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9mm Just Right Carbine

Alright we got something really cool to show
you here So let’s just say, you’re doing a little day
hike, sit down wanting to get an apple out of your pack
Your Oakley pack you picked up at Openrange You go, Hey there’s a mountain lion track,
I don’t know what we should do about this So you have a Just Right Carbine, in your
nice little backpack Pretty neat stuff
Real easy to put together Slide this over, screw it down and you have
yourself a nice 9mm carbine That accepts Glock mags, just think about
a nice 33rd mag, that would be sweet These things shoot real nice, we have done
some testing on them, they work real good, The portability factor is just immense
You also have a threaded barrel on the end so you can use a suppressor.
You are more than welcome available also at Openrange
Come check this out, really neat system Done shooting, unscrew, take the barrel out
Hopefully you have eaten that apple, got your strength back
And you are ready to go on with your hike Just Right Carbine, pretty neat right
Barry out

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