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A Pistol For Ringo 1965 with english subs

– Merry Christmas, Johnny.
– Merry Christmas to you. – Greetings, Timoteo.
– Greetings to you! For you. It’s just arrived. Here, read it. It’s from Crystal City.
Angel Face’s been acquitted. Self-defense, said the Judge. – For Ringo it’s always self-defense
– The Bensons won’t like it. Phil was the youngest brother. Phil was looking for it. Ringo was looking for it too. I was wondering why they were leaving
just before Christmas. – Who left?
– The Bensons. All four of them. This morning, before dawn.
What is it? You know Angel Face,
where could he have gone? – San José. Everyone knows that.
– Right. The Benson’s must know that too. Why the rush? The Bensons
have never seen him before. You’ll stop them ten times over
before they’ve even spotted him. If I can’t, someone will end up
with a bullet between their eyes. Wake up, old man! Do you know someone
who lives around here? I know many people
who live around here. The one we’re looking for
is called Angel Face. Everyone’s looking for Ringo here. And if you’re unlucky,
sooner or later you’ll find him. If you’re unlucky. – Line. You must go back.
– Miguel’s right. Line. You’ve touched the line again. I’ve never met such fussy players. Hey, you! Do you know Angel Face? Step aside, children. – What are you going to do?
– A new game. The first man who steps across
the wall gets a bullet between his eyes. – What’s this nonsense?
– It’s not nonsense. It’s a new game, I told you. The children will like it. You were looking
for Ringo Angel Face, right? Well, you’ve found him. I am Ringo Angel Face. I told them not to step
across the wall. Stop right there, Ringo. Keep your hands away from your gun. Good morning, Sheriff.
Were you looking for me? Actually, I’m looking for the Bensons. And they were looking for me.
Unfortunately they’ve found me. And you killed them. Self-defense, Sheriff.
I have witnesses. You can say that to the Judge
at the trial. – Can you sit there?
– No. I hope this time they keep you in
for at least two years. You could at least offer me a drink. – This whisky was just waiting…
– No alcohol, Tim. It blurs the sight
and makes your hands shake. I’d rather have some milk,
if there are any cows around here. Do you want to keep in shape
so you can continue killing? No, so I can continue living. – Stop! Where are you going?
– I’m going my own way, sir. You’re on the wrong path,
this is US territory. – You’ve crossed the border.
– I’ve crossed the border? How a country shrinks when
you’re running away from your wife. If you have problems at home,
you’d better sort them out there. Plus it’s not nice to leave your wife
at Christmas. Let’s go! – Merry Christmas, Sheriff.
– Same to you. – Merry Christmas, Sheriff.
– Merry Christmas. Only at Christmas
do people exchange greetings. The rest of the time,
they shoot each other. Are you listening to me?
I don’t like talking to myself. What are you doing here? – Go back to the office.
– Of course. When there are women,
I’m better gone. Firecrackers… Here we go, Miss. These are the best firecrackers
in the whole of Texas, which means they are the best
in the whole Union. When it comes to shooting,
no one can beat you. Here is the gift you had commissioned. – Good morning, Ruby.
– Good morning, Ben. Why didn’t you tell me
you’d come here? – I wanted to buy you a gift.
– Your love is my gift. – What are you hiding?
– No chance. Christmas presents
should be a surprise. I don’t agree. Presents are presents
even if they are not a surprise. And the best presents are
the ones you buy for yourself. Especially if they are useless. Champagne! Dom Pérignon from ’84. It’s from France, especially for us. All that champagne will be enough
for Christmas and your bachelor party. If you haven’t changed your mind,
that is. Even if I didn’t love you anymore, I would still marry you just to have
your father as my father-in-law. – People are looking for you.
– I’ll be right there. – Everything alright?
– Yes. See you tomorrow.
Dinner is at 10.30. Isn’t it a bit too late? We always eat at 10.30 in Boston,
you’ll have to get used to it. They’re waiting for you! You have to get used to a lot of things
once you’re married. I’ll never get used to Boston. “Never” and “always” don’t exist.
See you tomorrow. – Shall we go?
– Goodbye. See you tomorrow. I’m waiting! There’s a woman looking for you. I didn’t tell you
because Ruby is a woman and… Sheriff, you’re here at last! Something terrible’s happened. – What’s happened?
– You have no idea. Come to my office.
You can tell me all about it there. Can I come in too or shall I go?
Just so I know. – Come in.
– Good, it’s not nice to be always cut out. Get out of here! I have enough to do
without you getting in my way! May I help you, sir? – I’d like to speak with the Director.
– He’s busy now, would you like to wait? There are $50,000 in this bag, and they don’t like waiting,
is that clear? If you’ll excuse me. – Good morning, Director.
– Who are you? A friend… Excuse me, sir,
do you need anything? No, thanks. Please don’t disturb me. Is everything OK? – The boss has stopped barking.
