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9 Powerful Weapons to Overcome the Devil | Dr. Venner J. Alston | Something More

[Music] [Music] DC: Hello there! Welcome to
“Something More.” My guest today is a gifted
communicator when it comes to the Word of God. But don’t let her lovely
appearance fool you because this lady is
armed and dangerous. Venner Alston! Thank you so much
for being here. VA: Thank you. Thank you. DC: All right.
Armed and dangerous. I picked this topic because
it’s, it’s a topic in your brand-new book,
Next-Level Spiritual Warfare.And honestly, there is so
much wonderful information and revelation in this
book. I’m thinking what we could even talk
about, so I decided to go for a chapter. And
you have a chapter called “Armed and Dangerous.” Tell us a little bit about that. VA: You know, the
Bible speaks to us about, “The weapons of our
warfare that they are not carnal, but they’re mighty
through God to the pulling down of strongholds
casting down of imaginations and every
high thing that exalts itself against the
knowledge of God.” But we often don’t
recognize that we are all armed and dangerous.
We think that there are certain people that are
relegated to the frontlines of the battle and we
somehow stay behind and watch them do all
of the stuff of overcoming our enemy. But
we’re all soldiers, we’re all called to the battle. We just don’t
all look the same. DC: Oh-ho! I like that we
don’t all look the same. We don’t have to.
I think that the picture of a warrior sometimes is,
people think of that as a big sturdy guy with all of
his weapons and armor and everything but you, you
say those pictures look differently, like.
Like what, like who? VA: Those pictures look
differently like you might be a student in university.
You might be a student in high school, you might be a
mom that’s taking care of her children at home. You might be the CEO
of your own company. We look different.
If we look from a scriptural perspective,
we all talk about Deborah. Deborah was the general
that went to war with Barak. But we don’t always
talk about Jael, the housewife that was in
her tent, cleaning her home, doing what housewives do,
and the enemy runs by her tent and the battle
was given into her hand. So, when we think that I’m
not the general, I’m not the, I’m not the military type.
We are all called to war and we all have
phenomenal weapons that we are more than
capable of overcoming our enemy when we know
how to use what we have. DC: Yes. And you know what? I know we’re going to
talk about some of those weapons specifically a
little later on in the program. But you know I look at
you and when I was reading your story, I read your
testimony of actually coming to the Lord and it was
one of what I would call a very supernatural experience.
Can you share that with us? AV: Yes. I was in
my home and there was numerous people in the home.
We were getting ready for an event that night in our
home. So, we were all busy we were all cleaning, we
were all engaged and the phone rang and so I’m
listening at the phone, ring-ring, and no one
stopped to answer the phone. So, I went over, I picked
up the phone and the guy on the other end, he’s
asking for someone and I said, “Oh, he doesn’t live
here.” And I hung the phone up. I walk away. DC: So, basically, you’ve got
the wrong number, mister. VA: You’ve got the wrong
number. He’s not here. DC: [Laughs]
Yeah. Yeah. AV: And I walk away and
the phone rings the second time. I’m looking around.
No one responds to the ringing phone. I turn, I walk
back, pick up the phone. It’s the same person. And
he says, “May I speak to,” and he says the name. I said,
“I told you before this is the wrong number. He
does not live here.” And I hung the phone up. Well, I walk away, back to
cleaning, back to whatever. The third time this phone
rings and again it was as though no one heard the
phone except me. DC: So, nobody looked toward
the phone. Nobody moved to answer it. Nobody
even watched you answer. AV: No, no, no.
No, no! They all kept doing
what they were doing. It was as though I was
the only person that could hear the
phone ringing. You know there’s something
spiritual about that. DC: Right. [Laughs]
I agree! VA: And I walked back, and
I picked up the phone and it was him again. Well, what I found out
later is that he said, “I am dialing this
number the third time. And who ever
picks up this phone. I am going to talk to them
about the love of Jesus.” Well, that was me. I picked
up the phone the third time. And when I heard his voice
I said, “Look I told you.” And he said, “Well, wait a
minute. I have something I want to say to you.”
