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64 Round Glock Massive Capacity Magazine

what we have here is a sixty four round glock clipazine assault clip i bought this one for nineteen ninety nine check this out five eleven tactical sixty four round clip pouch right there thats what this pouch is designed for glock sixty four round clip so check this out you are operating this is a set of ten sixty four round glock assault clips ive got ten of the fifteen ever manufactured they are exceedingly rare they put a stop to these early because of their baby killing capacity the world wasn’t ready for this bullshit thats how we do retarded

100 thoughts on “64 Round Glock Massive Capacity Magazine

  1. This is why all these mf white boys be doing mass shootings hell nah I can bearly even get a 30 clip !!! Smfh

  2. Baby's mean cia in demacrats hiring hit men to shoot baby's at there school in show you a fake a picture of a kid that don't even go to school yeah that's more like it should be trillions of these guns in clips and knock the fuck out them old Nazi white trash pussys up in Washington got all these guns wana show them like you on take in a Hollywood vidoe them jews in western brother hood British in demacrats really fucked up your heads boy wow use em or lose them demacrats git in next year will see when them military cia in army ride up take them from you you gona bust or be Hollywood will see pussys America a soft ass country mides well give you bee bee guns in squirt guns to in alota these guns in riffles look like toys or space git your nuts back bring back real mental guns all for control old ones were alot better this new world gona catch up yal see ploting all kinds of soft on Americans you don't even no but hey dance in a circle with your guns in be fake cowboys in girls wait to them tanks in trucks pull up yal all run clame mental health like you been doing for along time fold down in die land tooken jobs family you just be standing there daaa dahhh like strate white fouls that Americans are idiots in Hollywood sucken old white cocks in jews up shoulda thought about it all before Kennedy died key to was new world order in Busch in his killed millions of kids with the same sniper used for Kennedy do your history it's there so use em or die like dead fat ass dog lamps over in gives up

  3. You can tell he taped those lyer talking bout o i got these 4 19$ and there extremely rare your a ly😡😡

  4. most anticlimactic video I have ever seen. He is actually just shooting so fast that the sound doesn’t even develop.

  5. It’s not a clip dog it’s a magazine a clip is what girls put in there hair now don’t be stupid acting like you so cool cause you got guns ps there is only one gun with a clip and it’s the m1 grande so stop calling it a god damn clip like if you actually now shit about guns

  6. Assault clip? It's a rigged up extended magazine. Folks like you give guns and large capacity magazines a bad name. P.s. your video SUCKED!!!

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