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7 Outrageous Weapons That are Legal to Own in the USA

7 Outrageous Weapons That are Legal in the
USA With so many guns in the world today, it can
be hard to remember that “packing dangerous heat” doesn’t ALWAYS necessarily translate
to just firearms. The second amendment may reference the right
to bear arms – but Americans have gotten pretty creative throughout the years, developing
and legally owning some crazy stuff. Although there’s an exception to the rule
here and there – today, let’s take a look at the seven craziest weapons that are perfectly
legal to own in the United States of America. (PS, our list is purely for fun, so don’t
try this at home!) Number seven – LED incapacitators. Let’s get something clear right off the bat. This may look like a flashlight, but its sole
purpose is to lay you OUT. By emitting an extremely bright, well-focused
and rapid succession of different colored random pulses, it causes the human eye to
COMPLETELY freak out – giving the victim a serious case of intracranial pressurized cluster
headaches, vomiting, impairment and complete disorientation. The military version (nicknamed “The Dazzler”)
may be non-lethal, but it’s not available to the general public. However, a team of hardware hackers reverse
engineered the design and made the plans available to the public. Although it seems illegal – it isn’t, at least
for the moment. Number six – blowguns. Although blowguns come in as one of the earliest
and most primitive tools on our list – make no mistake, these hollow tubes are able to
cause as much propulsory damage as the user’s respiratory muscles can handle. Although it’s been a widespread cultural weapon,
indigenous people of the South America, Central America and Southeast Asia are thought to
be this breath-powered projectile’s number one proponents. Modernization of the weapon throughout the
years has led to some sophisticated designs that are even used by researchers to stun
and study lizards – meaning, unless you live in Massachusetts or California – you’re perfectly
cleared to own and use one. Just don’t say we advocated backyard jungle
warfare. We don’t. Number five – chain whips. Chain whips conjure up images of kung fu – and
with good reason. Used in both Chinese martial arts and traditional
Chinese disciplines since the Jin Dynasty – this old-school weapon may be hand-held,
but it’s certainly not polite. Held by a handle, several metal rods are joined
end-to-end by rings, forming a flexible and intimidating chain. If the metal whipping wasn’t enough to ensure
you’d lay a dude out, the metal dart definitely seals the deal. Legal in almost every state (except for Maryland,
New York and California) – it isn’t hard to find footage of people online demonstrating
just how powerful and day-ruining this bad boy can be. Number four – crossbows. Although dating back to medieval times, crossbows
have played a historically significant role in the warfare tactics of Europe, East Asia
and the Mediterranean – and even hinted at modern firearms, if we’re getting technical
about it. You may also recognize them if you’re a Walking
Dead fan, but that’s a whole other thing. Merging the lethal power of a traditional
bow and arrow with the luxury of a sight and the ability to aim – crossbows are both fantastic
for hunting and – well, other purposes too. Although they’re technically only legal to
use during archery season in every state but Oregon, it doesn’t stop anyone from purchasing
one at any given time. Number three – the Minigun. Although the term “minigun” has come to refer
to any sort of externally powered rotary-style rifle-caliber gun, the M134 General Electric
Minigun is specifically what we’re talking about. Despite the fact that American law dictates
citizens are prohibited from owning ANY sort of automatic rifle made after 1986, the M134
(which requires a mount, is legal by a technicality.) Even crazier – this 7.62×51mm NATO, six-barrel
rotary machine gun has a blisteringly high rate of sustained fire – spitting out a insane
2,000 to 6,000 rounds per minute. However, you’ll have to have some extra cash
laying around if you really wanted one – they usually sell for about 40 grand. Number two – grenade launchers. Grenade launchers are often misconstrued as
a military-only thing. If you’re a weapons nut – you already know
that’s completely false. It’s actually 100% legal for a private citizen
to own their own red-hot grenade launcher. Of course, applicants must obtain an ATF permit
and pass an arduous and extended series of background checks – but as long as you can
find a local chief law enforcement officer to sign off on your purchase, you’re more
than welcome to take home your very own boom-machine. There’s a whole set of technicalities and
legal loopholes – but enterprising shooters can (and have) found plenty of ways to legally
have one on their shelf. Number one – the XM42 flamethrower. There’s something about the flamethrower that
just seems so – what’s the word – badass. The ultimate in action-movie weaponry, flamethrowers
are legal in the States due to it being hard to classify regulations for flame-based devices. What’s even stranger though, the Geneva Convention
has banned flamethrower use in warfare – which means although the troops are strictly prohibited
from using them – a civilian is more than within their rights to own. Obviously, you can’t walk around spraying
flames throughout your neighborhood, but crowdfunding websites have seen models like the XM42 be
both supported AND purchased by the general public. Talk about a spicy meatball. You made it to the end! Thank you for watching Interesting Top 7s! Do you have an idea for a future Top 7? Leave a comment below! We get tons of ideas every week! Who knows – you may see your idea in an upcoming
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100 thoughts on “7 Outrageous Weapons That are Legal to Own in the USA