– The Christmas spirit has got to him. – Do you need any help?
– I don’t, you old fox. – Do you need any help?
– No, thank you. No one needs any help, you old fox. Oh, right on cue. I’m sorry for shouting earlier.
Would you be kind enough to bring me the second key
to the safe? – I need to check something.
– Right away. Stop right there! Put your hands up. All of you. Calm down everyone.
It’s only an armed robbery. So, this key to the safe? Casey looked after it,
I don’t know where it is. Don’t worry, my friend.
We’ll do without the key. – Can I have a lighter?
– Of course, right away. What is it? Have you not seen
dynamite before? Why are you standing there?
It’s safer behind your desk. Do you see how we can open
your safe? There… The livestock’s gone, the house’s
ruined and my son is seriously hurt. My husband’s close to death and
there’s no sign of those assassins. You must do something, Sheriff! Excuse me, Madam,
but your story is not very clear. Plus you didn’t see their faces. You don’t know who they are
and this happened… What is that? – Let’s go and check.
– Stay away from those rifles. You too, Sheriff. Leave it. Away from those weapons.
Don’t make me kill you. – Madam…
– Sit down. If you don’t mind, I’m going to carry on
with my game. Never stop playing if you’re winning.
It’s a matter of principle. Apologies for the mess and the hurry,
but I have to go. There were $50,000 there and
I have a weakness for dollars. Adios! Let’s go! Keep calm. Nerves are bad for your health.
You risk dying young. See you later! Music, amigos!
I like cheerful people. Let’s go! Stay where you are. And don’t move until we’re gone,
is that clear? Hurry up, Dolores. Let’s go. Typical redskin prank! The horses, hurry up! Head to the plain with the other men. We mustn’t let them reach the border. Come on, guys! Hurry UP! To the plain! What are you doing, Sancho?
This is not the time to stop. He’s right. They’re on our heels. They’ll catch up with us
before we get to the river. Give us the bag.
We’ll manage to get across. You taught us that the wounded
should be left where they are. You learnt too much
hanging outwith me. That way, past the canyon.
Maybe we’ll be able to hide. Let’s go. That farm could be
an ideal hiding place.Let’s go, compadres!There are people coming! At least we’ll have company
for Christmas. Give me that bag. Take shelter! Split into groups! Let’s go back to the hills!
Let’s surround the farm! Gather our guests! Give me the gun, my darling.
We have bandits in the house. That’s why I think
we need to defend ourselves. Using a gun in this case
is pure madness. Is anyone home? The two of you out,
they’re waiting for you. I think it’ll be a pleasant stop. Get out of here, Grandpa! Go back into town
and bring all the men who can shoot. We’ll surround them
with a ring of steel. – They won’t be able to get out.
– And we won’t be able to get in. With a sudden attack or
a forceful action we can crush them like pincers. I know well the houses and the area. It would take a squadron
to get them out of there and half of it would be killed
during the charge. What matters is the result. The troops are paid to protect us. If we call them, they can be here
in a couple of days. It may not be necessary. Listen to me! This is the Sheriff speaking. Surrender and your life will be spared. You have no way out. Surrender! Have you heard me? Now you listen to me, Sheriff. Let us reach the border
and we won’t hurt anyone. Think about it, but hurry up. To help you think, we’ll send over
two dead people a day. One in the morning
and one in the evening. Starting with the laborers
and finishing with their owners. Go on. Two dead people a day, Sheriff! And this is the first one! – Cowards!
– There’s no point in telling them. Well done. I love women like you. Full of courage, character
and with a nice mouth. Have you got a problem, Grandpa? I never have a problem
with someone holding a knife. Back off, Pedro. Don’t worry,
your well-being is important to us. You’re under my protection. Help them. As you’re not feeling well,
you’re welcome to be my guest. I have some great whisky. It doesn’t
cure you, but it eases the pain. After you, Madam. What shall we do then? Let’s call the soldiers
and stay put in the meantime. You saw how they behaved in town.
They’re angry dogs. – They must be exterminated.
– Calm down. Think about the hostages. About Major Clyde, and Ruby. You think about them, that’s your job. All I’ll say is that we’re not moving
from here. There’s only one way to save them,
and that is letting them flee. If someone armed
gets into the farm… – He can do that.
– But who? It’s my job to think about the hostages,
it’s what I’m paid for. – So I’m the only person who can…
– Be shot the moment you get in. Have you forgotten
about the bandit’s woman? She spent an hour in your office
looking at you. The only hope is someone they don’t
know and I have someone in mind. No, no… No way, it’s a matter of principle. Never seek trouble, it’ll find you. Don’t you think about the hostages? – I think about myself.
