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7.1 Gaming Headset BATTLE! ROG STRIX Fusion 500 vs Revolver S

what’s up everyone Eber here with
Hardware Canucks virtual 7.1 gaming headsets are an interesting topic to
discuss particularly because some gaming brands do them right whereas others just
add that as a marketing label to their flagship gaming headsets yet they still
don’t offer a surround and immersive gaming experience I say this because I
have received a pair in the office and it’s this guy right over here the Strix
ROG fusion 500 it’s the new kid on the block from Asus and they’ve added
features like a virtual 7.1 surround feature RGB lining that’s that’s still a
thing here and it also comes in this interesting design and it costs a
hundred and eighty dollars so I actually decided to compare this pair to another
pair that I had here in the studio that cost a hundred and fifty dollars so
thirty dollars cheaper then the fusion 500 and this this guy right over here
the HyperX Revolver S gaming headset and I’ve done a full review on the channel
so if you’re interested you can check it out right over here it’s actually one of
my favorite pairs here in the office and I just wanted to compare and see what
you’re really getting for in terms of value when it comes to a surround sound
gaming headset because let’s face it some I mean a lot of you guys might not
like the whole surreal or the surround experience or some of you really
appreciate the wider soundstage that you get when you enable which will sound
point one surround sound so we’re gonna find out which one of these headsets
actually deliver a good experience in fact are they actually surround so let’s
find out right after this the new master liquid ml aiu liquid coolers from
coolermaster come in both 120 and 240 millimeter variants now with addressable
RGB LEDs both the fans and the pump that can be controlled via this hub with
options to adjust the lighting effects and speed along with the ability to
control them through the respective mother board software check out the ML
120 and ML 240 are a iOS down below alright so kicking things off for the
design and I think asus has certainly taken an interesting approach in the
department with the fusion 500 I think they’re trying or I think it’s trying
really hard to stand out from the competition with these plastic mirror
finishes on the ear cups and I have to mention that they’re seriously a
fingerprint magnet plus it can scratch up ease
long-term use so I’d handle this headset with caution and of course we cannot
forget to mention the ROG branding they’re pretty much visible throughout
the headset I mean they’ve even managed to imprint
that on the ear cuffs so the attention to detail here is appreciated but it’s
not my taste in fact if you’re looking for a strong gaming headset with a
minimalist design approach then this is certainly not it because it definitely
looks gay Murray I mean I would love to hear your thoughts on the design of the
Strix 500 in the comments the steel sliders are great they’re well defined
and they do lock in place once you’ve adjusted it to your convenience setting
and to quickly go over the RGB lighting on this headset is located on the rear
side of the ear cup the colors are nice and subtle the the diffusion is very
consistent and it looks really nice but I just don’t understand implementing
that on the gaming headset because when you’re wearing them you really can’t see
them and most importantly you’re paying that extra premium cost for this headset
just with the added implementation of the feature of RGB lining so that’s
something to consider I might see this feature being beneficial for you know
eSports players perhaps in that arena but that’s just my take Asus has
included a driver software to adjust the lighting controls or the lighting
effects on this headset but oddly enough there are only three to four effects
that you can play around with which includes static breathing color cycling
and the last one being the music or an effect that reacts to your music another
glitch that I had with this driver software is I was not able to actually
change the color of the lining on this headset because customizable
control was completely greyed out so it didn’t just make any sense you only have
the option to set it to a white color option and that was pretty much it just
just make any sense so I’d say I mean from a software
perspective it’s just completely broken Asus could fix it with a software update
but as of right now I just solely cannot rely on customizing lighting again with
this headset because it’s just it’s broken now asu’s has also implemented
bluetooth on the Strix fusion 500 and before you start thinking then that’s
pretty that’s an awesome feature for audio streaming you are wrong because
that isn’t for audio in fact it’s a no it’s a functionality that can be used to
adjust the lighting effects through your smartphone so what do you have to do is
tap on the left ear cup – you have to hold on it to activate bluetooth paired
up with your smart phone and then you’ll be able to adjust
lighting through the aura app that you have to download from the Play Store
again a complete pointless feature in my opinion it just doesn’t make any sense
you really don’t need it I feel like Asus is just shoving a bunch
of features at your face that you really don’t need and then they decide to
charge you 180 bucks so yeah it just again doesn’t make any sense
switching over to the revolver s and this one looks like a typical gaming
headset the ear cups features soft – rubberized material that don’t look too
aggressive or flashy compared to the glossy mirror finish you go at the
fusion 500 the self adjusting headband is personally not my favorite as the