And I listened as he began to present the
message of Jesus and for me, it was the
message that I had been waiting to hear. It was as though I had been
in a dark room and all of a sudden that room filled
with light and I could experience the love and
the presence of the Lord. I received Jesus in that phone
call right then in that moment. And when we hung up the
phone, everyone looked at me and they said, “Have
you been on the phone?” DC: [Laughs] VA: It was amazing. And it was
a supernatural moment. That phone call was
for me. The Lord was calling me, and
I responded. DC: I love that story. Now there may be some
people listening that may have occurrences or things
but. But I know you, you don’t think that there are
accidents. Maybe you could speak to them a little
before we go to break. VA: You know there are no
accidental occurrences in your life. God
has ways that He speaks to all of us. Our eyes have
to be open and our ears have to be tuned to his voice. And I want to
encourage you today. Right now, right in this
moment, to ask the Lord and I’m going to pray
this for you too, to ask the Lord to help you see
the many ways that He’s speaking to you
throughout the day, the ways that He is
manifesting himself around you, the ways that He’s
calling you, and the ways that He is opening
supernatural moments for you, because sometimes
those supernatural moments can be so subtle that if
we’re not paying attention we will miss them. So I just decree over you
right now and I pray that your eyes are opened that
your ears are open, that you hear the voice of the
Lord, that you follow his promptings and you will
see what God is doing all around you. You are
in prophetic moments throughout your day and
beginning today. You will see those moments
I decree that in Jesus’s Name. DC: Oh. Oh yes, I
agree with that. And you know what? We’re
going to come back [Music] in just a moment and when
we’re back with Venner, we’re going to be talking
about specifics when it comes to these
weapons of warfare. So, don’t go away.
We’ll be right back. [Music] DC: Welcome back everyone
to “Something More.” I’m here with Venner
Alston and we’re talking about being, “Armed
and Dangerous.” Now Venner,
explain that phrase. VA: What that means to me
is it brings me into an awareness that we are
citizens of a supernatural kingdom and as citizens of
a supernatural kingdom we our responsibility is to
enforce the victories of Christ in the earth.
And so, “The weapons of our warfare are not
carnal, but they are mighty through God for the pulling
down of strongholds,” so that that speaks to
me about engagement. And when I look at
scriptures like Ephesians, Chapter 6, where He talks
about being a heavily armed soldier, it’s, It says to
me that God has given me warfare tools and
that I am called to use these tools which are
weapons. I am called to use these to overcome
the powers of darkness. Every place that I
encounter darkness. And we don’t always think
about that, we think in terms of devotional prayer.
We think in terms of you know, just the place of praise.
We don’t always understand that our praise is a weapon. DC: Yes. Yes. VA: This, and
these were times of revelation for me. It was a
time that I came into a greater understanding
of who I was and what God had given me to
overcome the enemy. DC: Yes. AV: And what He literally
taught me was how to fight. DC: Yes. Oh, I like that. Well, let me tell you when
I went through this list and we’re going to try
to get through as many of them as we can. I don’t know if we’ll make
it all but they’re all in your brand-new book. So, I know everybody will
want to get that but we’re going to go through this
list. And when I looked at the list of what our
weapons are, I’ve been a Christian
for forty-five years and some of these surprised
me and I said, “Wow, that’s really strong!” Let’s start. Weapon number
one, our Kingdom authority. VA: We have been
given an authority. Jesus said this, He said,
“All authority is given unto Me and Heaven and
earth.” And then He talks to us and He says,
“I’m giving you authority.” So, it means that I’ve
been authorized to do something in the
earth. I believe this. The church is the only
agency in the earth that is authorized to enforce
the victories of Christ that is authorized to confront
the powers of darkness. We are the “Ecclesia,” and we
have been called by God. We are His “Called out ones,”
we are called to govern. We’re called to rule. Called
to reign in the earth. That’s the authority
that I’ve been given. And when I understand
that as a blood washed, blood bought believer,
that I have been, and I have been authorized
by Christ to overturn assignments of darkness.
