5 thoughts on “A Real ‘American Sniper’ Story | msnbc

  1. As an Arab and a Muslim I hope that US citizens can see the whole picture of the destruction their government is causing to other people not only through wars but politically as well. 'Cause I know that the government is controlled by super influential Banks and Corporations…only the people though can stop this monopoly. Muslims nor Arabs nor Afghans are the enemy. Poverty, illiteracy, warmongering is the enemy of all worldwide people, that's what we should be fighting together under one humanitarian flag.

  2. Thank you Mr. Reppenhagen for speaking out with intelligence, truth and compassion about the horrors of war, unwrapped from pretty patriotic propaganda. Godspeed.

  3. Well, yeah there were WMD, and ISIS got a hold of them. They were able to be moved out of the country within 96 hours, but the UN gave 6 months notice before they nicely knocked on their doorstep.

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