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A MARRIAGE PROPOSAL!!! Onboard the Yacht!!! (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 111

im going to cry We’d been sailing La Vagabond here along the North of Sardinia for the past week And we were recently joined by Riley’s friends Tony and Amanda. What’s your name mate? Tony So what is your name? Amanda at the request of our new guests, this morning We would be leaving this gorgeous Anchorage to check out a famous natural port around the corner You know it’s gonna be a good day when you wake up to fish swimming outside your bedroom window Where is my boyfriend? Riles, what are you doing down there? What is that? we’re going soon? Are you ready? Yeah I don’t really want to go and hang out with a bunch of super yachts at the moment Babe it’s fine, it’s only one night, and it was Ratsy’s requests, so We best be off Mmm It’s a special occasion let’s go Well, surprise surprise We have no wind so we’re just going to motor around the corner to the boc de cuerva(?), and yeah, it looks really stunning there It’s gonna be another one of those boiling hot days. There’s no wind and it is just scorching hot When we get to Greece, I don’t know what I’m gonna do with myself It’s great though, I shouldn’t be complaining about the heat My poor mother in Western Australia, has got like ten degrees right now, and she’s sending me a message every day about how cold it is So today is for you mum We just want a mooring ball Okay you stay here one night. One night One hour or one night? one night one night Waiting at 4 o’clock for the price, okay Are they your shorts with the hole in them? no, they’re not good, cuz you’re not allowed to wear those today We’re dressing up we’re dressing up nicely aren’t we. Yeah I’m wearing my wrinkly white dress that was at the bottom of my wardrobe Dunno, we’ll find somewhere, when in the puerto cuervo They’ve got to have bars open on a Sunday like it’s the weekend we’re at a pretty.. Like, when we came here the other day in the car There’s a pretty dero like Irish pub I’m sure we’d be able to get into what are you saying Riley? You know very well what I’m implying Amanda he’s got his hair tied up, its a special occasion Theres a proposal on the front of the boat im gonna cry This is so exciting, Ratsy’s proposing to Amanda He’s getting down on one knee What’d she say? Can we come out yet? I was like don’t cover them in champagne its their last good clothes With an extremely joyful crew we headed into the village to celebrate Today they got engaged okay No look, they got engaged congratulations We would like a drink, is the pub open? Yes its open yeah, ok thanks enjoy Is that a hotel? Elayna don’t drink salt water A little dusty first thing in the morning and a job that should have taken 15 minutes took us four hours there were some translation errors that were eventually solved with an impact screwdriver, and we got the oil changed in the end Think that’s as tight as I’ll do it take that in I’m gonna slip the mooring and we’re gonna When I woke up this morning, I thought I had a dream about fireworks and it actually happened last night That is what kind of a night it was So we haven’t done much today at all I actually spent the entire day manning the laptop to get a video uploaded riley Is yelling at me cuz we’re moving spots right now. Yes With quite light winds it was perfect code zero weather We putted southeast down the coast of Sardinia at about four knots which was the chilled-out sail we were all hoping for today How do you edit your face? you can’t we just watched a movie called Given. It was really good Starring Gibbon Given So there’s a bit of a first there was a proposal on board Which is Pretty exciting yeah How’d that go mate? We We put it together in ten minutes mmm-hmm. I got Elayna to Fake that there were dolphins at the front of the boat Which Amanda half didn’t fall for yeah She’s like, it wouldn’t be a dolphin, there wouldn’t be dolphins in here I’m like there’s a dolphin come to the front of the boat And then I tagged out with Elayna and popped the question. You were up the front there and I was shaking the champagne Mmm And Elayna kept saying don’t go yet. Don’t go yet I know you were so keen to run out there and I was like she hasn’t said yes yet mmm-hmm. and i was like what did she say? Can we run out yet? Yeah, it felt like 10 minutes getting that ring out and then she’s like, don’t drop it it was better than putting it on the fishing rod idea mmm risky Disaster What do you call what do you call those nets Tony, not an opera house? It’s one where they can go in but not out. It’s an eel net Cats out of the bag, but the Eels not There’s an eel in where there should be a lobster, so we don’t know what to do with it I tied it to the anchor chain and let out some anchor not the eel the net And we’re gonna pull it back up and Amanda’s kindly offered to pull the eel out of the net no. she’s nearly as frightened of them as I am They’re horrible looking creatures, they look a lot like a good mate of mine Jimmy All right, let’s do it turning on the windless It looks like its hissing I kind of feel bad. Yuck it’s opening its mouth Riley are you crazy? that’ll bite your hand Aw babe be careful seriously its pretty upset yes yes Think which way you’re gonna throw this when you pull it out [commotion] I know I cant believe it regurgitated the fish Nice work, I can’t believe you touched it. were the girls screaming enough for you? Seriously it was my worst nightmare mine too to be honest Well that was a very exciting morning we are heading off to Olbia today Which Riley just said used to be like the main city back in its day, so Yeah, should be pretty nice walking through the streets. How far is it to Olbia? as the crow flies 13 nautical miles not too bad Actually, I think it’s only nine now, yeah, its nine, Really? yeah, its nine, its not far Sailing conditions today Riles? Just light enough for the code Zero, but we’re right on the edge. I was heading into the wind Trying to avoid the cliff face, but trying to keep the apparent wind speed down because above 12 knots might’ve got to thirteen and a half We’re supposed to take this down so I was like but we just made it we’re not going to hit the cliffs Five knots is it easy to hold on here sharks, here sharky sharks! Theres no sharks out here, there aint even any fish. just eels look out for the eels Dont do that hate it when he does that shit It would be the first time we would be tied off to a town quay in most cases having our Accommodation right on the waterfront has been quite the privilege But we weren’t so sure about this place on first sight just loving all the decorative graffiti Next week we find a Siberian hamster in the port forward berth bake the world’s largest pizza And there is also a collaboration with Elon Musk and SpaceX Regarding the whole getting La Vagabond to the moon thing as NASA still won’t return my Sat phone calls