It’s from that place that confidence rises in
me to say this is my assignment. Oh,
there’s darkness there, not on my watch.
I’m overturning that. So, I have authority.
I’ve been authorized. DC: And that’s
pretty exciting isn’t it? VA: It is. DC: For those who
might feel weak or, you know, they don’t have
a lot of power whatever, you have authority. And you’ve
been given that authority. Oh, that’s a good
one. Ah, the second one, the Word of God. VA: We walk from a
place of understanding His promises. As a
believer, here this is part of my journey.
I found that if I wasn’t quite sure what the will of
God was concerning a thing then I wasn’t
sure that I could war and believe to the
place of manifestation. So, I tend to start with
what has the Word of God said about this circumstance.
Once I know what God’s Word says then I believe
and warring with the Word. And that is part of our
prayer that we find the promise in the Bible and we
begin to pray that scripture. So, we’re literally praying
God’s Word back to Him. So, and I believe this
as we see the atmosphere, as we sees the
Heavens with the Word, with the Word of God, it
becomes like a battering ram in the Spirit. I
keep declaring God’s Word. It’s powerful! His, His Word
is Spirit and it is life. I keep declaring His Word
back to Him and the powers of darkness every time I
declare or every time you declare it, I’m a believer.
Every time I declare, it pushes back the darkness. DC: I feel you getting
fired up I am, now this next one is powerful.
Oh, my goodness, it’s powerful but I guess
I didn’t really think about it as a weapon the
way you teach it, The Name of Jesus. Whoo! VA: Oh God. Do you
know everything that we encounter in the
earth, it’s a name and the name speaks of the
nature? And there’s no name
higher than His Name. There is no name
greater than His Name. The Bible says that God
gave Him a Name that is greater than
any other name. The Name of Jesus and when
I use the Name of Jesus as a believer, the enemy
understands the power and the authority of
that Name. And he has, he absolutely has to bow.
He absolutely has to back away. What
he’s counting on? He’s counting on my
ignorance to not know. DC: Oh yes. VA: The power of
the Name of Jesus. So, it’s not like a magical
something we use. But when I coupled that
with authority and I blend that with faith and I’m
standing and I’m using His Name. I am saying, I am
here, I am treading on you. And by whose authority
do I do these things? I do them by the authority
of the Name of Jesus. DC: Yes. That’s a
good one too! [Laughter] DC: Now I know
that you have actually experienced and
encountered angels before and you call this
one of our weapons, you call it Heaven’s armies.
That’s one of our weapons. VA: It is, it is, we don’t
always recognize that when we are warring, we are not
warring alone, but that all of the resources of Heaven
are made available to us? VA: You know in the end
Daniel Chapter 9 and I talk about this in my book. Daniel starts to pray,
and he recognizes that a season and a
season has ended, and the new
season is beginning. So he begins to fast and
pray and seek the face of the Lord and the Bible
says that on the 21st day the angel shows up and says,
“Daniel, don’t be afraid, from the first day that
you prayed your prayers were answered.” But there was some
blockades in the second, second heavens.
And we had to war. But I have come
for your words. So when you and I are
warring and when we are pressing and you are never
standing alone all of the resources of Heaven have
been made available to you the angels that war and
fight they come to aid and assist and make sure that
we press through make sure that manifestation is ours.
So, we don’t war alone. We war with the angelic host. DC: Yes. You know what?
We’ve got just a minute left before we go to break. But I definitely want to
get this last one in here. Not the last one we’re
going to talk about today but for right now and this
is one of those that I was talking about that
surprised me. I looked at it now and
went, revelation? That’s a weapon? VA: Revelation
is a weapon. Revelation simply means
that where there are dark areas of my mind, the
light of God floods that area and what I could
not see, and what I could not hear, before I can
see it and I can hear it. When I am in a situation
on believing for something and I’m pressing
in for something. It’s one of the prayers I
pray. I ask the Lord to show me what I have not
been able to see and let me hear what I
haven’t been able to hear what I’m literally
asking God for in that moment is revelation
revealed to me. DC: Yes. Yes. VA: That which you want
me to see in this season. In this time, give me the
strategies that I need, show me which of my
weapons to use and how to war and how to fight in
this moment because the strategy changes
from season to season. DC: Yes. Revelation. VA: Revelation.