metal frame can still cause annoying reverberations when it gets in contact
with anything this headset does not feature any RGB lighting and I like that
I’m moving on to comfort and I think the revolver s seemed to take the edge here
because it’s overall a very light frame and the signature memory foam does a
really good job creating a good seal plus it’s not an irritating material so
I can wear this for longer periods of time the clamping force is also very
minimal on this headset so from a comfort perspective I’d actually prefer
the HyperX Revolver S over the Strix fusion 500 speaking of which
for $180 I’d give it a solid 8 out of 10 in the build quality department because
it’s mostly constructed out of hard plastic materials and put together
really well there were no signs of creaking but I
will mention that this is definitely not a lightweight headset since the ear cups
housed the ESS – 9018 DAC and a high quality amplifier so the drawbacks are
the shells are so much bigger and heavier so this could potentially cause
head fatigue over long-term use I should also mention that the clamping force on
the sensor is way too high and you can tell by looking at the shape the ear
cups can rotate 90 degrees unlike the revolver S but given the
large gear cup design it almost chokes you and it feels really uncomfortable
especially when taking shorter breaks so when you’re wearing this headset you’re
definitely going to notice this burden that’s sitting on top of you and it
really is an uncomfortably tore gaming headset in the past so in my opinion I
think that roller s actually gets the anterior in terms of comfort now asus
has decided to implement touch controls on the fusion 500 and this is actually
located on the left side of the ear cup so the user has the option
to swipe back and forth to skip between tracks tap to play pause the music or
swipe up and down to adjust the volume now my shoes that I had problems with
the play/pause functionality because sometimes it just wouldn’t work
I had to replug the headset for that function to work for that feature to
work particularly and the other problem that I had was the latency so when
you’re swiping back and forth or adjusting the volume it takes a couple
of seconds to at least do that so there’s a little bit of a delay when it
comes to adjusting the volume but most importantly the adjustments are in four
step intervals so it’s definitely not accurate and I just feel like it’s it’s
not necessary for gaming I said because it’s just way too much complicated in my
opinion I would have much rather prefer to volume down on the backside of the
rear side of the headphone or perhaps you know a control box within the cable
would have been a lot better because you know it’s well within reach while
they’re gaming can easily adjust the volume mute the microphone to whatever
you need to because with the HyperX rollover s the control box is literally
with the cable so you just have to you have this one dongle that literally lets
you enable virtual 7.1 surround sound just the volume adjust in microphones
volume the game and of course you do have the option to mute the microphone
so everything’s in this one little box that’s super subtle and nice and it
actually takes away a lot of weight when implementing that on the actual frame of
the headset do not that the Strix headset is USB powered so that means you
will need a USB port for it to function it does not come with a 3.5 millimeter
connectors so using this pair with your mobile device is totally out of question
the fusion 300 which is the lower-tier version of the 500 comes with both a USB
connector and a 3.5 millimeter and lock board and the differences are you don’t
get RGB lining there are no touch controls and of course there’s the lack
of ESS hi-fi deck the cable is braided but unfortunately it’s really hard to
maneuver around with given this nature expect king formation and over time the
cable could actually wear off – now Asus claims at the fusion 500 is ps4
compatible but that raised a lot of questions for me because as far as I
know there are not in fact I don’t think there are any gaming controllers out
there with a full sized type-a port so in order to experience sound you’d have
to connect this directly to the console in order to experience that
and that’s a complete fail my opinion because if you’re living if you have
your ps4 you’re in a living room setup then you’d have to sit directly in from
the TV and that would be an unaccompanied experience whereas with
the revolver as gaming had said you can plug this directly to your game
controller button via the 3.5 mm audio jack and you can experience a sound
right away the only compromise is that you won’t be
able to experience 7.1 surround sound because this dongle right here is USB
powered so that’s something to consider now before I get into the microphone
test I do want to talk about the sound quality on both these headsets so let’s
kick things off with the fusion 500 and it was interesting because I want to
kick things off with the stereo mode that comes by default out of the box
the trebles are severely crushed meaning they’re overtaken by the lower
frequencies and the Mint’s which really causes an unbalanced stereo imaging but
when you enable the virtual 7.1 option which can be activated by pressing the
button that’s located on the left side of the aircraft and it actually
eliminates a lot of the issues that I had with the stereo mode that comes by
default without that button enabled so right now you have the higher
frequencies that are obviously a lot more lifted they’re a lot more clear and
concise the soundstage is not as wider it expected to be but they’re very
powerful thanks to the inclusion of a you know ESS – say burdock or and of
course the amplifier and all be high-tech audio stuff that they’ve