– That Ringo is a wild beast. Another reason to stay out of it. He shoots unarmed people in the back. If you want to kill someone,
there’s no need to take pointless risks. Leave it. For people like him, words such as honor, loyalty
and justice have no meaning. No meaning, Sheriff. You said it. I telegraphed Crystal City. We’ll have
an answer by tomorrow morning. Very well. With the cavalry,
none of those crooks will survive. Nor will the hostages. It’s a risk we have to take. What a shame.
You’re missing an opportunity to get rich. These words mean something to me.
Explain. They took the town’s savings. If you rescue them and the hostages,
you’ll get 10%. It’s an interesting offer
but the percentage is low. It’s a matter of principle,
never make a deal for less than 30%. 30% is a lot. Yes, but the bank would get back 70%
so it would be a good deal. Judge, think about Major Clyde, Ruby
and all those laborers. – I’m not allowed to…
– You’re the Judge. And you’re the Mayor,
you’re allowed to do anything. – Let him out.
– Hang on. You’ve arrested me for murder,
I want a trial first. – You’ll be tried when this is over.
– No way. – The trial first.
– It’s a matter of principle. – Right?
– Fine. Let’s try him, Judge. United States, December 23, 1894. Trial against Ringo something.
What’s the charge? – Murder of the Bensons brothers.
– Anything to say? – Self-defense.
– The accused is cleared. Set him free. No gun, thanks. If they see me armed,
they’ll want to shoot me. If anyone needs to shoot, that’s you. – Against who?
– Me, of course. Someone’s coming. – Hello.
– Drop your gun. Gun? I don’t have a gun,
so you can’t shoot me. It’d be unfair. Pedro! What’s going on? Excuse me. Let him through! This town is rough,
they’re shooting at me from the hills and you welcome me
with guns pointed at me. Good morning, sir. Good day. Who are you?
And where do you come from? I’ve had some troubles with the law
but it’s a misunderstanding. Excuse me. I hope you’ll understand
and you won’t report me. I think this old fox is a bit stupid. I’ve already seen you somewhere. Indeed, in the Sheriff’s office. – I was on the other side of the bars.
– Were you in jail? I like jailbirds. – How did you get out?
– With a bit of imagination. I hate jails. But… Hold on. You’re not the owners here. It’s as if we were. Get to the point! With that face, the only place he’s going
is the cemetery. Gringo, I really want to put
a bullet between your eyes. Hang on. Let me see. What a nasty wound. If we don’t remove the bullet,
it’ll become gangrenous. If it becomes gangrenous,
you’ll lose your arm. There aren’t any doctors around here. – Don’t worry. Luckily, I’m here.
– You? In Dallas, I worked for a barber
who was also a surgeon. – I operated on at least ten horses.
– Hold on, I’m not a horse. And I’m not a surgeon,
so you can trust me. When you have no choice,
you always need to have faith. The tree must be ready
by this evening. – Check that the souffle…
– Please, the house is full of bandits. You taught me that the soufflé crust
must be cooked right. – Not too light and…
– Fine, I taught you that. But this isn’t the time. Come on, make room for the invalid. So, let’s see. That’s a good place. Let’s remove everything. Come on. Give me a hand. – Can I be of any help?
– Some whisky and pick a good brand. We have some tequila.
We use it for the pigs’ mash. – I don’t like the way you talk.
– No? I’m so sorry! – Listen, young girl…
– If you don’t mind, Madam. This is from Kentucky,
aged 20 years. Thank goodness.
Drink, so you’ll calm down. Does anyone have a knife? – Anything sharper?
– My razor. It’s the best one in London these days. It’s like being back in the old days. You’re too kind, Major.
I don’t like it. Why? You can never be too kind
to a wounded man and a beautiful lady. It’s a matter of habit. I miss the soap and the brush. – What’s happening?
– The gun. You need to remove it. I don’t even remove my gun
when I go to bed. No operation then. You’ll do the operation now,
understood? No, it’s a matter of principle. Never operate on a man with a gun. Go on, shoot me. Your loss. You’ll lose your arm
and maybe your life. You win, son of a bitch. But beware that if you kill me,
you son of a bitch, I will crush you to pieces,
son of a bitch! I was right. If you’d had a gun,
you would’ve shot me. – It’s best to step away.
– Of course. Felipe! Hurry up with those bandages! Ceiling perforated. Poor construction. Get a grip.
Horses have a lot more dignity. I’m not a horse! And I’m not a surgeon, I’ve told you! At the time, I was
with the 4th Cavalry Regiment. When my wife died,
Ruby was still a child, so I resigned to spend time with her. I took her to Europe, London, Paris. Ruby was very close to her mother. Then we moved to Boston.
Have you been there? – No, never.
– That’s a shame. I hope that when all this is over,
you’ll want to come. It’d be an honor for me
to have you as my guest. At your house in Boston? – Are you kidding me?