[Music] DC: Well, we’re going
to have lots more with Dr. Venner Alston in
just a moment so, please stay with us.
[Music] [Music] DC: Welcome back to
“Something More.” DC: I’m Donna Chavis, your
host and I am here with Dr. Venner Alston and
we are talking about the weapons of our
warfare which makes us armed and dangerous. I don’t know about you
but I’m kind of like feeling like I’m armed and
dangerous. I know I like that feeling better! VA: Yes! Yes! DC: Do you like that, feeling? VA: I do! None of us likes
to feel like we don’t have what we need to
overcome the enemy. So, God has authorized us.
I love that word, “Ecclesia,” that we’re called to
legislate, and we’re called to enforce
the victories of Christ. So, we’re not just
here just waiting and just biding our time. But we’re here making sure
that we’re advancing the mandate of the
Kingdom of God. And He’s given me
everything that I need to be victorious. DC: Yes. Yes. Well we are going through
the weapons that you go through in your book. VA: Yes.Next-Level Spiritual Warfareand, Prophecy and Prophetic
Decrees is the next one that you talk about being
a weapon for us. VA: It is a weapon. Prophecy;
I always tell people, prophecy is not a
suggestion of God. Prophecy reveals God’s
intent. So, when you receive a prophetic
word, He’s saying to you that this is what I
am going to do. And so, then when I look
at prophetic decrees it is literally me saying
what God has said to me. I decree and what
am I decreeing. I am declaring the
Word of God. In the book of Job, it says you
will declare a thing. You will decree a
thing and it will be established. And
if you read that in some translations it
says, “You will make up your mind about a thing
and it will be established.” DC: Yes. Yes. VA: So when I have a promise
from God and I come into agreement with God about
what He has already said and then He speaks out of
that timeless place into time and He begins to
declare His Word for me, for my family, for my
ministry it’s not a suggestion, it’s God’s “I
will” to me, when I grab hold of that and I begin to
decree it every single day. And I keep decreeing it
every, every single day. Again, it’s a battering ram
and it creates an opening where that promise of God
comes directly to me. DC: Mm-hmm. Well, I don’t want to
leave people hanging. So, I want to go through
these last few before, before the end
of the program. Quickly. Discernment. VA: Discernment is really
understanding what is behind the thing.
It is, I call it a perceiving beyond the
words is discerning. It’s knowing what is happening
in the spirit realm. So, we’d need to be
discerning, we need to understand what
is operating against us what is what, has form
that is trying to hold on to my portion. What
is the blockage. And once I know that,
that’s discernment and that is also revelation. Once I know that, it helps
me to know which of my weapons to pick up
and use. DC: Oh, good.
Yes. Yes, that’s good. DC: Okay. Ah, people
may not be extremely excited about this next one;
[Laughs] Fasting. VA: Fasting is a weapon. DC: Oh, yes. VA: Daniel fasted for 21
days. The Bible says he didn’t eat any
pleasant bread. He changed his diet.
He didn’t put on his best garment.
He got into that place of humility and he
began to press and, and he had purposed
in himself. He was pressing in until
he heard from Heaven. And I believe that we need
to go back to this place of fasting. It’s a weapon.
It’s an accelerant too. It’s an, I found in
my life, that fasting is
an accelerant. I can, It’s like, it helps me to
redeem time and where I might be busy in my mind
there’s some things going on and I can’t.
