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9mm Hand Gun Operation & Safety : How To Insert A Handgun Magazine

Okay we just did how to load a magazine with
rounds. What I’m going to do real quick is again show you the proper way to load a magazine
into the real well of a firearm. Say if I had my magazine loaded capacity with the rounds
that I needed at which time as I’m holding that firearm my hand is along the back strap
of the firearm. The flat side of the magazine goes to the back side of the magazine, well
kind of common of something to remember it’s just like when you’re loading rounds the flat
side goes along the flat side. Something with the firearm when you go to load a magazine
if the person is not experienced they may turn it around this way. It won’t go but so
far and you don’t want to force it because you’ll get it jammed in there and you have
to send it to the factory to get it taken care of. So the flat side of the magazine
goes to the back side of the back strap so if I want to insert this magazine all I would
do is that, give it a nice little tap on the bottom. At which time if there’s a round in
there and I want it, chamber that round all I’m going to do is release my slide, that
force just pushed around into the chamber. Into the barrel of that weapon and now it’s
ready to be fired, I have the round in the chamber I’m locked and loaded ready to go.
For some reason I don’t want to shoot or there’s no threat or whatever and I wanted to unload
my firearm or not even unload the firearm. But unload the round that’s in there, injection
that’s exactly what I do, drop the magazine first and all I’m going to do is pull the
slide to the rear. If there’s a round I’m going to fly out once it does lock the slide
to the rear and do a physical and visual check. Stick your finger in the barrel, look down
in there, you can never be to safe even if you do this hundred times and you may know
that there’s nothing in there. It doesn’t hurt to triple check and quadruple check because
you can never ever be too safe when it comes to firearms. Sometimes it only takes one mistake
and that would be the end of it, so we would like to very, very safe and careful when we
use firearms and working with them. So that’s the way you would insert a magazine and to
inject a magazine, insert it, inject it.

44 thoughts on “9mm Hand Gun Operation & Safety : How To Insert A Handgun Magazine

  1. 2:07
    stick your finger in the barrel!!!
    i've heard so many safety tips in gun videos that people could easily misinterperate
    i saw a video saying " first do a safety check" and while it said this it showed what could happen if you are not being safe.
    so just when he said it, the guy put his hand on the barrel and pulled the trigger

  2. Wrong, you should never charge a handgun by pressing the action slide release, one should grab the slide, pull it back, and release. With the overhand method and not the slingshot method show in the video.

  3. What about the slide?

    None of these "expert safety" videos discusses if the slide should be back or forward before you insert the magazine or even if it matters. Also, it should be explained how to pull back, release and lock the slide.

    Come on already, gun safety should NOT be a guessing game. Bad things can happen if things are not done the right way.

  4. You will look a lot better if you stand on your feet, when giving such a presentation. It's looks lazy sitting on your arse.

  5. what if your in a hot pursuit by Matrix police
    you can't stand and check
    you need to load and unload in two milla seconds

  6. what if i'm running from 20+ zombies? do i still have to check even if the next thing i do is point it at one of them?

  7. @ChaosOfSpartan your checkin your gun only if you in your house or you not useing it wail your in your car or somthing

  8. Hey genius, how do you drop the fucking magazine. What the fuck are you trying to teach, how to swat flies off your face.

  9. @dannyphantom838 i fired one but that was a controlled rifle it was basic design standard stuff if it was customized a little it'd be sturdier and more accurate and 9mm never shot one but i touched a mauser 9mm german issue from ww2

  10. @poinechu
    To eject the magazine, all you need to do is just press a little button or press a small lever on the side of the trigger safety. His thumb kinda moved when he showed to eject the magazine again.

  11. I am a newbie to guns and find your videos very informative!!! Great job!!! 🙂
    He who cast the first stone Reece997!!! 🙁

  12. Nice video. But to be safety I wouldn't wanna place my finger in the chamber to check. You can easily see it with your eyes if there is a round in there or not. Sometimes people make mistake releasing there slide and snapping off there finger while sticking in.

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