– Why? There are some great shops. It’s the only city
where a lady can enjoy some shopping. It would be a joy to help you
choose your purchases. If it’s a prank, I don’t like it. – Don’t you realize who I am?
– You’re a woman. A wonderful woman. And a woman should be admired. As long as my admiration
doesn’t offend you. Major, you’re crazy. Trust me, completely crazy. You know, you’re really good, son. Of course I am.
Did you have any doubts? In a couple of days
the wound will have healed. Very good, amigo. Very good. You deserve a reward. You know what, from today,
you’ll be my trusted doctor. Let’s celebrate. Some whisky for him. – No, thank you. I only drink milk.
– Did you say milk? Give me that. Drink up. If you want to be one of us,
you need to change habits. – Why?
– Because I say so. Drink up! – You have a terrible laugh.
– What? You laugh like an idiot. People who laugh like an idiot
get on my nerves. How scary. And what do you do
if someone gets on your nerves? So as well as being an idiot,
you’re also curious. Fine, keep laughing then. Now try reaching for your gun. Stay calm. – Let’s talk about why I’m here.
– What do you mean? I mean that fleeing from jail
to end up in another jail is stupid. And here, he’s the only idiot. So why have you come here? Because while I was in jail,
I heard about the bank robbery, about you being stuck here
and the Sheriff asking for back-up. – Back-up?
– Cavalry, two squadrons. So I said to myself, I know the area,
I know the Sheriff’s stake-out. Those bandits need a hand, and I know how to get them
out of trouble. – Why should I stay in jail?
– Spit it out. Do you have any dynamite? We have enough leftover
to blow up a town. – I thought so.
– Spit it out! Let’s make a deal. It’s a matter of principle.
Never do anything for nothing. – How much do you want?
– Not much. 40% of what’s in this bag. – As soon as we reach safety.
– You’re crazy! Take it or leave it.
You have until tomorrow morning. Think about it. I like this fellow. Maybe his idea is a good one. We mustn’t be stingy. – I think it’s a good investment.
– 40%? 40% is quite a lot. But we need to give it to him
once we are out of here. And once we are out, I’ll kill him. If you’re planning to kill me
once we’re out, you’re wrong. Wait a second, old fox! My name’s Angel Face. To my friends, I’m Ringo.
Excuse me. It looks like that woman, Dolores,
is the center of your attention. She’s the only one
who can influence Sancho, and the only one who can stop them
from unleashing violence against us. I didn’t know you were such a diplomat. Plus she’s a beautiful woman,
which never hurts. Excuse me, I’m looking for a light.
It’s getting dark. Line up. Women over here,
men on the other side. Like this. The sun is going down
so one of you has to die. Since we don’t want to be blamed
for their death, we’re going to let faith decide. You see?
He doesn’t know where the bullet is. He doesn’t know, I don’t know
and you don’t know. No one needs to worry
and it’s more fun. You were lucky. These things should not be done. Is that all you have to say? Go and get changed,
it’ll be dinner time soon. You don’t want to come
to the table like this. It’s Christmas in two days. Nice way to spend the holidays. He’s got an empty glass. Right? Let’s fill it up again.
Drinks, Dolores! Come on! Excuse me, not this one. With the roast,
this old Burgundy is much better. When I’m thirsty, I don’t like waiting. I like Grandpa. In the evening
he dresses like an undertaker. And I like you too, doll.
I like you a lot, I’ve always told you. You’re right,
for once he shows good taste. Please, sit down. Would you like to eat something? What do you prefer?
Thigh, breast or shoulder? I prefer breast, amigo! Cut a slice for me too. Hurry up, old fox. – I am ravenous.
– My mother made a great roast. I wish you’d met her. Hey, old fox. I asked you to bring me some meat. My name is not old fox, I’ve told you. If you don’t mind,
I’d like to play some good music. This is a gramophone. It’s a gift from a friend of mine
in Boston, Mr Edison. And now, if you’ll allow me… Pedro, you’re such a refined man,
invite the lady to dance. Come on, invite her. – Senorita, may I?
– You may not. Senorita has already accepted
my invitation. Hang on a minute, old fox! Sorry, I’d forgotten about it. Pedro, don’t be upset. An eye for an eye,
a tooth for a tooth, and a knife for a knife. Is that your mother? – You look a lot like her.
– I wish. She was an amazing woman. Your father is amazing too. I’ve never met anyone like him. He’s one of a kind. He’s so likable that his many flaws
seem like qualities. – You don’t like Dolores, do you?
– What’s she got to do with him? A lot, given how he was looking
at her while they were dancing. What’s so funny? Having a stepmother like Dolores
would be truly upsetting for you. A stepmother? – You’re crazy?
– Why? I’m not in love. Speaking of love, the Sheriff says hi. Hold on. What’s the Sheriff got to do
with this? He’s in love with you or so I think,
since he wants to marry you. Is this watch for him? It’s a nice Christmas present. – Do you love him?
