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9mm Hand Gun Operation & Safety : External: Parts Of A 9MM Handgun

Okay we are going to talk a little bit about
the external parts of this 9MM Semi-Automatic handgun that I have here. Most Semi-Automatics
are relatively alike as far as meaning they have a slide, injection port and hammer and
front and rear sight. Front sight, rear sight have the ejection port, you have the slide.
Over here you have the slide catch which locks the slide to the rear. If I wanted to release
that, push that down. This feature, this weapon, has a feature that the 40 caliber didn’t have
and again, that is the decocker lever which is here. This here is the magazine release
so again, there are no rounds in there. I’ll double check. There’s no rounds in that weapon
and that weapon is safe and clear. I’ll put that magazine in. If I wanted to release that,
I would push that button and gravity takes hold and the magazine slides out. Again, it
is locked into place. When I push the button, it comes out. That is the magazine release,
slide catch and decocker lever, the rear sight, the front sight and the injection port and
obviously we have the trigger.

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