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600mm Lens vs SHOTGUN Challenge

the English gentlemen is the epitome of refinement and good character, he takes great pride in conducting himself in the most courteous of manners. His hobbies are no less classy; pointing at things in the distance, dunno what this is, pissing in public, shooting shit and playing with heavy machinery. It’s no great wonder that the English gent of 2017 should shoot birds with a D5 and 600mm Behemoth, but how does it compare to the 2016 method of shooting birds? This is 600mm lens vs shotgun! In the green corner wearing green trousers, me! And this, just in case I have a bike accident while shooting. More Green clothing… and a piece of carpet from a care home. Ebay, best place for clothing. Smells of vomit though! In the opposite green corner is Bayfield, pro-photoist and box destroyer. The idea is simple, 30 clay, disk, things. Will the D5 and 600mm lens get more infocus shots than the shotgun can get kills? Ok, great – great. Couldn’t hear a word of that cause err… Should be easy… Just shoot!? Sounds easy-peasy, but this is what happened in the practice session. Pull Not much. Ahh you just missed that pair there unfortunately. However I did hit this pair, who sadly have planted their last christmas trees. Anyway, moving on. It’s a small window but, Bayfield, even smaller window. Especially when you’re looking through the viewfinder, it’s hard to know where exactly it is, such a tiny subject. literally couldn’t see a thing. One slight problem… It seemed like neither of us could hit anything. Still shooting way over that I think. OK So it’s currently at what 11 or 14 fps? On the D5 the D5 should ensure that Paul can get the best out of an epic bit of glass like this. Now I’m always impressed with these long guns because if you think about the mechanics that’s going on inside. It’s just the a camera, it’s just the battery itself that’s powering everything that’s moving around. On the inside of this barrel It might be silent wave motor, but you can still hear some dark arts happening inside. But who cares what noise it makes when this is possibly the best tool for the bird photography job? The target’s moving so fast it’s hard just to kinda keep up with it. The only problem is that, I ended up destroying all of Paul’s subjects. Perfect Oof! No luck with the birds for Paul, but in round two we are shooting rabbits instead. I’m no Attenborough but, the rabbits look very similar to the pigeons. They all look kinda the same, not being clay-ist or anything but… 600mm has a useful memory recall, you can focus on a subject at a certain distance and hit the button to recall that focal point. Useful if you know that a subject will hit a certain point. Focus speed can only be described as Freakin Quick! Despite having to shift massive pieces of glass. Detail is phenomenal, every little shard is so crisp. Lovely Even wide-open, clean and sharp to the edges with little light fall-off. Perfect Oow, that one! Lovely This lens has tripod VR to minimise tripod shake so blurry shots… not a problem. With that weight it not exactly ideal for handholding anyways but it offers up 4 stops of stability even though your arms’ll be out of your sockets. Lovely Boom Great success! I think I might be beating Paul at this moment. Yes i am but he can still win it in the third round. Better make the excuses early. I’ve got about… that much space to kind-of play with, it’s… it’s in the frame and it’s out of the frame. Super quick. I can’t see anything with these on. I can’t see anything either! Ok. Fine then aren’t we? Equally disadvantaged. Equally disabled. To give you an idea… it’s about 30ft away. Yep. The area in which you are going to be shooting your target. No need for excuses already. For a 600mm I’m standing like this! OK. No excuses need to be made for image quality though, it’s ace! C’mon little rabbit. 2 fluorite, 4 extra low dispersion and 1 protective glass element, plus Nikon’s ‘nano-crystal coating’ or whatever they call it?! Don’t see any chromatic aberrations at all, and you know what? Bokeh is so creamy gorgeous like. One of Nikon’s best primes. One of Nikon’s pricier lenses no doubt, but it is an impressive bit of engineering, combining the finest optical design with top-tech. It is the sharpest tool in the box, for very specific uses. Although ironically, it still wasn’t the best choice for shooting birds. So yeah ya’know, I don’t want to brag or anything but, 3 rounds and I won! Just the first time… A bit of practice on the old Nintendos and the Playstation like, killing people digital people, not real people Superstar, I’m like, i’m like err, Van Damme. No actually Van Damme doesn’t use guns does he? ‘Bang’, I won, Paul looser, Yes! Therefore, ipso-facto conclusion to this video is… …don’t buy 600mm lenses, they are not useful for much not even photography, not for shooting things, not for getting things in focus, shotguns, quicker! Buy a shotgun, don’t use it to shoot people! That’s wrong. Shoot clay pigeons, and rabbits and other animals that are made of clay, fine.

