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5EW Exercises: Pistol Squat

Okay, Hi Guys! We’re gonna learn how to do
a pistol squat today. Now, I can’t do them very well, so I’m gonna teach you how to
do it beginners but I’ll also show you how to do an advanced version. So find
something to balance out off. I’m going to use a broomstick. The foot closest to what
you’re balancing comes away, okay, so this might be a cage but comes away and then
slowly you get a break on the outside leg until you lose tension, so you come
down, notice that my spine is nice and straight. I’m not going into flexion, so
stay an extension on the spine, come to where you can hold it and then extend up
from that position. So once again, you’re breaking from the knee coming down to
where you can create tension, don’t go into flexion on the spine and then again
come back up. That’s a beginner version, for an advanced version, you just want to
go to full range. So you just want to come down as deep as you can and then
back up, as deep as you can, for me it’s not that deep and then back up. And
that’s a Pistol Squat!

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