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80% Shotgun, Lionheart Regulus, and MORE! – TGC News!

This week on TGC News, An 80% Shotgun, a new
customizable pistol from Lionheart, and MORE! Welcome back to another episode of TGC News,
the only gun news show that covers things you actually care about, my name is Jon Patton. Let’s see if we can set a channel record with
the amount of comments. Just post where you are watching this from. I’ll pick a random commenter to win a TGC
swag pack. READY GO! Now, the news. First up this week is a new pistol from a
company that has been pretty silent in recent years. It was about 4 years ago that the Lionheart
LH9 hit the US market and about 3 years since its little brother the LH9C came out. Well now, there’s a new sibling coming to
market called the Lionheart Regulus. There are a ton of similarities between the
LH9 series and the new Regulus but it’s way too much to cover here. The Regulus is sort of a LH9 Gen 2. Fellow Guntuber, Graham Baates has a video
going over things in detail if you want to check that out. I’m going to focus on the Regulus by itself. At its heart, it’s a metal frame 9mm hammer
fired pistol. It’s going to be available in a bunch of different
configurations. You can pick from a 4.1 or 3.7 inch barrel
both threaded and non threaded. You’ll also be able to pick from black, gray
or gold titanium nitride finish on the barrels. On top of that, you’ll also be able to select
between 2 different frames. One with a curved back strap that is a little
bit larger and one with a straight backstrap that is more of a compact size. Both frames have the addition of a picatinny
rail under the front portion which is a welcome update from the older model. Moving along they’ve stayed with their interesting
Double Action Plus trigger system which essentially allows you to have a longer trigger pull but
lighter weight on that pull and they’ve updated that system to have an indicator in the rear
under the hammer so you know when you’re in that firing mode. Here’s a quick demo from Graham’s video. They’ve also updated the sights to a Novak
1911 cut so you can find more aftermarket options if you want. All in all, the gun is really interesting. With the fancy coatings on the barrel and
the Elite series cerakote on the frame I’m betting the thing is buttery smooth. Pricing info wasn’t available yet but if the
older models MSRP of 750 bucks is any indication, this thing better be buttery smooth right? What do you guys think? Is this new gun on your Radar or are metal
frame guns just not something you’re looking for these days? And in swing and a miss news, There is a new
80 percent gun on the market, but this one is different than any i’ve ever seen. The product is called the CS12-80 and the
company is called Logic Industries. Its a 12 gauge pump action 80 percent receiver. Yup. Definitely different. It utilizes mossberg 500 action parts as well
as the fire control group, pistol grip and buttstock setup from an AR15. Sounds pretty sweet to me. Digging a little deeper, it is a multi piece
design with an upper and lower receiver. The upper has a really nice picatinny rail
milled right into the top and is otherwise pretty plain. The lower looks similar to an AR receiver
that didn’t fully grow in the lab. The total kit will come with the unfinished
receivers, all the pins and screws to do the final assembly, a new firing pin, a new firing
pin return spring, a Wolff Extra power hammer spring, a field stripping hand tool set, an
a jig plate set. They also recommend getting their cutting
tool kit to make sure everything comes out properly. Here’s where things get a little tough to
swallow. The preorder cost on the receiver set is 450
bucks. That recommended cutting tool kit goes for
another 60 and then lord knows what you’d spend on all the other parts for the action. I suspect probably at least another 3-500
dollars with the barrel and all the other necessary trinkets to complete this thing
which is already the cost of a brand new plain jane mossberg 500. So let’s call that an estimated 800-1000 dollars,
plus your time investment, just so you don’t have a serial number. You have to REALLY want an unserialized receiver
to buy one of these, or just want to play around and make something cool and different. There’s no denying that this has a bit of
cool factor going on. But that price tag puts you well above some
other mossberg 500 models that already essentially have all the same features. This seems to be a common theme these days,
really neat products and prices that put them well out of reach for the average enthusiast
and that my friends is a darn shame. This week our Good Guy with A Gun, is not
a guy. It is a young Dallas mother named Michelle
Booker-Hicks. It was on the night of July 4th that she took
her 2 young boys along with her to run an errand. At a local gas station, she left the car running,
the 2 kids inside and went into the store. When she came out, there was a guy in the
driver’s seat about to drive away. It was at that point that she jumped into
the back seat, telling the guy to stop and get out, he didnt of course and she reached
into the center console, grabbed her gun and proceeded to shoot the man in the head. He of course lost control of the car and it
came to a stop after hitting a fence. Surprisingly, he did survive the shot and
will now face charges for unlawful use of a motor vehicle and could be charged with
more. Thankfully the mother and children were not
hurt during the incident. There are a couple of key things that happened
in this story that could have either prevented the incident OR made things happen a little
differently. It’s too easy if I tell you, I want to make
sure you guys are paying attention. Sound off in the comments with at least 3
things that she could have done differently. It’s time for more Friendly Fire, the segment
where I answer your questions from all over social media. The questions are coming from the TGC Patriots
over on our patreon page and you may notice a little theme with all of these. Let’s talk about this for a second. In order for a cartridge to truly succeed
in today’s market, it needs to have a few things going for it. First it needs to do something that is either
not being done or not being done well by another mainstream cartridge. Second, it needs MASSIVE manufacturer support. You need people to be making ammunition AND
you also need people making guns in that chambering because without those, it won’t matter. And 3, you need marketing. I’m not talking about a couple videos here
or there, you need a massive campaign to generate interest. Sometimes this is done with outlandish unproven
claims, and others its done with reviews or actual factual testing. And there are tons of other facets that go
into a marketing campaign but you guys get the idea. Simply releasing a cartridge that is cool
isn’t enough. The 25-45 isn’t being chambered by anyone
besides sharps, at least that I’m aware of, and sharps has pretty much stopped pushing
it. 224 Grendel is a wildcat cartridge and while
it might be a good competitor to the valkyrie, it needs manufacturer support to usurp it. The Valkyrie will not replace the creedmoor
because as of right now, the valkyrie is not holding up to the manufacturer claims made
at launch. And the magnum 6.5 cartridges need more mainstream
support altogether. I think they’re cool rounds and I want to
show them off here on TGC but that means getting some expensive ammo and some rifle ready to
take it out to extended ranges and put it to the test. Hopefully that kind of explanation gives you
guys a better understanding of really what’s going with all these new cartridges and long-range
precision stuff these days. And hey, if you want to ask a friendly fire
question, send it to me over on! That is it for this week’s show. Guys if you disliked this video, hit that
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we’ll see you soon.