100 thoughts on “600mm Lens vs SHOTGUN Challenge

  1. Love to see Kai vs Paul. Two tigermoth biplanes in a dog fight. Kai with the 1dx ii and Paul with the d5 in a plane each taking shots at each other with a big tele lens. Most in focus shots wins.

  2. can Nikon D5 + 600mm catch the bullet on the fly before hitting the frisbee ?
    I'd be amazed to see that kind of shot rather than these frisbee get hit into the frame

  3. Well here he is. Elmer J. Wong! The only thing missing is Lok with a voice over saying things like "You lousy wabbit".

  4. The question remains , if you Burst shoot Birds in Flight, do you get 12 or 10 out of 12/10 frames in perfect focus? at long distance, I can see closer than 50 feet away ,but I have my doubts that 50 plus feet away

  5. See, this is what I was afraid would happen when Kai doesn't have a boss…… Fuckery and buffoonery. Where are the hardcore Fuji X100F & GFX vids? How about a Leica Q vid? How about a Hasselblad X1D vid? Coming soon I hope.

  6. Kai, pls make review abt mirrorless camera for beginner, spc request for fujifilm xa3
    i dont get mean review for that cam like you always do :))

  7. What a stellar idea! Champion! Good show old bean and all that, what! lol. Loving the creativity Kai, keep em comin brochacho!

  8. Some D5 love…
    Could the Range officer be any closer to you? Seems like he couldn't wait to take an plain empty shotgun away from you.. Love the UK… but Sheesh…

  9. You're videos are awesome. They have like this Old Top Gearish way of reviewing and doing things. I think its brilliant and awesome! Keep it up! Is Lok still with you?

  10. Quite good – not up to Digi Rev Tv days. Too little info about lens. Too little enthusiasm. Crap weather. Come on Kai where's the good old pizzaz

  11. Some have attempted to impresses us with how quickly the Nikon D5 AFs by photographing autos and sports but this was truly impressive. Nikon D5 vs Bullet time and it is still NAILING focus, impressive! Kai, Paul and Nikon – Nicely done!

  12. Aw…..I thought it was going to be a shootout……Kai has the camera and the English guy has the shotgun. A duel. Ready aim……bye bye Nikon.

  13. More and more these days we are seeing a bare bones attempt at game making by major companies that used to do it well. It's more about time and money now than ever, but why can't it be like it was in the 90s and early 2000's…. Why can't it just be about GOOD GAMES? I've taken up an entirely new hobby because I have lost nearly all interest in video games alltogether, and I never thought that was possible for me.

  14. The sell of vomit focussed your mind. If Shaun had someone else's vomit on his camera, he might have won.

  15. I don't think I've learned anything, besides that Kai is good at shooting with something else then a camera.

  16. I can't be the only one who was expecting Kai to shoot through the 600mm lens to see what happens

  17. I actually searched up whatever on Snapchat. The Winchester 870 is my personal choice for shooting planes, you should see the pilot's faces when they see me!

  18. After subbing and binging several of your videos in 1 day, i have decided that you are the 'top gear' equivalent of camera videos and i like it.

  19. finally a channel that doesn't just brag about having expensive shite-toys, but gives out the real info we all need so badly

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