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9mm Hand Gun Operation & Safety : The Basic Handgun Function Test

Okay we’re back. Now, what I’m going to do
is we’re going to perform a functions test on this firearm to make sure after we’ve cleaned
it and reassembled it that it’s working properly. What I’ll do is I’ll stand up. Your weapon
is not loaded at all. Visual and physical checking that the weapon is clear and safe.
There’s no rounds in the magazine. These rounds here will not go through this weapon because
these are 40 caliber rounds that was used in an earlier demonstration, so there are
no live rounds for this 9 mm. The weapon is reassembled and back together. Slide that
to the front. Put the slide home. Again, my grip fingers naturally curl, thumb over the
top, finger on the side. Now from this position here, I can do what is going to be a double
action only, which is probably going to get me about a 10-11 pound trigger pull. It’s
going to be long and hard, which it won’t. One of the safety features about this particular
weapon system is it will not fire without the magazine inside of it, which is a great
safety feature if you’re in law enforcement or for military and you work closely with
people who may be prisoners or whatever and try to take your weapon from you. If you’re
able to get that magazine out, there can be a round in there but it will not fire, which
is a great safety feature. A lot of companies are starting to go to that now.

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