jammed inside this headset the problem is that I was actually not able to
experience surround sound with the button enabled because the soundstage is
a lot more closer to me compared to being far away so for example in
battlefield one when you’re firing gunshots or hearing explosions in the
background or even walking through the gameplay you won’t be surrounded by
those audio cues but you will get a good sense of positional awareness because
it’s after all a stereo experience at least that’s what I think when compared
to the role or s that expands your soundstage creates this surround
experience and you know you can hear the environment a lot more in a new again a
wider space when you’re driving or when you’re writing a helicopter or where
you’re in a game play when you’re firing gunshots it’s a lot more immersive with
that on the HyperX rover s when compared to the infusion 500 so that’s something
that I found to be really odd again from a sound quality perspective these
sound fantastic because the stereo imaging once you enable that 7.1 button
is great because it kind of I’m not sure if you kind of understand what I’m
getting to but it just it kind of creates this amazing stereo experience
rather than rather than being surround the last thing to talk about is the
microphone quality of the fusion 500 as you can see the boom microphone is
nonrenewable so it comes with the headset and that’s there’s actually a
little compartment on the left ear cup where you can just simply swivel to
store this microphone the good thing is that it actually mutes when you’re
swiveling so that’s pretty convenient the odd part is that you don’t have
controls to your gain levels when it comes to microphone which is a little
bit disappointing but coming back to the quality my voice sounds you know it it
doesn’t sound as booming it sounds a little bit on the shallower side there’s
not a lot of definition with my bass because my voice certainly does have
quite a bit of bass but you really can’t pick that up with this headset it almost
feels like the microphone is just a little bit distant from you and I think
it probably has to do with the orientation of the actual mic of this on
this headset but the other thing is that it actually doesn’t have any noise
canceling characteristics so if I’m typing on a mechanical keyboard you can
certainly or the microphone really does a pretty terrible job isolating that and
it picks up those sounds so yeah overall I mean it’s definitely there when it
comes to the game levels is certainly clear I mean the person on the other end
shouldn’t have a problem listening to me but again love to hear your thoughts on
the quality of the fusion 500 and so right now you’re listening to the HyperX
Bravo s gaming headset as you can tell it’s actually a lot more better I mean
there’s a little bit of processing going on the background but I think that has
to do with noise cancelling characteristics and as you can see when
I’m typing on the mechanical keyboard featuring Cherry MX blue switches it
does a really good job isolating that noise and of course my voice do
certainly does have a little bit of a bass there’s a lot more it’s just a
little bit boom ear in my opinion I’m sure this would be perfect for twitch
streaming or even Skype calls in general I think the person on the other end
shouldn’t have a problem at all listening to you I’d love to hear your
thoughts on the comparison which one do you prefer let me know the comments down
below so to conclude this
Pearson I’m just gonna be very honest I don’t think you should spend $180 on the
fusion 500 because it’s a confusing headset because for one the touch
controls they just don’t make any sense they don’t function the RGB lining with
the software it just doesn’t work the design is not personally my favorite but
I mean some of you might pouch for that and there’s also the whole part with
comfort because it said it’s a very heavy gaming headset there’s a lot of
things packed inside this frame because you’ve got the high 5 DAC as well as the
amplifier and it’s overall just a bulky headset with a lot of features but from
a sound perspective again the stereo imaging is fantastic I don’t think
you’ll have any issues with that but my concern is that I was actually not able
to experience surround sound with this headset and I was a little bit
disappointed with that you know again headphone reviews are subjective but
that’s just my take on the fusion 500 now when you look at something like the
revolver s from HyperX I think this had to delivers a fantastic experience for
150 bucks I’ll be in the amplification when it comes to the stereo imaging is a
lot lower than what you’ll find on the fusion 500 but if you’re looking for a
gaming headset with a really good surround experience especially when it
comes to feeling the gunshots and if you want to feel that you’re in the
environment you should definitely consider the rover s because it’s a
great pair so that about wraps up this comparison between the Strix fusion 500
and the HyperX Robert s gaming headset now if you had a
budget of around $200 to spend on a virtual 7.1 store on gimme headset would
you actually consider the fusion 500 or would you save a lot less and pick the a
rollover S or are there any alternatives that you might be interested in love to
know your thoughts in the comments down below
I’m Eber with Hardware Canucks thank you so much for watching a links to
purchase these headsets will be in the description down below make sure to
check out our new boot sequence channel where we have content regarding tech
news and all that kind of stuff and of course you can watch some relevant
content over here again thanks so much for watching and we’ll see you in the
next one that’s that has to happen

