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9mm Hand Gun Operation & Safety : Double Action Handguns

We spoke about single action. We’re going
to talk about double action. In my previous series again, with the 40 caliber semi-automatic
weapon. That weapon is designed for double action only. It has a tough trigger pull,
which means a certain amount of force is needed, 10 pound, 11 pounds, 12 pounds, possibly even
13 pounds. Those numbers can be varied or can be altered, but the weapon would need
to back a factory and have them do it. I wouldn’t advice trying to make a lighter trigger if
you didn’t know exactly what you were doing. Double action only. As fast as you can pull
the trigger, that’s how fast rounds will come out, but the trigger pull is consistent from
the first round to the last round. If it’s 10 pound trigger pull in the first round,
it’ll be 10 pound trigger pull at the last round. It kind of gives it consistency throughout
the board. Once you get used to shooting a double action only weapon, you really can’t
tell the difference. If you hurt it you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a single
action/double action pistol versus a double action only.

3 thoughts on “9mm Hand Gun Operation & Safety : Double Action Handguns

  1. Hi there mister expert, you might want to keep your finger off the trigger until you check (on video) to see if it's loaded.
    But what do I know, you're the expert!

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