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9mm AR Pistol Project

Hey there, folks. The wind is howling out there on the range. So, I thought we would come inside the building to do a little bit of talking. Then I’ll go out and do the shooting and that way, the wind won’t be a problem. This is my latest project. It is a 9mm AR pistol. And I was able to complete this thanks to the products that I got from the Brownells catalogue, and some of the products that I actually already had. It’s a CMMG upper and lower, a dedicated 9mm lower, dedicated 9mm upper. The barrel, the pistol barrel, I got from the folks at Brownells along with the HOLOSUN sight, which is a 1-to-1 red dot. We’ve used them before. I really like them. So, I’m going to use it again. I got the KAK Shockwave Blade. This came as a complete, entire package
with the buffer spring, buffer tube, and, of course, the stabilizing brace. This right here, the single-point sling attachment, is from… this is the SLAP plate from If you wanna kick hippies or get SLAP plates, you can get it from them. And, this receiver, what it takes, is it uses the Colt carbine 9mm. You might recognize these. They’ve been around forever. The Colt carbine magazines. We’re gonna zero it. We’re gonna shoot it. Oh! What about the end? Right there. What’s on the end? It is an AAC Ti-RANT 9mm suppressor. Alright, this one’s gonna be the Black Hills Honey Badger 9mm, which is naturally sub-sonic.No problem!Alright, I’ve got it loaded with the Fiocchi 115-grain 9mm. This is supersonic ammunition. First shot is gonna be 115-grain supersonic. The rest of ’em are gonna be 147 sub-sonic. See if you can tell the difference. Little bit of a difference.

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