100 thoughts on “7.1 Gaming Headset BATTLE! ROG STRIX Fusion 500 vs Revolver S

  1. I've used USB headsets on the PS4 before. I have an 8ft usb cable reaching to the coffee table where I have a 4 way splitter. This is so I can have the controller with wired input as it is slightly faster. I don't use USB headsets on PS4 anymore though, I used the Tritton Katana till that was discontinued, now I use the Sony HW700 (HDMI wireless headphones) with the mod mic which is apain in the butt as you have to go into the settings to force the audio to come out of HDMI while mic still goes to 3.5mm, every time you plug it in.

  2. What kind of idiocy is this? Why need touch controls on headphone when your gaming keyboard have DEDICATED MEDIA CONTROLS.

  3. ive owned Fusion 500 and it almost broked after only 2 month of use


  4. Oh god, pls learn how to use software. Basically, you had to click on the colored bar slider, the one next to the white one, and then you can choose color with the color wheel and choose color brightness/intensity with that same colored bar slider. Facepalm.

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  6. You have a have a very rounded full, bass voice, i find it calming to listen to a voice like yours. But the asus murders that completely, you sound like a teenager on a 5 euro mic, really Horrible.

    No noise canceling, no reall buttons for volume or mute, no propper cable usb and jack , blue tooth but not for wireless use, but for a silly app, wtf did asus not do any market research, I dont see a market for this headset at that price with missing every feature a gamer would want plus bad mic. it just sounds like a mess of hardware, no pun intended.

    Then again the hyper x sounds great, has every feature you want but its so ugly.

    To be honest 100 euro for a headset is for me the price i want to pay for a headset like a hyper x no more, it looks breakable to me.
    I still have a Logitech G35 form 2010 was 90 euro back then, and i have not found a replacement for it even the more expensive ones are just not as durable or have proper surround.
    To me a headset should survive a drop from a desk because its gone happen specially on a LAN party.

  7. Asus, as usual light years ahead of … themselves 😏
    The Revolver appears to be a superior headset, can anyone say if a comparible non gaming quality headset (at around $150US whatever that gets you maybe a reasonable pair of sennheiser or AKG cans) is more accurate than a 7.1 headset at positional queues? Specifically in games like BF1 or CSGO where knowing where the position of a sound is matters alot…

  8. Personally for Gaming/Movies I like using Logitech's Artemis 933 wireless headset, but for music Sennheiser HD 800 I use them in Conjunction with a Schiit Valhalla 2(DAC/Tube AMP), If you are into music and want something cheaper while still being real good Monoprice has DAC/Tube Amps for very reasonable prices compared to other places that allows you to hook up headphones as well bookshelf speakers, Part of the Pitfall with these 7.1 headsets is the quality isn't the greatest but they are profiled pretty good for Multimedia and gaming.

