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A .22LR handgun can kill you

…It doesn’t matter if it’s a .22 or a .44
magnum. A .22 can kill you just as fast. In fact, most officers are killed with .25 [ACPs].
When I teach my [Criminal Justice] class, I’m in fact teaching a policing class, I show
all of my students all these fun videos of cops chasing and tazing, people doing all
the funny things, they get “happy” when they get tazed, and they all get excited. And then
I show them the video that all police officers are required to see in South Carolina: the
“Mark Coates” video. He was killed with a .22. Went through his shoulder patch, traversed
his body, and sliced his aorta, and you hear him and see him die on tape. Okay? A .22 can
kill you just as fast. That’s why, when people talk about firearm selection, if all you can
afford is a .22, then that’s what you afford. You go into a 9MM or a .40, that’s fine. The
point is, that weapon is the ultimate equalizer. When you get it out, get rounds on target–
the goal is not to “kill” the person, the goal is to “eliminate a threat.” And again,
if rounds on target from a .22 eliminates a threat, that’s fine. I advocate bigger guns.
I like bigger guns: the higher you can go, the better off I think you are.
But if .22 is what you want…

4 thoughts on “A .22LR handgun can kill you

  1. when i bought my first handgun i wanted to get a .22 everybody kept on saying "a .22 is good for paper that's about it" now i am going to buy one

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