamics of these will shoot an old type at 50 yards and show you how those perform. 50 yards at the G.O.A.T.S. AR 500 target should be interesting. I bet he’ll knock it over ha ha. Are you ready? Okay, I’m ready Boy, you can hear that thing fly Now as you can see the old design definitely had some aerodynamic problems this slug is Just flip-flopping through the air doesn’t know which direction to point itself Surprisingly Danny still hit the target at that range. And of course the contact fuse was in the wrong orientation And nothing really happened Okay, take another 50-yard shot at the AR 500 plate Okay, I’m ready when you are Now as you can see the new design tweaks definitely have helped the accuracy and stability of these slugs Now these rank up there is some of the coolest and most fun shotgun slugs we’ve ever shot Hopefully these will be available soon. They’ll get approval to sell these crazy things and you could buy them too Where do you find them? Well, they’re gonna be available at war wolf ordinance And you’ve seen some of the stuff we’ve tested some of the coolest exotic shotgun ammo out there Hope you enjoyed watching this. We had a lot of fun making it and we want to thank our generous patreon supporters for making this video possible to you guys

100 thoughts on “A shotgun slug that acts like a HESH tank round!

  1. Up the yield, up the yield, up the yield!

    That's a fun little party-popper, y'got there. ; )~

    I wonder what just a little more explosive compound could do? Maybe up it to Ten grams? Or Twenty? I reckon that Twenty-Five grams (just under the ATF regs) would be a seriously goddamn nasty little bastard – just shy of being a launchable grenade (though it's shape is remarkably similar to some mortar shell designs).

  2. Have you created a video, or tried any of the ammunition with the ELP projectiles?
    Several Synergy Business Development divisions, including the Extremely Lethal projectile (ELP) division, were recently acquired by SAMS Small Arms Munitions Systems ( and the products are shown on this site. If you have, plan to create or know of video’s that I can link to please let me know?

  3. High Explosive Squash Head – Splinters Steel inside of tank to kill crew or set off ammo compartments.

  4. Get exploding targets and after the mixture of aluminum and the oxidizer are mixed'than scoop out a little bit of that mix out and crush it up into powder and inside the slug and than use a shotgun primer as the high exposive to set it off'it will set if off. Only thing im not sure about is if the mix will work once you crush it up since after all its ussually a prill with fine aluminum coating the outside rather than being mixed like some fine flash powder or somwthing.

  5. I didnt understand why you guys love shooting strange slugs so much as a ballbearing allways did the job quite well but this one was great.

  6. I would like to see, right after the slug blowing a crater in that lead plate, to have a hand loaded full metal 30-06 shot into another lead plate, to compare the piercing and the destructive power of the two.

  7. … (JUST 1 THING) … #GAS #BOTTLE ??? ……. HAAAAHA HAA …….
    ….. THIS IS A "JOKE" … THIS IS = BEER-CAN !! "OK" ……



  8. I was late watching this episode but it didn't spoil My enjoyment , awesome performance with the improved model (though both are almost certainly NOT legal in the UK !), visual flash seen on slo-mo would be spectacular after dark .Just like the slug it(getting better all the time ) yet another awesome & spectacular episode from TFM . Thanks guys .

  9. yeah i dont think that refrigerant bottle is steel. Glad it wasn't a legit refrigerant bottle cuz theres 10,000 dollar bounties with proof if u let out refrigerant. 410a causes global warming according to EPA. lasts weeks in the atmosphere

  10. Obviously illegal as you have no license to produce weapons and you do so. Moreover exploding antipersonnel bullets are forbidden to be produced during warfare.

  11. this video series is way better than the other on with that stinking cop bragging how he shoots people with hollow point bullets and watches their guts fall out only a prick would say something like that  but these guy are just like us just two American buck wheats and that is cool as hell and they have the best slugs too

  12. Friends, can you post a listing of the folks who made these slugs you all have shot and the names of the slugs also? Thank you for your time and help with this request. Here in the mountains of Western NC, there are a few things that a regular slug or buckshot might not takedown. I have watched some of the ones you all have put to the test and I believe many if not all would have the takedown effect against one of these creatures and I hope I never have to put it to the test, but would like to know I have the very thing loaded that would save my life or the lives of family or friends if in a life or death situation. I pray Almighty GOD, The FATHER, and The SON JESUS CHRIST will watch over and bless you all, your families and all who watch your videos, keeping every one of you safe and well every day. You all take care!

  13. I think Jerry is onto something there! That shot on the lead plate was right on par with a AP round but with a huge hole. I love the symbiosis between the ammo developers and you guys as the real world testers proving out their designs in such a cool and transparent way – We all get to see exactly what happened and good designs sell themselves. That new batch was super impressive. Maybe a little dot of something (Super glue? ) would keep the Power load cartridge in there. Would have to be sure that wouldn't somehow react with the filler for safety. Yet another great mostly scientific examination of the subject! Loved it!

  14. All of thee are very interesting from a cool factor standpoint howeverI am bit more practical and would like you to include the to other caibers. The 380 with varying factory loads and the .32 auto or 556 pistole load. In my situation I own the 9mm Rugar LC9s and the 38 special and love them both but lc myself the the LC.380. both fine weapons I have a 38 Special
    Rossi and Finally a Walther32 PP.
    Size makes my 380 my carry gun and most
    important to compare. please add it?

  15. I said toward the end of the video, "… now that's fun." out loud. Just after I said it, on the video they said these slugs are among the MOST FUN they have ever shot. There is a consensus … that shooting shit with shit that blows shit up, it is fun shit to do!

  16. I am color blind – can't track blood so I need a deer to drop wher I hit him! sooo… where do I get somma dees? 🙂
    also, in your testing you should try a snakeshot .22 round inserted instead of the blank and let me know…

  17. That's more like a High Explosive shell.
    High Explosive Squash Head has a head that conforms to the target armor on impact, before detonating. The explosion sends a shock wave through the armor, shattering the other side, sending fragments into crew and mechanical components.

  18. bullshit !!! sorry in france how low is more difficult that will be pass that can't have largegement better in us,in france we have and low is very hard.sorry not good

  19. Would love to see one of these hit some steel embedded inside gel. I can only imagine the size of the shock wave and temporary cavity it would make.

  20. Plot twist: try shooting the gas tank but instead of water it’s filled with either natural gas or propane

  21. i saw a bit of red from a flash when it hit the piece of wood. it was very dark red so it was hard to see. if these things had a little metal shield in front with a little sharp barb it might set the thing off more reliably. like a little firing pin

  22. I was especially anxious to see if the soft medium (ballistic booger) would detonate the rimfire ruse and of course it was the only one that the fuse was dislodged from before contact 😥

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