A Pistol of a Pony | The Incredible Dr. Pol

NARRATOR: Doc and Charles
are headed to a farm call. [horse neighs] DR. POL: Ron has a
couple of horses there, and he had a colt
born almost a week ago that is a cross between a
fission and a quarter horse. NARRATOR: Today, it’s a
health check for the new colt. RON SINKS: His name is DJ
in remembrance of my mom. He’s a male, so I don’t want
to call him Deborah Jeane. So I just shorten it up to DJ. Just like a family, we’ve been
waiting for him for 11 months, and we could feel a
kick just like a human. Really excited for him. Hello. Hey, how are you doing, Doc? – Not bad.
– Good. DR. POL: New colt, huh? RON SINKS: Yeah. DR. POL: Well, isn’t
that something. Oh my gosh. He’s cute. Every colt is cute,
and this one especially is very cute, very pretty. You know it has a lot of
the fission traits in there. So, yes, it’s a
beautiful little colt. Just grab hold of
mom, and I’ll get him. RON SINKS: OK. Come here please. DR. POL: Oh. RON SINKS: He’s
got a lot of fire because he’s really
got a lot of energy. DR. POL: They do. RON SINKS: Yep. It’s all right, Lees. DR. POL: [chuckles] Where
are you going, my friend? Where are you going? Here he comes. Grab a hold of him. Come on, DJ. DR. POL: Oh, quiet, you mom. RON SINKS: It’s all right. DR. POL: Coming back around. Here he comes again. It’s a feisty little thing. It is bucking and jumping. Unbelievable how strong they
are in a week’s time already. Listen.
Listen. Listen. This is me. OK. Just slow down. Slow down. You’re fine. There. No? Put blood against– hold still. No, you don’t. No, you don’t. There just like that. You got him. You done this before. You just do a very short
physical, just look it over. Yup. Yeah, that sounds good. Everything is good. He is fantastic. NARRATOR: A healthy heart
rate, perfect temperature, and plenty of gitty up. Yep, everything is fine. It’s a healthy colt. Turn him loose. OK. You got her. RON SINKS: I’m always
happy with Dr. Pol. He’s a great vet. He’s been around the
block quite a few times. He knows his stuff, and
he’s also a good neighbor. And that’s why I
call him out here. Thanks! Thanks, Doc. That’s a pretty one, isn’t it? Oh, yeah. Pretty, pretty foal.

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