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9mm Hand Gun Operation & Safety : Single Action Handguns

This 9mm semi-automatic handgun that I have
here is what we consider single action/double action. Now, as in my previous series with
the 40 caliber, that was double action only, which meant that initial trigger pull was
approximately 12 pounds of pressure in order to depress the trigger to make the weapon
fire. This firearm, the initial fire, their initial trigger pull is difficult. It’s long.
I would say anywhere in between 10 and 12 pounds of pressure for the trigger. That would
be double action. Single action comes after that first 12-pound or 10 pound trigger pull.
The weapons fires and in recycles. Every trigger pull there after is approximately half of
what their first initial trigger pull was. Therefore, we have we have double action and
the single action. Single meaning after you fire the hammer stays to the rear and all
you have to do is give approximately half of whatever the trigger pull was originally.
If this was a 10-pound trigger pull originally, I’m looking at 5 pounds of pressure to depress
this trigger and make the weapon fire. Some advantages to the single action you can fire
in rapid successions. The rounds come off a little bit faster because there’s less of
a lead time to get the trigger all the way to the rear fully depressed. There’s some
departments out there whether it be law enforcement or the military that maybe don’t agree with
that. Again, I think the theory of that was to make the rounds accessible. Should a person
get into a situation where they need it and make accessible as fast they could while taking
a well placed shot. Single action would be half as you were. Single action would be half
of the trigger pull. Again, if this was a 10-pound trigger pull, the first round would
be a 10-pound trigger, and after that it would be approximately half of that.

6 thoughts on “9mm Hand Gun Operation & Safety : Single Action Handguns

  1. Cool……

    Informative videos. This video was interesting in the comparison & advantages of double action versus SINGLE action.
    Wouldn't a double action revolver be a better & safer DEFENSIVE weapon?

    First shot counts.

  2. i still dont understand the difference between single and double action….and i also dont understand y they make some pistols double and some pistols single action

  3. single action is, if the hammer is "home" then the trigger is at full length (closer in the direction of the barrel) and once you fire off your first round the hammer stays cocked back, and your trigger is closer to your grip of the gun, and much easier to fire. think of it like an old western movie, when the cowboy pull the hammer back, the trigger will go back towards the grip for easier/faster shooting.

  4. If you pull the trigger on a double action the hammer will go *Click* without ammo being in it, when you pull the trigger again, it will go click again

    Single action you pull the trigger with the hammer back, (No ammo) it will go click, but you will have to pull the hammer back again to make it go Click.

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