100 thoughts on “80% Shotgun, Lionheart Regulus, and MORE! – TGC News!

  1. These "let's see how many comments/likes/subs we can get in 24 hours" are really cringy. It's how fortnite streamers start their videos

  2. Tennessee viewer. What she could have done differently was not leave her car running. If she was to do that then at least roll the windows down a little for there to be a slight breeze and fresh air going in the car. And also lock the car up while her children were still in the car to make sure that nothing happened to them. There’s at least 2 things that I would have done. If I was in her shoes.

  3. I live just outside of Houston Texas. The only thing I’m going to list on the car jacking is leaving the vehicle running. There are many vehicles stolen every week because people are leaving them with the keys in the vehicle ready to drive away. No shit your vehicle was stolen your making it easy on the criminals.

    (I’m an asshole I already know) I have actually laughed in someone’s face because their vehicle was stolen but recovered. The reason it was taken was because they left it running. “But I locked the doors”. That was when I laughed. “So you told someone to take your vehicle by making as easy as you could other then putting out a sign”.

  4. 224 Valkyrie is a neet concept. I looked at it. But I went ahead and went with 6.5 Grendel. With a Wolf ammo I can plank just as cheap as 5.56 or 223 and I can still take a deer hunting as well as play around long range shooting. To me the valkyrie offers Nothing Better then that especially when you consider the Grendel has plinking ammo for 6 bucks a box and the valkyrie is $25 per box

  5. it seems to me that woman are quick to shoot a bad guy. yeah she should of cut the car off and take the keys with her, but we all have done what she did

  6. So, she left the kids in a running car with a loaded firearm. Some people should not be allowed to have guns or children.

  7. you earned a new sub, love the quick hits news format to keep up with the gun industry. I don't normally care about newer untested designs but those Lionheart guns look badass, i'm an HK guy and that second mode they showed sounds exactly like a LEM trigger which is a great carry trigger, being able to switch modes like that is freakin cool, for $750 I almost am too skeptical

  8. My thoughts on the 224V
    It is a great long range paper puncher but that's it it doesn't even out preform a 30/30 at range as far as actually taking down game it's gonna be just a fun target round

  9. That's not a good guy with a gun, that was a moron that was lucky only the bad got got hurt. Glad her kids are ok, but she should be charged with child endangerment.

  10. Meriden, Communecticut
    1. Take the keys and lock the doors
    2. Take the kids with you. don't leave them unattended
    3. Keep your firearm on your person always, NOT unattended in an unlocked, running car with kids inside

  11. A reason she what she could have done differently lock the car don't put our kids in the car and leave them alone and thirdly I'm nothing for thirdly

  12. Just north of Detroit
    1.never leave your kids in the car/ unattended
    2.dont leave your car running with keys
    3. Take better headshots
    4. Carry a larger caliber
    5. Be more generally responsible
    6.take follow up shots

  13. Middle Ga,
    1. Stat at home.
    2. Carry the pistol on her.

  14. Daewoo was doing that double action plus thing nearly 30 years ago with the k5/dp51. They called it the "Tri-action" trigger, its a great gun

  15. I'm about the LH, Arex style fluff and buff of dope alloy framed guns. Now if S&W would pimp out the gen 3 designs

  16. Dont leave kids in car, lock doors, dont leave car running, CARRY FIRARM ON YOUR BODY, DO NOT LEAVE IT IN THE CAR WITH UNATTENDED CHILDREN, OR WHERE THE THIEF COULD HAVE GOT IT!!!! This could have went so badly, really this woman needs to take a hard look at her decision making processes! …….TO ALL PARENTS(I am one too) LIFE DOES NOT CARE IF YOUR TIRED!!! IT DOES NOT CARE IF YOU HAD A LONG DAY! WAKE THE HELL UP!!!!! GET ACTIVE IN RAISING YOUR CHILDREN!!!! DONT LEAVE THEM IN A CAR ALONE WITH A GUN! (Take the Meat and leave the Bones. e.i. if this does not apply to you. Good)

  17. From Vegas!
    Regarding .224 Valkyrie, I had all but written it off until i saw recent video from the Snipers Hide successfully stretching it out to some serious distance. Anything that can bridge the gap between common ar15 calibers and longer distance ar10 calibers is interesting. If it can prove itself, then it's more than interesting, it's worth spending some $ on.

  18. Well first thing you do not leave you kids in the car while you shop.and NEVER LEAVE KEYS IN THE CAR,ESPECIALLY WITH KIDS IN THE CAR. !!!!#

  19. Lewis county, WA
    6.5 PRC and 26 nosler are 10x the round the 6.5 creedmoor, the only thing interesting about that round is when it’s necked down to 6mm

  20. Well it looks like they priced himself on that 80% shotgun so another company income in and make a better and cheaper one

  21. the price that puts it out of the range of the average enthusiast on the shotgun will probably be the death knell of the company in 1 to 5 years especially if another company designed something that's a lot cheaper and a lot better in a 80% platform

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