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9mm Hand Gun Operation & Safety : How to Use A Handgun

Okay, for training purposes, towards the end
of the segment I’m going to show you how to properly load and unload your firearm. Again,
giving consideration that I only have 2 rounds of ammunition here and they’re not for this
type of handgun. I do not want to have a live gun at the demonstration at this point or
at any point. What I would do is I’ll walk you through it, demonstrate it, and we’ll
visualize that there are rounds in there. Every time you deal with a firearm, whether
you know it’s loaded and you’ve done physical and visual checks, always treat it as if it
was loaded. Having said that, I’m going to grab my weapon, pretend I have my 15 rounds
of ammunition already loaded into my magazine. I want to load it and make my weapon hot.
I’m going to put my the magazine, give it a nice tap to make sure it’s seated properly,
at which time I will release the slide. I just chambered a round. Boom, boom, boom.
I’m on the range; I’m shooting. Okay, I’m done shooting. For this weapon here, it’s
a single double. This is single double action. I fired, my hammer is to the rear. I don’t
want that round in there to fire.

20 thoughts on “9mm Hand Gun Operation & Safety : How to Use A Handgun

  1. WTF is a single-double action? Did he just realize that on take one? How do you safely de-chamber a round after removing the magazine? This video is RECKLESS 

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