  1. A lot of these ar relatively harmless. What I do find disturbing though, is the fact people over there can have grenade launchers and miniguns..! I can't with my best will see wtf civilians should have that kind of weaponry for. Come on man, as far as I know they don't live in a fucking war zone.

  2. Holy, Shit this was amazing! if you don't get to a million holy shit your a great youtuber keep up the good work!

  3. That led Incapacitator light even in a video is bright.
    But basically the led incap is the same as that banned porygon Pokemon episode.

  4. Everyone talks about the 2nd and not meaning "assault" weapons (I won't start on that) but by that logical the 1st didn't mean the internet

  5. tools of violence wow your kidding there tools there not violent there pieces of metal

    they really got to you in grade school didn't they

    jungle warfare your kidding again


    death bringers nope "tools"

  6. oh yeah????? I have this thing called the wasp.. its rubber band and a hard piece of paper, I got mine today and have had it for 6 hours and already destroyed like 7 small villages

  7. oh yeah????? I have this thing called the wasp.. its rubber band and a hard piece of paper, I got mine today and have had it for 6 hours and already destroyed like 7 small villages

  8. The flamethrowers I think they are only banned in urban environment warfare but don't get me wrong I'm not sure I'm only saying

  9. I really dont see how a crossbow is a outragous weapon. Its a ideal option for hunters that are disabled that like to bow hunt.

  10. *thumbnail has a crossbow* oh totally not one of the most used hunting weapons!!! I would never have guessed!

  11. Machine guns are legal buddy just can't own any new ones made after 1986, it is big bucks and long process but legal to own

  12. Actually no.. The first one is called a Dazzler, its available to riot police etc. doesn't really work unless its pitch dark.

  13. ……hes right….i thought he would have this shit wrong but he forgot that you can have a 37mm grenade launcher with put any permits

  14. nothing is crazy enough, your life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness is more important than petty preferences or "Safe Space" fantasies.

  15. Omg I wanna buy some land in the middle of the US that way the earth quacks don’t hit me and tsunamis. I will build a bad ass fort/castle

  16. Unless one is a HIGHLY trained practitioner of specific martial arts, the chain whip is as likely to hurt the person using it as any potential target. This makes it not as potentially dangerous to the public as one might think by looking at it. A kitchen knife is a more practical offensive weapon than the chain whip, and the US is (unlike the UK) not likely to try and crack down on our ability to own knifes any time soon.

  17. Of course the M-134 will always be my favorite. If only I could win the lottery! I couldn't imagine the rush of just letting that thing rip!! That would have to be so badass until it'd be unreal.

  18. >california: ban all guns!! guns are bad!!

    >criminals: lets shoot up a school or church!!

    >california: loudsy police, cant even kill a heavily armored gunnman with fully automatic weapons and grenades.

  19. That just give ideas mini gun if could be modified put darts and tennis balls that would be cool be good for parties…just me thinking it. Paint pellet round but then again just me thinking it.

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