7 New Weapons in Fallout 76 That Have Never Appeared in Fallout

Bethesda has revealed quite a bit about Fallout
76. New locations, new creatures, but best of
all, new weapons. These are 7 New Weapons in Fallout 76 That
Have Never Appeared in Fallout Before. 7. MG42. One of the most well-known weapons of World
War 2 makes its way to Fallout in Fallout 76. Our first glimpse of the MG42 is when the
player character shoots into the woods after a missile almost hits him, or her. The gun fires 22 rounds in less than a second,
fitting in with it’s real world fire rate of up to 1500 rounds per minute, or 25 rounds
per second. The MG42 fires a 7.92×57mm Mauser round which,
according to my research, is roughly comparable to a 30-06. Fallout 76 is using a slightly upgraded versions
of Fallout 4’s Creation Engine. There was no 7.92×57mm round in Fallout 4. However, the Radium Rifle from Far Harbor
is based on the Volkssturmgewehr, a German World War 2 era rifle that fired the 7.92×57mm
round. The Radium Rifle instead used the .45 round. I’d hazard a guess that the MG42 will use
the .45 round if Fallout 76 doesn’t introduce a lot of new ammo types. Something else I noticed was that the MG42
started with 75 rounds in its magazine, whereas the real-world rifle only had 50 round and
250 round magazines. 6. Black Powder Rifle. This weapon is a pretty vague because it’s
name is incredibly generic. It’s similar to the Rifle base weapon from
Fallout 4 in that respect. In fact, quite literally as we know is that
it’s in the game, as a screenshot shows the text “Black Powder Rifle Added” in
the top left corner of the screen as the player adds it to their inventory. What it looks like, what sort of mods it will
have, and everything else remains a mystery. What we do sort of have, is a general idea
of how much damage it will deal. In Noclip’s Making of Fallout 76 documentary,
we can see a Black Powder Pistol at roughly 22 minutes into the video. It’s a level 10 pistol firing .50 caliber
balls to deal 108 damage. If nothing else, we know that the Black Powder
Rifle will pack a serious punch. 5. Flintlock Pistol. We first see the Flintlock Pistol after the
player holsters their MG42 the Fallout 76 E3 reveal. It’s a relatively small gun, but it does
a lot of damage, downing P Garvey, a level 22 player, in a single shot, then blowing
his head off with a second shot. Now, we don’t know enough about Fallout
76 to know if 22 is a high or low level. However, we do know that damage dealt isn’t
based on the difficulty setting since the game is online. It also makes sense that the Flintlock Pistol
would deal some serious damage because of how long it takes to reload. High risk, high reward. Miss the shot and you’re likely screwed. 4. M2 Browning. Another classic American machine gun, the
M2 Browning will be in Fallout 76. Unlike the MG42, the M2’s caliber was in
Fallout 4, the .50 caliber, so it probably won’t need too many changes to fit into
Fallout 76. Because we only see the weapon equipped on
other players, we don’t know how many rounds its magazine will hold in-game. The M2 is a fully automatic .50 caliber rifle,
and in-game it is shown with a squad of players in Power Armor, suggesting that it’s a late-game
weapon similar to the Gauss Rifle or Fat Man. If you think about it, that’s where the
M2 belongs. It wouldn’t make sense for some baby-faced
Vault Dweller fresh out of Vault 76 to be wielding this 80+ pound machine gun. 3. Single Action Revolver. This is similar to the Black Powder Rifle
because all we have is a name. There’s some text on-screen saying it’s
been added to your inventory, and that’s it. Now, single action revolvers have been in
Fallout before, the .357 Revolver from New Vegas was a single action, the difference
here is that the weapon itself is called the Single Action Revolver, rather than just being
the type of weapon it is. Give me shit for being misleading with this
one, it won’t hurt my feelings. My guess, based solely off of its name, is
that it will be a class or type of revolver that does less damage than a double action
revolver, because weapon jamming from New Vegas will be implemented in Fallout 76. In New Vegas, the .357 Revolver didn’t jam,
so the Single Action Revolver will be a more reliable weapon compared to its other revolver
counterparts, but it will not be as powerful because of it. 2. Melee Weapons. There were some new melee weapons shown in
various gameplays of Fallout 76 that have been released. They’re not, like, Super Sledges or Power
Fists. They’re simple, so I lumped them all together. Among them are a Sickle, a Wrench, and a Pitchfork. There’s really not a whole lot to talk about
with these. There’s nothing all that special about them. Given the fact that Fallout 76 is using Fallout
4’s Legendary system for enemies and weapons, these melee weapons should also have unique/legendary
variants available. 1. Nukes. Nuclear weapons have been in past Fallout
games, most notably in Fallout New Vegas’s Lonesome Road DLC where you could set them
off with a remote detonator. But this time it’s different. Now we have direct control over when and where
the nukes are launched. They’re probably not Tsar Bomba level nukes. The Tsar Bomba is currently the most powerful
nuclear weapon ever created. My limited research indicated to me that there
aren’t any nuclear missile silos in West Virginia, so how powerful the nukes we’ll
have access to remains to be seen. However, it is safe to assume that they will
be the most powerful weapons we have ever had access to in Fallout.

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