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A Gun Safe Secures More Than Firearms – A Liberty Safe Review

hey guys Ike Eastman here with Eastmans Hunting journal today I wanna talk about something that is not specifically hunting related it’s more about family related how do we protect our weapons and our valuables once I come home from a hunt I take it out of the gun case you put it in I put it in a Liberty safe most people people ask why a gun safe well there’s a lot of different reasons one of them being keeping it out of the hands of little ones in the family but also I put my optics in you have very easily ten thousand dollars worth of guns and optics and we put the guns away in a fireproof safe but you forget about the three thousand dollar spotting scope then it occurred to my wife as i was doing that, that there are very important things that she wants to save in here we have albums we have our marriage certificates we have had one we have had one marriage certificate but but one marriage certificate one thing about liberty they have this cool thing that goes on the door holds pistols it holds your clips it has these pockets that are fireproof in them they have like I guess space blanket type stuff and it holds the documents from titles for vehicles to kids birth certificates to our birth certificates to passports and so that I don’t have to worry about oh hunny we are leaving tomorrow on a vacation did you grab the passports from the bank no did you it is right here its all right here the other thing about liberty that makes them unique is their construction they have different versions of their safes and how they are constructed is slightly different you can go from their base models all the way up to this is fat boy from liberty that it has all welded seems theirs actually on YouTube you can check it out they drop on of these one of there competitors and i completely demolishes it we actually had the opportunity to go down to Utah where they are produced right here in the U.S. and watch how they manufacture these safes we saw how each piece of this is put together and how these knobs are unique these knobs actually have a break away so if you have ahold on this with lets say a big long pipe and just reefed on it, it would move but it wouldn’t actually mover these the reason wouldn’t move is because there is a break away system in here that is unique to liberty they do all kinds to keep your valuables safe waterproofing seems they also have lights they have dehumidifiers to keep the moisture out of your safe they have the e safe which will notify a text message or email if something is changing in your safe everything from movement to the door opening to humidity increases to heat increases to heat decreases I kind of use that when I am on vacation or out in the field and I get notification I can tell oh my gosh the heats off in my house and have somebody come check it out so Liberty safes go check them out and remember for more tips and tactics and gear reviews like this subscribe to the Eastmans Hunting Journals on Youtube

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