– Of course I do. What’s Ben got to do
with someone like you? Didn’t I tell you? I’ve been so distracted. He’s the one who sent me here,
you know? He offered me 30%
of what’s in Sancho’s bag to get you out of trouble. Are you going to play something? Thank you. Nice shot. Ringo will be pleased. Let’s go, it’ll be hot here soon. Hot? Hot! Cease fire! – Stop firing.
– They’re going to kill us! Felipe’s right.
If we don’t leave soon, they’ll kill us. I’m going to call Sancho. Gather the hostages,
the laborers and owners. On the terrace. It’s the only place where
you can be sure not to get shot. Good morning. Dead, right? Getting up early
is bad for your health. – Thank you.
– You’re welcome. Thank you. Come on, puppet. Go. Move it. – Good morning.
– Good morning. – Have you had breakfast? Do you…
– No, thanks. I’ve already eaten. You see… I need some water. Warm. It’s in the kitchen.
A place I’m sure you know well, Madam. The servants have been recalled
by your friends, but I can help you. I guess it’s for your bath. My bath?
Of course, tomorrow it’s Christmas. No, it’s for Sancho. For his beard. I’d have preferred it to be for you,
but if you accept my help… – You brighten up my day.
– Major, you’re incurable. With a beautiful woman,
every man is incurable. Send him to the Sheriff
with our best wishes. But let’s not separate a happy couple. Never cry for a dead person. It’s pointless. That was quite fun, but I don’t think the Sheriff
shares your humor. In fact, I think he’ll be angry, and it’ll become more difficult
to get out of here. You know what, Ringo?
You talk too much. And you don’t talk enough.
I’m waiting for an answer. Tell me something, amigo, do you really think that
my men and I risked all of this just to give 40% to the first comer? I am the last one. Do you know why I’m here?
To kill you. You and your crooked men.
And do you know who sent me here? The Sheriff. Do you know how much
the Sheriff has offered me? 30% of what’s in that bag. What do you mean? Explain. You are either with me at 40%
or against me at 30%. Clear? You’re a bit cocky
and you need to be taught a lesson. And we happen to like shooting.
Pedro. The bottle. Hey, you, Angel Face… If I really wanted to kill you, believe me, it wouldn’t be so hard. Damn gringo. Why didn’t you say you had a deal
with the Sheriff? You would’ve killed me. Now you
no longer can, it wouldn’t be useful. So make up your mind,
the troops are getting closer. Who says you won’t betray me? The extra 10% you’re going to give me. You’re corrupt. Yes, señorita. I take the best offer. Sheriff! A telegram, it’s just arrived. It’s from Crystal City. The soldiers have left.
They’ll be here tomorrow morning. It’ll be one ugly Christmas
for those bandits. Tomorrow evening, God willing,
we’ll have our money back. You only think about the bandits
and the money. Do you ever think about the hostages? Ringo will take care of them. Don’t worry, he’ll take care of them. The Pharisees decided to kill him, and for 30 dinars
Judas betrayed his master. He betrayed his master
and the Pharisees led him away. – I don’t know this story.
– Hang it up to the other column. But I could never accept
that four bastards… Nice firecrackers. That four bastards went
against an unarmed man. Jesus had compassion,
kindness, weapons… Useless weapons.
A good Colt, that’s what he needed. Ringo’s right. With a Colt,
he wouldn’t have been killed. – Don’t be silly, Chico.
– He’s not being silly. For example,
I feel naked without a Colt. And you don’t want a naked man
in the house. No. Do you know where… …where I could find a gun? The chimney. – So?
– All arms have been confiscated. Plus I would never
give a gun to Judas. If you’re planning to kiss me, don’t. The Sheriff would be jealous. Plus, I like him. It could be a trick. I wouldn’t trust him. I know Ringo by name. He’s never had anything
in common with the law. I know him too,
but I still wouldn’t trust him. Once again, I don’t like Ringo. I don’t like Angel Face either. I like the girl, though. I don’t like anyone in this damn place! And I don’t like a rope
around my neck either. If the troops arrive,
they won’t split hairs. Even if we kill all the hostages,
they’ll kill us. Dolores, more wine! Where has she gone? Dolores! – More wine!
– Stop shouting! She can’t hear you. She’s busy listening
to the Major’s sweet nothings. Bring those sheep back in. We’ll call the vet
once the bandits are gone. The Sheriff loves you. You love the Sheriff. Therefore you believe in love. So why can’t you accept
that your father has fallen in love? Of course I can accept
that my father has fallen in love. But not with someone like that. Plus, that’s nonsense. – He’d never fall in love with that one.
