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9mm Hand Gun Operation & Safety : The Basics of the 9MM Semi-Automatic Handgun

Getting into this series here, we’re going
to talk about a 9mm semi-automatic handgun. The 9mm has been around, was used the wars.
Originally was a German round. A firearm that was used during the war. It is very reliable,
sturdy. It’s used a lot in the military, U.S. militaries as well as other countries. The
round is rather smaller than a 40 caliber, but it yet is bigger than a 38. There are
some argument that a 9mm round is not effective in certain scenarios and certain instances
or circumstances. However, they’ve been around. They’ve stood the test of time and they still
have their place. Normally, it’s home defense, law enforcement, or the military. Again, a
very reliable weapon. It has been around. The history of it dates back. The round again
is smaller than a 45 or a 40 caliber. However, with the different types of ammunition and
technology changing, this firearm still has a place in today’s society and is a reliable

45 thoughts on “9mm Hand Gun Operation & Safety : The Basics of the 9MM Semi-Automatic Handgun

  1. wrong effin video, my mistake, i meant to comment on this video made by someone in the Army about the Beretta m9fs. I was watching both videos at the same time. But i forgot how i found that video.

  2. ur argument is not clear to me yet, but i was thinking about Troops as IN US Army US Marine Corps. As far as i know security contractors dont have an issue when it comes to carrying standard issue weapons so they have the freedom to carry whatever they want. That video Beretta M9/Model 92 pistol: Gargantuan 9mm, Part 1and the person who reviewed it, is basically saying that the M9 is a liability for our troops if you watch the video.

  3. i dont think this guy really knows what hes talking about… "the 9mm is bigger then the .38" uh if he means the .38 special then hes very wrong cuz the .38 special is alot bigger. If hes talking about a .380 acp then he doesn't know hes terminaligy very well

  4. this dude has NO IDEA what hes talking about haha…."expert" at bullshitting….but actually not cause he sux!! u should eat a bag of dix!!

  5. Buddy !! you have bo fucking clue what are you talking about, you shouldn't talk about this serious stuff if you are not well informed, sorry bro, nothing personal.

  6. Yea, the guy looks like he's probably military, so I thought maybe he knew what he was talking about. I knew he didn't when he said a 9mm was larger than a .38. If you know math, then you know that a 9mm would equate to roughly a .35 (no such round, but as a comparison).

  7. You really need to be more specific champ. Tip – if you are going to talk about a cartridge show a cartridge not a gun. If you going to display a gun at least relate to it i.e. "this is a S&W Mod 915, it's a good example of a 9mm semi auto. It holds 15 rounds as opposed to 11 rounds for the same type of gun chambered in 40 S&W…etc. Another tip – show some enthusiasm, you sound like you don’t want to be doing this. Keep practicing!

  8. tickles me that people use the term gun and safety in the same sentence, kinda defeats the object.

    what should be said instead is this is how you use it without shooting yourself you dumb fuck

  9. this is the only time i like subtitles on a vid. i can enjoy my music en still know what you are saying thank you for that

  10. this video is bullshit, he could tell me all this in less than 30 seconds.

  11. 9mm was devolped by georg luger in 1902 for use in the luger pistol for the german army….it was labeled the 9mm parabellum… latin for "to obtain peace prepare for war" 9x19mm 115 grain to 147 grain 1100 to 1300 feet per second depending on bullet weight….what more is there to say?

  12. @usmc2076 Actually para bellum is only the "prepare for war" part. Si vis pacem is the first part of the saying. So the whole phrase is "Si vis pacem, para bellum."

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