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9mm Hand Gun Operation & Safety : How To Load A Handgun Magazine

Okay, now that we performed function drills,
what we’re going to do now is as before in my last series with the 40 caliber semi automatic,
is we’re going to load the magazine. Now, for training purposes, these rounds are not
the correct rounds that goes with this magazine or this firearm, but for training purposes
only, I may be able to use these to demonstrate how to properly load a magazine. Again, what
I want to do is you want the flat part in your hand, in the palm of your hand. Pretty
much it’s almost like you’re playing a video game with a joystick. You got your thumb on
top where you can depress the insert down as needed. There’s a spring in there that
has tension on it which allows you to feed as many rounds as this magazine will hold.
This particular magazine holds 15 rounds. I can put 15 rounds in here, put one in the
chamber or in the barrel, and top off with another one. I have a total of 16 rounds at
my disposal in this particular firearm. When I want to load them you have to be careful.
Again, flat side on the palm, backside of the round. Just think of it that way. The
back side of the round goes to the back, the flat side of the magazine. Some people may
try to load it like this. You won’t get very far. You could jam your barrel up and be a
hazard or your magazine. Always want the flat side of the round to the flat side of the
magazine. Now, what I’ll do, place it on top of the insert and slightly press down and
back. That’s one round, and then I’ll do the same thing here. That’s 2 rounds. Again, these
rounds fit in this magazine but they’re not the correct rounds for this firearm. Therefore,
I will not try to load one in there to show you how to properly make the weapon safe loading
and unloading. We’ll go through that visually, but minus the rounds. This is a proper way
to load a magazine all the while pushing down, and you can load one on top of the other.
There’s room to give play. Once I have my magazine loaded and I decide I don’t want
the rounds in there again, I take the magazine with the back of my palm, and all I do is
with my thumb push forward. Push forward and the rounds come right back out. When I get
just the insert, that lets me know and insures me there’s no more live rounds in that magazine
and that magazine is clear. At which time, I’ll grab my firearm, point it in a safe direction,
lock the slide to the rear, a visual and physical check of the weapon. It tells me that this
weapon is clear and safe. That is the loading of a magazine.

86 thoughts on “9mm Hand Gun Operation & Safety : How To Load A Handgun Magazine

  1. Not only that but Colt made 9mm's in the form of their Series 70 Government Model and Commander model back in the 70's.

  2. You. I can handle the cursing, that's just fine. But an attempt at punctuation and proper spelling is not optional if you want to grow up and be anything other than ignorant.

  3. It wont break the hammer ignore him!! The hammer never touchs the bullet. in 99 percent of pistols the hammer is only a break. Once it goes forward it lets a lever in the gun drop which activates a compressed spring (usually spring) which then spends the firing pin forward to hit the primer of the bullet. If the back of the bullet was the wrong way like you asked a few things can happen and one WILL happen the gun will jamm. Likely damage you barrel seating the magazine and the extractor..

  4. I'm just wondering, can you load a single cartridge without a magazine in the gun by inserting it through the ejection hole?

  5. does it matter if the holes in the back of the magazine match up with the bullet? cause mine seem off a lil but i def have the right size bullets

  6. ok, so i bet u british people hold the gun up to your chin? I would rather get acidentally shot in the leg than the fucking brain, dumbass

  7. Fired a handgun (P22) for the first time today on my buddys private farm (over 500 acres) and man it was fun. I think i have a new hobby!

  8. Thanks man. I already got my background check and all that and purchased a 9mm and got a carrying case. I'm starting to take some classes at a shooting range so im learning about backstops and all the general stuff. Its a fun hobby and i feel a little more safe because my apartment is in a crappy area.

  9. I just got a Norinco NP30 .45ACP, it's a nice firearm, it shoots great. The bad part is that I am in Canada so the gun laws here are a pain in the ass but they are okayz. Any how keep on shooting!!

  10. LOL when he said point the gun in a safe direction he pointed the gun at his nuts!!! IS THAT SAFE ?LOL

    Apart from that thanks

  11. It varies state by state.

    they confiscate it and depending on how you obtained it, your parents and/or you will get into trouble. Unless you stole it, you really won't get into trouble.

  12. Was that necessary to make this video? If you don't know how to load your magazine, you should not be allowed to own a gun.

  13. Wow, now I get it. the bullet points to the front of the gun. I was putting them in bacwards all this time. Thanks for clearing this up

  14. who the f is placing a cartridge backwards in the magazine. He's using incorrect caliber rounds so that he can easily throw those rounds in there. He needs to make a video showing exactly how to place rounds to capacity in a magazine, which is what new people like me actually have trouble with, not which way the round faces…

  15. wow this guy is so stupid… you never put your pinky inside the chamber of a gun, its a good way to get rid of a fingertip.

  16. I continue to be amazed that expert village can get so many views with such crappy videos. I do not understand why he made such a big deal about not having the correct rounds. Did expertvillage not trust you with the correct rounds?

  17. I don't know how novice you target is for this vid I feel there should be some one out there teaching the incompetent

    I just wish I didn't waste that small time of my life

    I do like this guy thow dont nock him he is a real good vid maker dude guy person thing

  18. Here it is in a few easy steps:

    Rack the slide back and inspect the chamber to be sure it's clear of rounds and inspect the magazine well.

    Ensure you have the correct ammunition for the particular handgun

    Load by pressing each,individual round on the spring plate of the magazine until it can no longer be depressed

    Slide the magazine up the bottom of the pistol grip through the magazine well,until you hear a distinctive click or until it holds itself in.Rack the slide.Aim.Pull trigger

  19. I remember the first time I had to load a 9mm magazine — I couldn't do it. I was using the proper technique, but I simply couldn't do it and had to get help. Eventually, that same day, I was finally able to do it on my own, but it took several minutes and my thumb was ached afterwards.

    Today, just two weeks later, I can fully load a 16-round 9mm magazine using the same technique in less than a minute. Honestly, I can't even remember why I had so much trouble doing it in the first place. ๐Ÿ˜€

  20. People laught at instructurs a lot, but one day when they hold a gun they shoot themselves in the foot or in the leg and are soooo surprised that it even happend. How could it, how could it,/ did not listen/ did not pay attention. So pay attention kids.

  21. Exactly. I just got my permit and I had to go through a class. It's not as easy as people think it is if you have never handled a gun in your life.

  22. Hey thanks for the help, I really needed it. Ignore the racist comments from the jerks there will always be jerks around..

  23. its a heavy spring hard as shit some mag. aren't that hard they will loosen up in time get a speed loader for now

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