– You think? I don’t think the Major
shares your view. The Marquise of Bedford
was also there. All in all, they make a nice couple. When they are married,
will you call her mother, or will you still call her “that one”? You are crazy. I may be crazy, but you’re jealous. I understand you. But if you really hate her, why don’t
you kill her? Maybe in her sleep. How did you solve your problems
as a child if the only solution you know
is killing? I started killing
when I was very little. For self-defense, of course. Come on, kids. Why talk about death
on a day like today? It’s my fault, Major. – Your daughter is jealous.
– What are you saying? So I suggested she kills her. Good advice. But you need to be able to use a gun
and you didn’t learn that in Boston. – You learn a lot in Boston.
– Maybe so, but not hatred. Only those who hate can kill. And only a real woman can hate. Fine, you can shoot.
But you can’t kill. What’s going on? I can never take a nap in peace. Who’s shooting? – So, who was it?
– Jealousy, it’s a women’s thing. What are you doing here? Did you take the old man for a walk
to get some fresh air? Careful what you do, old man. You’re playing with fire
and fire burns. Don’t make me teach you
how to get by. He could teach you a thing or two,
like how to treat a lady. Hang on, sweetie. I know how
to treat a woman like you. – Hi, Max, is everything OK?
– Yes, Sheriff. – Steve’s wife’s had a baby.
– She’s always having babies. I’m sorry but you’ll have
to do double shifts. Keep your eyes peeled. – I’ve come to relieve you.
– At last! I wanted to play a game. – Place your bets.
– $50 on the black guy. I think it’s his turn now. – $30 on the redskin.
– $30 on the thin one. He hasn’t been up for a while. No more bets! WE’RE TIRED OF KILLING LABORERS
TOMORROW WE’LL START KILLING THE OWNERS Ringo was your idea, right? I thought that… With this latest letter,
the Sheriff will let us through. He knows what’ll happen to his girl
when the troops arrive. Of course, he knows.
And so does the Colonel. But the Colonel doesn’t care
about the hostages. – He cares about you and that bag.
– What do you mean? If they are not going to quit,
you’ll end up like the mouse. I don’t want to end up
like the mouse! I don’t want to die! Maybe… Maybe the Sheriff’s decided
to let us through. Maybe? How can we know? There is a way to find out. Come back! They’ll kill you, Felipe! Felipe, come back! The Sheriff isn’t backing down. So, 40%? 40%. This is the farm.
They are all around it. This is the passageway
leading to the canyon. Here is the mill. Tonight is Christmas Eve, and the people on guard
are not bastards like you. They have wives and children,
and tonight they’re going to visit them. Maybe not all of them, but many will. Leave my mill alone. – Idiots, as usual.
– Carry on. So the guard will be relaxed. Myself and four other people on horse will cross the plain
and crawl up to the mill. We’ll kill the men on guard. We’ll get away
without anyone noticing. If someone notices, they’ll kill us
before we reach the border. That’s why we’ll put dynamite here. If they chase us through the canyon,
we’ll set it off. Explosion. And the guards
will be caught up in it. In the worst case, they’ll be stuck
while we get away. It’s not easy to make the rock
explode in the right way. That’s why you need me. I was a bomb disposal engineer
in the army. For the North. The South first,
but the South was losing. Never side with the losers,
it’s a matter of principle. Get the blankets
to cover the horses’ legs. And paint yourself black,
even behind your ears. Take your spurs off.
They mustn’t see or hear us. – When they see us, it’ll be too late.
– When they hear us, they’ll be dead. Hey, Ringo. It’s Miss Ruby’s.
I didn’t steal it, she gave it to me. She said you must give it back.
It was a gift. – I know.
– I stole this one, though. I know I shouldn’t do it,
but I think you’ll need it. Better than nothing. Anyway, I hope to have
a better weapon soon. Let’s see if we got this. Be ready at ten o’clock. We’ll start shooting from here, so no one will notice your shots. Have you understood this? At 11 o’clock, when the Sheriff
sends a signal to check in, what do you do? Repeat it. I answer, but I wave the lantern
six times instead of three. Good. That way the Sheriff
won’t get suspicious, and I’ll know that you’ve succeeded.
On your horses! This is for you. Try to do a good job. Come on, boys! – One more thing…
– What do you want? A gun. I don’t think I should be unarmed. No gun, Ringo.
You have my men and me. – We’ll protect you.
– You need to have trust. I trust you. And you must trust me. Give me a gun
or we’ll all get blown up. First, a gun. It’s a matter of principle. Be careful, the fuse is still burning. Ah, yes. There’s an old saying in Texas. “God created men equal,
but the Colt made them different.” A woman should never have
so many clothes on. – If you need any help, I’m here.
– Let me go. Are you not going to thank me? You could have hurt yourself. Take your hands off me. Laying my hands on you
is only fair. Pedro! Sancho is looking for you, hurry up. I said hurry up. You’re a lucky girl,
you have a great father. Hurry up with those trousers. Dressed like this, even a filthy
laborer can look like a bandit. And gringos shoot bandits
between the eyes. With a sombrero,
you look just like a bandit. A cactus. A good cactus is all you need. Timoteo, it’s ten o’clock.
