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9mm Hand Gun Operation & Safety : How To Clear A Jammed Handgun

Okay. Now that we’ve performed the function
test, what I’m going to do is what we consider a clearing drill or malfunction drill. What’ll
happen often times when you shoot a lot of when you’re shooting multiple rounds or a
lot of rounds, you get fatigue. Sometimes your grip may loosen up a little bit. You
get what you consider maybe a limp wrist where your wrist starts to fluctuate up and down.
When it does that motion. We’ll clear this weapon again visually and physically. Make
sure there’s nothing in it. As you fire your weapon over time, your arm starts to get fatigue.
What happen is you start doing this kind of motion. You’re allowing for this kind of motion
because you’re tired. Instead of being rigid, you start doing this. Once you do that, that
movement here doesn’t allow the slide to come back in the cycle with the same amount
of force it’s designed on that spring to make it operate properly. What you get often times
is a stovepipe where it fired the round, it’s trying to eject it but it can’t. What will
happen is you’ll see something like this, which is considered stovepipe. Obviously,
this is a live piece of ammunition, not in the firearm that way where it can actually
injure anyone. This is for demonstration purposes only. This is what is considered stovepipe.
The only difference is there will not be a projectile in here because this is already
expelled. If I was limp wristing, it would try to eject that round, but it would get
it caught in the ejection port. What we have is a function test tap rack bang, or tap rack
asset bang. What that means is if I’m on the range and I’m firing and firing and I see
that, first thing I can do is I can tap the bottom of the magazine to make sure it’s seated
properly. Rack means you grab the slide and rack it to the rear; you pull it to the rear.
I rack it to the rear, which is just through that round and out of there.

26 thoughts on “9mm Hand Gun Operation & Safety : How To Clear A Jammed Handgun

  1. Instead of putting your finger try looking down the end of the barrel…O_o if there is light your safe. Just Kidding. DONT DO THAT.

  2. This guy rules, watching all of his vids. He explains simply and logically. I just bought a Beretta and he's cheaper than a local instructor!

  3. interesting i never thought that the energy gets forced through your body has an effect on an ejecting casing

  4. @heartagramholly Speak for yourself, I bought two cases, cases mind you, of that stuff after watching this helpful video on pistol safety.

  5. why in the hell would you put your finger in the chamber. You can SEE in the chamber. Find out what happens when that slide slips and comes forward because the catch is worn down…

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