Here it’s something about fasting that when I
engage whether that’s a day a water fast or
whether it’s whatever fast the Lord gives
to you. You know, I don’t believe in being
religious about fasting. You let the Lord order that
time of fasting for you. DC: Sure, sure. VA: And when you align
with God and you begin to engage in fasting, you’re
going to see penetration and breakthrough and
manifestation of your prayer. DC: Yes. And you know what? When I was studying and
reading your book and that we I came to that went to
that weapon and I’m oh, you know I don’t know, that
fasting, but the way you teach and the way you
explain it and the way you relate it to being a
weapon first. I mean it really made me look
at it in a completely different way. So,
let’s talk about, oh! Praise and Worship. VA: You know I love this. You know this David
was a psalmist and he understood how to
really legislate in the spirit realm, didn’t he? And the Bible talks about,
“He teaches my hands to war and my fingers to fight.” And so when I clap and
when I sing and when I praise and when I
worship, I am filling the atmosphere with the
atmosphere of heaven and everything that is
not born of Heaven has, has to back away. And in that place, there
is such revelation that comes forth in
the atmosphere of praise and worship. So I want us to see it
beyond singing a song I want us to see that every
time we put our hands together and we clap, I
want us to see that every time we lift our voice in
a song, that we are singing the Word of God back
to Him and the enemy understands the power of
our praise and worship because at one
time he was the praise and worship
leader. And that’s why he works to stifle our
praise and worship. DC: My goodness.
Well we’ve got about a minute left
in the program. Now, I want to make sure
that you have time to really minister and pray
for people so would you do that now before we leave? VA: I will. I just speak now
to all of you that have been in this place that you’ve
been believing God for some things you’ve been
frustrated and you’ve been overwhelmed and you have
even wondered Has God even heard you and you made a
decision. Someone that’s watching this program,
you’ve been in a war and you’ve become so
discouraged and overwhelmed you just said
I don’t believe God wants to do this for me, I’m just
going to stop asking Him. I reactivate your faith
today and I decree now that there’s breakthrough
in revelation that’s coming to you and what
you’ve not been able to see and what you’ve not
been able to hear in your last season at the Creed
now that is opening up to you declare and I speak
to the scales that have covered your eyes and I
commend them to fall now in the Name of Jesus let
your sight be open, that ears be open.
Father I thank you for every individual
that is tuned into this broadcast. Now help them
shift to the next level in their prayer life help
them to understand how to use the weapons of
their warfare which are “Not carnal but mighty
through God to the pulling down of
strongholds and casting down of every imagination.” I decree great
victory over you. I decree that you are
being catapulted to the next level of victory and
overcoming the darkness that tries to keep you from
[Music] your place of promise. In
Jesus’s Name, Amen! DC: Amen! Venner,
thanks for being with us on “Something More.”
And thank you all for joining us. I hope
you join us next time right here on
Something More.” [Music]>>Call now and get
Venner Alston’s brand-new revelatory book and her
anointed four-part audio CD teaching set, “Next-Level
Spiritual Warfare.” This is an exclusive offer
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matter how much you pray your prayers are
not being heard? Do you feel discouraged
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Through Venner Alston’s revelatory book,
she reveals strategies for partnering with Heaven
and engaging in militant prayer, teaches you how
to stand squarely on the foundation of scripture,
helps you recognize the demonic structures
operating against you, reveals how to use
powerful weapons of warfare to dismantle
the enemy’s strongholds, teaches you how to move
forward in the authority of God using prophecy
and prophetic declarations, arms you with tools
to help overthrow every assignment of hell that
comes against you. Gives you advance strategies
for defeating the enemy. It’s time for you to take
back what the kingdom of darkness has been
stealing from you. VA: I believe we have
to pray for ourselves. That’s when I began
to address the enemy. And I say you are no
longer going to gain this advantage over me. I
am standing in the authority that
the Lord has given me. I am joining my prayers
with every prayer that has been prayed for
me and in this season, hear it right from my lips. You are not going to
do this to me anymore.>>Through Venner Alston’s
anointed four-part audio CD series, “Next-Level
Spiritual Warfare,” you will learn how to
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  1. 9 Powerful Weapons to Overcome the Devil | Dr. Venner J. Alston | Something More
    1. Kingdom authority
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    4. Heaven’s armies
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    6. Prophecy and prophetic decree
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