100 thoughts on “A MARRIAGE PROPOSAL!!! Onboard the Yacht!!! (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 111

  1. Mate, eels are so delicious cooked bbq or in the oven, sliced all the way down the middle with sprinkle of brown sugar and butter on the flesh side up. No foil, just oveb tray or bbq plate. And mate, they don't bite. They're really harmless and delicious meat, just like fish meat 😉👍

  2. Marriage shouldn't be excepted from anyone. If they wanted to be married they would be, it's clear that's not what they want.

  3. Aawwwhh I thought u were getting the proposal Elayna??!! Riley??!! I am happy for your friend Amanda but I can’t wait to see your engagement proposal!!! In JESUS Name!!! I love u 2!!! Love your videos and wish you both all good things, happiness and true love forever and ever together!! In JESUS Name!!!

  4. Riley it’s about time??!! Just do it!!! Ask her already…. you two are such beautiful, kind and generous people u were meant to b together forever and ever and ever and ever ….. in JESUS Name!! ☺️🥰❤️☺️

  5. I was binge-watching the last 10 or so because I thought it was your big day, very tricky. But contracts to your friends and wow what a great place to pop the question!

  6. We're the fireworks purely coincidental or did you guys arrange them for the proposal?!

  7. Oh! Happy Ever After to your friends! I was so scared he would drop the ring into the water! That has happened! May they always be happy and in perfect sync.

  8. I saw the caption Marriage Proposal in the videos but refused to skip ahead, as I have started watching at Ep 1 at the beginning of your sailing journey. To say the least…not the proposal I was hoping for. Hopefully this one is in the near future. I’ll keep holding my breath for this to happen. Congratulations to your friends, they look very happy ❤️

  9. You guys I just love watching…. I’m obsessed!! I just want to hang out with you guys haha keep doing what you do 🙂 #sail

  10. I have zero need to do this. I love the channel still. I would however like to buy an RV and camp beside the ocean. Getting to old for tent camping.

  11. proposing what? bondage? ownership? why bother? go through some dinner and an expensive party, have some "authority" figure who really has no authority over either person sign a piece of paper.. whoopideedoo! Elayna's crying over how stupid it is

  12. An it's awesome ! Rather than deal with the child! On a boat , just deal cause it's the same .. I got 3 and a boat ….. You be able to be a lot more than y'all realize….. American and yes I am from Georgia

  13. Classic episode guys 👌
    The Eel segment was hilarious…. you need a little Smoke Box and you could've smoked the eel 🤣😂😂🤣

  14. Like a lot of people, I did think it was going to be Riley popping the question, but I'm sure it's going happen soon, I still have got lots of catching up to do, so don't spoil it for me and hopefully I don't have to wait to long.

  15. Where else can you get a romantic proposal in the beautiful Mediterranean, and a man vs sea monster story in the same 15 minutes? Only Sailing La Vagabonde !!! 🙂

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