  9. idk what the big deal is with $15-$20 Headphones or $100-$300. Like the guy said: He only liked the metal ones. So What Im saying is that you have OCD or something so the headphones have to be perfect then nice (: I think $300 Headphones are good for you 🙂

  10. "The compromise is that you won't be able to experience 7.1 surround sound"

    7.1 "surround" sound is a gimmick in headphones anyway. It only adds an echo, it doesn't actually make it 7.1. You're better off with stereo anyway, which the game has been optimized for, so I say that's a pro.

  11. The only best 7.1 surround sound setup is sennheiser gsx1000 amplifier with hd598, I have the amplifier paired with ie80 right now coz my 598 was in restoration mode, but they still sounds great even for a earphone using the gsx1000.

  12. Guys. Do not bother with 7.1 or even 5.1 it is a pain in the ass. It works but it is a pain in the ass. Tried it and you get so much more for your money with plain stereo.

  13. Do you know if i can buy extra ear cusions for the revolver s? I need one for mine but i couldnt find it in the hyperx website

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  18. Ppl here bitching about whats best, meanwhile i use revolver s on 1st bass select level and hear sounds clearly from right, left, front and back, get your ears checkd out 7.1 users.

  19. I'm a big fan of the logitech g930's. I got a pair used for pretty cheap. 7.1 surround sound built into a switch on the headphones, a volume rocker and 3 programmable buttons on the left cup. Also they're wireless.

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  21. first off these are award winning headsets so I don't care what you ants think, they offer the fusion 700 for wireless superiority. these headphone are hi res. and will sound great with dolby atmos. also the led lights will look cool at competitions and listening to music in public.

  22. Fusion 500 fits me the best out of any headphones I’ve had/tried. Wireless is not really a problem for me because I have a difference headset for my phone.

  23. What they should've done with 500:
    If you have a micro USB… No. Need. For. Bluetooth.
    This headphone could've been one of the best if they hadn't charged you an extra $40ish dollars for the damn Bluetooth. As I am a member of the RGB crew, I like what they've done. For an ROG device… this is fairly minimalist. In terms of competitors… They fail.
    The 300 is the Cheap one, the 500 could've been the cheap one. I say this because the 700 is now a thing. It's both Wireless and Plug in, and costs A LOT. They even have a Wireless version that DOESN'T have RGB Lighting, or any lighting at all. All in all I feel like the series is better now, in terms of common sense. The 500 was a complete mess up on someone in their team. It could've been great. But it wasn't 🙁
    I was gonna buy it, but I think I'll save up for the 700. I feel as if 700 is slightly overprice, but It's ROG, and at least they're not at an apple type of overpriced.

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  25. I had the ROG centurion. Do not buy ASUS their support sucks and they tell customers on the forums that features that could be added, will instead be added later on different hardware. The build quality is poor, I also had to RMA twice, first issue was channels stopped working and the second set the mic died. I now have the revolver S and they are in a different league. The virtual hyperx sounds better than the Centurion which is better than the strix. TLDR dont buy ASUS

  26. Got the HyperX Revolver S recently and I was completely suprised by by the virtual 7.1 surround. It sounds great and works really well. Every implementation of virtual 7.1 surround sound I've tried over the last 10 years I also felt was a gimmick, so this says something and you can't knock this headset until you try it. I felt much more immersed and that's coming from an HD 660s and amp I use for everything else. I really couldn't believe I preferred it over the HD 660s in games. The sound quality was very good as well. I can definitely recommend them if your considering them.

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  33. The rgb is added as part of Asus aura sync…. They sync up with your mobo and other Rog strix aura sync compatible components and peripheral….

  34. Fusion is 100x times better, i owned both headsets, this guy doesn't know anything about gaming unfortunately, terrible footsteps detection by revolver and the gunshots weren't as pronounced as they should've been. Leave touch controls or rgb bullshit aside, the drivers on fusion are top notch and one should definitely go for these instead of overrated hyper x.

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