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A drone with a nail gun for autonomous roofing

(drone flying) (background music) (nail gun driving a nail) (background music intensifies) (nail gun driving a nail) (nail gun driving a nail) (drone propellers stop)

48 thoughts on “A drone with a nail gun for autonomous roofing

  1. 4 years later… CMON this is wasteful energy… you still have to place the tiles and marker for this to work. China already done this 3 years back and 40% faster.

  2. Speed it up, have a drone for square placement, and a human for skilled lay down of ridges and valleys and you might have something.

  3. Cool but far too slow to be useful. Would need a custom nailer that's much closer to the body so you can get really short strokes. Maybe a laser range finder mounted on it.

  4. I have installed many a roof, and I think they are forgetting something. First, How are you going to get a heavy shingle up there and place it carefully on the roof and line it up? Second, I have that same nail gun and it is not actually a nail gun it's a brad nailer for tacking up trim and such. To install a roof you need a real nail gun, with a large round barrel for proper roofing nails. Third they are technically weaponizing a drone, so it's illegal.


  5. Roofing is much more, than just a done,they would have to make a drone that cam sting like a bee, with a lot of precision! And much more speed than the current one!+ ROOFING is a heavy heavy job!!! I doubt a drone can get this one done! There's a lot more in roofing, than just nailing!

  6. It's a cool concept to say the least! I work in roofing and while there are many factors that makes this impossible….. I still love the vision and that's all that matters right now. 🦾

  7. Some things just won't be automated, and roofing is one. How'd the roof get tore off and hauled away? What machine is putting on the underlayment? What's laying the shingles and cutting them? Let's see a drone cap a roof. Or roof around a skylight.

  8. Sorry. No. It looks stupid.
    What about a natural breeze?
    We never did see it actually put a nail in!
    This idea needs several more years of development.
    As it is, it's poop.

  9. Yes, this might not be the fastest or best way to do roofing today. But, let us not forget that first car had to prove it was better than the horse drawn wagon. These students built something that in 50-100 years might be an aid to roofers.

  10. Asphalt shingles are the lowest quality roofing material with a lifespan of about 12-15 years before they are stripped and thrown in the dump. Why spend any money researching this technology when better roofing systems are more important.

  11. Cool idea, but will never work in reality. Not even talking about sending, unpacking and laying a bundle of shingles for drone… but even shooting that first nail into the shingle, it has to be held in the right position, otherwise the shingle can easily slide down or move by the impact of the gun if not held in the position.

  12. Scientists should be made aware of where the nails should go. That roof is going to leak. This is short of anything but ridiculous.

  13. Wow. Who did the tear off and nail the plywood and get those heavy ass shingles in place? Just so it can be nailed one nail a minute?

  14. Look at another lie in action. “Illegal aliens will do the jobs Americans wont do”
    So If automation is coming to huge sectors of the economy, what are the illegals for?
    What ever the elites think they are doing its going to backfire worse than they ever think……blood will flow and they will not be safe

  15. This is at least a good starting place. I will have to read through the paper to really understand all the systems at work here. Kudos on thinking outside the box and good luck with iterating to improve the process.

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