Send the signal. Now we can rest for an hour.
What kind of Christmas is this? At least up here you avoid the hassle
of spending the holidays…with family! Keep your eyes peeled.
We’ll swap in an hour. Go! There’s nothing better
than a good cactus to make a horse run. One of the bandits is approaching. Stop there! Stop right there! Careful, Timoteo! I’ve never seen shooting like that. Timoteo, come out.
Everyone else too, it’s over. It’s over?
What do you mean it’s over? They keep shooting. Who are you anyway? Only a friend of mine
can shoot like that. I’m your friend,
I’m just wearing make-up. Make-up?
I thought that was only for women. Never mind. Where’s the Sheriff?
I need to talk to him. The Sheriff? – He’s not here.
– I need to talk to him urgently. Why didn’t you say it right away?
I know where to find him. Go, then. Are you coming with me?
Why should I bring him here then? I’m not coming with you.
I’ll see you here. – I have some dynamite to sort out.
– What’s dynamite for? I’ll tell you later! – Do you think they managed?
– We’ll know at eleven. Let’s go and eat. We always eat on Christmas Eve. We must follow traditions. Let’s go. Hurry up, scarecrows. We’re hungry. – Dinner will be served at midnight.
– I’m hungry now. God knows where we’ll be then. Stay with us.
The workers will serve us. What’s the matter? May I? Merry Christmas, gentlemen. Add some seats to the table,
we have guests. Darling, would you play for us? I think these men will sing with us. You animal! Some chicken, señorita? Champagne, gentlemen? At the right temperature. Dom Pérignon. An excellent year. Champagne… – Drink.
– Enough! This piece of jewelry
is too nice for you. On the other hand,
it’s nice enough for me. I gave it to her as a present, so return it immediately. What did you say? He’s always such a gentleman. Calm down, Sancho. Come on! It’s your fault,
but don’t kid yourself. A gentleman would only court you
to save his people. – Is that true?
– It was at the start. But now that’s no longer the case. I don’t know
what this wine is called. But I don’t think
there’s anything better to make a toast on Christmas Eve. May the soul of the sinners,
cleansed by the purifying fire, enjoy the sight of God up in the sky. Lord, welcome us and forgive… – Has the Sheriff arrived?
– I haven’t seen anyone. 10.30. It’s late, I can’t wait. You’re not moving until he arrives. – It’s late, they’ll get suspicious.
– Timoteo’s order. To think I saved your life. Forgive us,
for we have to kill to get by. Soon we’ll know how it went. If it went as it should have,
tomorrow we’ll be home, spending these old foxes’ money. Quiet. It’s Ruby and the kid. The Major and Dolores
chose to stay in. When you don’t want trouble,
you always stay in. Pedro… You like Miss Ruby. So wake up and do something. Go! I would know how to keep her company. At last, Sheriff. For years you think you know
everything. What’s good… Chico! Kids should be in bed by now. Go on. Go! And you are too old to go to bed. To go to bed on your own, I mean. That’s why Pedro is here.
To keep you company. Come to the stables with me. I need to check on the horses, and I don’t feel like
going there alone. Then you respond to the signal, OK? But wave the lantern six times,
not three. Clear? Clear. And when Sancho goes
through the canyon, I’ll set off the dynamite. We’ll kill them all in one go without risking anything
and we’ll get the bag back. Kill them all without giving them
a chance to surrender? Come on, Sheriff. You think like a school girl. You’ll never learn to get by
in this world. Wait. – Make sure nothing happens to Ruby.
– She’s in good hands. Get out of my way! I believe this is yours. It still has your perfume,
you should put it on. It’s humid tonight. – What’s happened to you?
– Don’t worry and get out of the way. – Come with me.
– Wait, old fox! You won’t escape this time. Sancho! – Who’s calling me?
– It’s me, Ringo! Do you need help, old fox? Do you think Sancho will rescue you? You’re wrong, as usual. As I’m about to kill you,
I’d like Sancho to be present. Who’s talking about killing? Can we never have some peace? This idiot doesn’t get that
if something happens to the señorita, the Sheriff will go mad. It’s an easy concept
but he hasn’t got it yet. We’d better get rid of him
before he makes a mess. What an idiot. – You’ve said enough.
– No guns, boys. If we escape tonight, I need all my men
at least till we’re safe. You can’t stop me, Sancho. This bastard needs a lesson, now! Give him a lesson if you want,
but no guns. Careful! This knife is yours. You dropped it. Self-defense. You all saw that. I’m sorry, Sancho, I simply had to. By the way, I placed the dynamite. I’d forgotten to tell you. It all went well. As soon as
we get the signal, we can go. Saddle the horses. Let’s be ready. Thanks for the warning. Your watch. Please, keep it.
