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8mm Mauser Rifles – Czech BRNO K-98 – M98/48 Mauser – Yugo M24/52C

Hey everybody, Ben with Classic Firearms here. Today is Tuesday, May the 23rd, and bear with
us, if you hear a lot of background noise, it is raining like a son of a gun outside. We’re in this big metal building, so you’re
going to hear that rain pounding on the rooftops. We’ve got a really nice offering to bring
to you today, a lot of stuff, Mauser 8mm, everything on the table is some variation
of a German 8mm Mauser. Dylan’s running the camera today. Without further ado, Dylan, we’ll start right
here with these with these Czech Bruno 8mm Mausers. These are Czechoslovakian made rifles, 8mm
K98 design. They are a true K98, but rather than being
made in Germany, they are made in Czechoslovakia. I think all of these have a C code on them. This one doesn’t, this one is actually a V
code for very good. Let’s get a shot of that, Dylan. That’s a V code. You looked at this rifle earlier, right Dylan? I did. Couldn’t find a crack on that one anywhere,
right? Nope. Even some that say cracked, we can’t find
the cracks when we look over there. Some go the opposite way, it depends on who
graded them from the import. These, all four of these are Czechs at different
types of quality levels. Different condition. Come on then, let’s look at them individually. This first one is pretty rough, admittedly. It is a Czech K98, it has been scrubbed. It has some pitting on the receiver, as you
can see here. I don’t know if that was part of the scrub
process where they … They never had Nazi markings, so that’s not a part of the scrub
process. It’s just a pitted rifle on the outside. Does have a really smooth action, though. We don’t guarantee for bore, but let me just
look at that bore. Oh my goodness. Folks, I don’t think the camera will see up
a bore, but that has a really bright, shiny [alisaprat 00:01:56]. Really bright, shiny bore. That bore looks close to new. If I were looking for a shooter, and a K98
action, at a really good price, that little bit of pitting will clean up, that wouldn’t
bother me. I would buy this gun. I wasn’t prepared to give it an endorsement,
but it’s got a beautiful bore in it. Anyway, we’ve got this one, because of the
overall condition, we have it marked down right now, and you can come in. Come in Dylan and take a look at that tag. We’re going to sell these for by their serial
number because they’re also very different. This one is serial number N4526, at $399.99. We’re actually taking a loss on that gun because
of the pitting on it. We have a little more than that in it. We’re going to let that one go at $399.99. The next one is much nicer cosmetically. As you can see, still a Czechoslovakian K98. This one maintains some of the markings on
it. Really nice, smooth action. I’m not going to take my chances looking at
another bore, I won’t find one as pretty as that first one probably, and we don’t typically
guarantee for bore condition. We have this one marked down because it has
a fairly significant crack in the stock. Dylan, let’s look at this. It is repairable, if you’re a wood smith,
but this stock is almost, don’t see it from the other side, but starting here at the rear
of the tang, there’s a crack, and then on the opposite side there at the pistol grip,
there’s a fairly significant crack. I can actually spread that open as you can
see, when I put a little pressure on it. Because of the stock condition, it’s still
a great buy, you’re looking at a K98 action, sure it’ll be a really good shooter, but it
will need some pretty major repair on the stock. That one is going to be going, we got barrel
space in you today, boy. That one is going to be going also at $399.99. Serial number is 9088. Now, we take a pretty significant step up. Still a Czech Bruno K98, but much nicer condition. Let me see. This one is a GC code, so the importer called
it good, with a cracked stock. Now you looked at this one earlier also, I
couldn’t find the crack. Dylan did find it. It is very small, in fact, minute. It’s right there in the tang. These are laminated stocks, folks, with the
heavy cup butt plate. Because it’s laminated, that may be very surface,
just in the top part of the lamination. That is the crack in that stock. Sell it again by the serial number, so Dylan,
come in and get that. B3024, at $599.99. Last one, this is a V code rifle, selected
grade, Czech K98, beautiful blueing. This one has its sight hood, laminated stock,
heavy cup butt plate, as you can see. Go ahead and scan it good. We’re buying by the serial number, all of
these will have a custom option by the serial number. This rifle is 5211I. There’s the serial number, price on that rifle
is $699.99. Moving right along, we’re going to go to a
different variation of the K98. These are the Yugoslavians. Yugoslavian M9848. Each one of these rifles, come back here,
Dylan, let’s look at the rifles closely. Each one of these rifles has the Yugoslavian
crest on the receiver. These are actually German made rifles, they
were captured by in Yugoslavia, they were captured, and they were scrubbed of all the
German markings, and then they were rebranded as Yugoslavians. They call them the 9848, rebranded as the
Gustavo 48s. They are K98 rifles originally. We have eight or nine pieces of those eight
or nine. All of them have the crest. For the most part, we’re doing all of these