You may still need it. – It’s 11 o’clock.
– That’s the mill area. One, two, three, four, five and six… Everything in order, I told you.
Now let’s hurry. Sorry, amigo, but Slim was supposed
to give a different signal from the one you knew. You’ll speak now. You’ll definitely speak now. I’m curious to hear
what you’ll come up with. – Tell him to calm down.
– Stop it. After Slim attacked the mill,
I went to place the dynamite. I did place it,
but I took longer than expected, so I returned to the farm
without going back there. – I don’t know if anything new happened.
– He may be telling the truth. Whether he’s telling the truth or not, I don’t care.
We don’t need him anymore. You see, if you’ve made a deal
with the Sheriff, if you have any ideas in your head,
I’ll kill you! Because you’re a dirty traitor. If you’ve told the truth, I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you anyway. You’ve given us
a plan, you’ve placed the dynamite. What do I need you for, right? Right. It’s stupid to keep alive an associate
who costs me 40%. I’ll show you another 40. – Farewell, amigo!
– Not 40%. It’s 50% now. – 50%?
– Yes. You thought you were being clever
and Ringo was being stupid. Wrong. Ringo is not stupid. Did you really think you’d get
to the canyon unnoticed? Did you not wonder what deal
I’d made with the Sheriff? – Carry on.
– 50%? 50%. I’d take advantage
of Christmas Eve to get you drunk. At dawn, I’d kill the sentinels
and put the hostages on a carriage. Once the hostages were safe,
the Sheriff would attack you. SQ? As long as we’re on the carriage
together with the hostages. We’ll reach the mill,
while the Sheriff attacks the farm. – Is that right?
– See, it’s good to use your brain. When the Sheriff arrives at the farm
and realizes that we’ve tricked him, we’ll be at the canyon
and set off the dynamite. So, mill or no mill,
you’ll spend Christmas day at home. Caramba! This idea works! We don’t need him anymore. – This idea works too.
– No, it doesn’t. Because now I want 60%. 60%? Damn! Damn you! And damn me! Every time I open my mouth, this damn bastard
increases the percentage! – Spit it out.
– 60%. 60%, son of a bitch! Untie me. Untie him! I’d agreed with the Sheriff
that I’d drive the carriage. Otherwise he’ll know it’s a trick
and he’ll start shooting. It’s a matter of principle. I don’t like being beaten up
when I can’t defend myself. – My gun.
– Forget it. No gun. In fact, you’ll spend
the night in the stable, far from the hostages,
so you won’t fall into temptation. If there’s one thing I hate,
it’s a lack of trust. Anyway, even Jesus was born
in a stable. By the way, what time is it? – It’s midnight, why?
– It’s Christmas. Merry Christmas, my friends. Don’t push me, it’s Christmas. Merry Christmas. – One.
– Major, not you. Go back in, David will take you. Wait, what are you doing? Organize a nice surprise
for the soldiers when they get here. And thank Heaven I’m not keeping you
here too. Go up! You’re wrong, Sancho.
If he stays, I’ll stay as well. And you won’t do anything to anyone.
Clear? Dolores… It’s your fault! Stop it. Get on! The hostages along the sides.
We’ll lie down in the middle. Get on. Chico! Come on, hurry up. – Chico, come.
– No. – You get on now.
– Let’s go. Get the horses, quick! Stop the carriage! Get away from there! Come on! Ringo, he’s alive. Be ready. – The canyon is blocked.
– Let’s go back to the farm! Stop! Ruby! My love. Is everything OK? The bandits have gone back
to the farm. Now that you’re safe, when the troops
arrive, we’ll finish them off. The farm? Ringo is down there. They’ll kill him. A gun. My life for a gun. Someone must have said this before.
Shakespeare, yes. A gun? There’s one hidden
in the fireplace. I hope it’s loaded. Find me Ringo. Find him and I’ll die happy.
Find him and kill him! I’ve found him! Get on the roof, quick. – Do you have any more ammunition?
– I don’t. One shot for three bandits.
We need to economize. Chico, you stay with the Major. Help me upstairs. There’s a family
heirloom that could be useful to him. Take the laborers somewhere safe. All the men on their horses! Timoteo, signal to the others
that they need to attack! Message sent, we can go! Attack! Go! I killed him! Amigo, no extra percentage this time! What do you say? My grandfather fought with this gun
at Austerlitz. You were always looking for a gun,
now you have to make do with an ember. Dolores! Surround the house! Father… Father! What about Ringo? He was looking for a gun
and he found it. – He’s gone.
– But he left this! He also left this for you. He said
the Sheriff needs a good watch. Hang on.
There’s $15,000 missing. That’s right, $15,000. It’s 30%, what he was entitled to. He took it himself.
Ringo doesn’t trust others much. It’s a matter of principle.

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