one [inaudible 00:06:30]. All of these are on the GC code down to here. GC code, so expect a minor crack in it somewhere,
but we’ve inspected them, we haven’t seen any major cracks. Everything you’ve seen has been very minor. We’re doing these all at $449.99, with the
exception of, we have two hand selects on the table here. These are the two hand selects. You can see the differences just in the blueing. You can see how nice the blueing is. The still have the crest, they have the bolts,
of course. These have their sight hoods. As a matter of fact, all of them have their
sight hoods. We will have these two hand selects listed
under a custom option, just type in M9848 in the keyword or M98 Yugo, they will come
up. These will be an additional $30 for the two
hand selects that we have. Last, we have the Czech M2452C rifles, the
Carbines. Again, an 8mm Mauser. This is a hodgepodge of rifles that we have
left, they start right here. Blueing varies from one to another. Vast majority of these, if not all, are under
the good cracked code, meaning that you may find a crack somewhere in the stock. Some are straight bolts, as you will see here. That’s a good looking walnut stock there,
that’s black walnut. I see some of the black walnut [nurrowing
00:08:11] in the stock. Some have really good blue. A couple have their crest, that’s going to
be a custom option because only two have the crest. Then on the end of the table, we have a couple
of hand selects, and I’ll let Dylan scan these. Overall, these are a higher grade than the
other one. As a matter of fact, you see the nice blueing
on them. These particular two do not have crest on
the receivers. We only have two with the crest out of this
entire thing. The remainder of them do not. But, here’s the deal on these. This rifle was a V code rifle, meaning very
good. We’re calling it a hand select for the purposes
of custom option. This rifle, the importer graded it as a VC,
meaning very good with a crack somewhere in it. Dylan, you and I both looked at this pretty
thoroughly, we couldn’t find a crack, right? Couldn’t find one. We’re going to say that it’s there and we
just missed it, because obviously, somebody saw it, but it must be very minor. Certainly, not anything that would inhibit
the function of the rifle. If it were big enough to do that, we would’ve
seen it. At any rate, you can look these up under M24,
or M2452, or keyword Czech on the site. We only have these to sell. Base price on these is $299.99, and there
will be a custom option for the ones with the crest, and the custom option for the hand
select. I hope folks can hear me, there’s a lot of
rain going on outside, as you can hear. Dylan, let’s run to the other end of the table
just real quick. Folks, we have some really nice 8mm Mauser
ammo in stock right now. If you need ammo for your rifle, take a look
at our 8mm Mauser ammo. It’s 7.92 by 57mm, which is commonly referred
to as 8mm Mauser. We also have some nice surplus K98 stocks
if you need a new stock for your K98, or any of these variations that take those. By all means, be sure to pick one of those
up. These are going live to the site right now,
folks, if you’re looking at the video, we’re not posting it up tomorrow. We’re putting them out, as a matter of fact,
they will be live on the site. If you see this, if you want one, jump on
the site. Don’t miss your opportunity on one of these
really nice 8mm Mausers. As always, thank you for being with us. Hey folks, PS, I’m back because I made a major
mistake. You know, we do these things on the fly without
a script. I just come out and start telling you my limited
knowledge of these rifles. Didn’t realize until we reviewed the video
you just saw that I made a major mistake here on these M52s, or M2452C, as I should say. I called these Czech rifles. Not just once, but twice. I called them Czechoslovakian. They are not, they are Yugoslavian. The ones that have the crest will show that
they are Yugoslavian, they do have the Yugoslav crest, but more importantly than that, just
historically, and people that know their surplus rifles know that they’re Yugo’s. I know that they’re Yugo’s too, just made
a mistake. Wanted to clarify it. These are Yugo rifles. Also, something I left out very quickly. My tech people and people that post these
videos for us on YouTube keep reminding me and I keep forgetting to do it, but if you
enjoy our videos in spite of all the mistakes that I make, if you like them and want to
follow us on YouTube and get alerts when these videos come out directly to you, go to this
link here, there’s going to be a link in the corner of the block here. You can go to that link and sign up to be
notified through YouTube whenever new videos come out, and they’ll come directly to you. Folks, we appreciate your business, and God

10 thoughts on “8mm Mauser Rifles – Czech BRNO K-98 – M98/48 Mauser – Yugo M24/52C

  1. getting to the bottom of the barrel on good ole surplus…..I remember the good ole days of 125.00 Germans

  2. It looks like at least two of the 24/52c rifles, specifically the one on the end and the third one in, have VZ23 stocks and hardware. Too bad the Yugos scrubbed them; it would be nice to know if those are VZ23 receivers too.

  3. were these ever live on the site? I never saw the out of stock lifted, even when the video went live.

  4. Really like the m 48 . shoots better than many sporting rifles and built like a tank. Will last forever

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