98 thoughts on “512 Tactical 22 Magnum Rifle from CZ-USA

  1. When I'm sitting outside watching your videos in my car, my freinds be like what's that music ….I tell them that's hank strange playa…..lol cool music great videos….

  2. At the beginning I was like: "You found 22-wmr?"

    Pretty sweet. I like the look but not particularly fond of the chore to disassembly for cleaning, and rimfire gets plenty dirty so there will be plenty-o-cleaning. I think for this reason alone, I'll get the homely looking model.

    Also with the trigger pull measurement. I it safe/advisable in this to dry fire it? It's bad to do with most rimfired firearms.

  3. I agree with Hank. This needs a larger cap mag. Also looks to be a big pain in the ass to clean. Besides those 2 issues, it is a tempting buy.

  4. Sweet looking little plastic fantastic, being a CZ rimfire I'm pretty sure it would be a one hole accurate gun as well-but isn't this kind of like putting plastic on a classic AK???

  5. with the Smith and Wesson M&P 15-22 V2 out at $360- $400 its hard to pay more with the disadvantages this one has. I like CZ, but I feel that part of what makes them great was their price per qualities. That's the problem when a good company gets big. Nice video as always. Would like to see training videos for kids.

  6. I shot this gun a couple times and I absolutely fucking love it. I want to get one when I get my license.

  7. You do not have to take out all 8 screws to remove the fore stock. Only the back screw of the top rail and the front three screws underneath the forestock

  8. Great review. Thanks and God Bless you. I believe this would do in a SHTF scenario if something bigger could not be found.

  9. Just ordered one in .22LR as the WMR ammo is too hard to find (and too expensive) in Canada – interestingly, in Canada the gun comes with a 25 round magazine as standard equipment and 25 round mags can be found at Canadian dealers for $70 CDN ($50 USD). In Canada .22 calibre semi-automatic rifles have no limit on magazine capacity and since firearms are federally regulated individual provinces cannot make up their own restrictions. The CZ 512 comes with a 10 round magazine in the U.S. because of restrictions imposed by individual states – CZ decided it was easier to go with a magazine that was legal in all states rather than have to carry multiple versions and control where they were shipped and sold.

  10. it would be cool to pair this rifle with the kel tec 22 wmr pistol. but the problem with 22 wmr imo, is that its the same price for ammo as surplus 5.56, so there isnt a cost savings in shooting it, there arent performance advantages either, , where it does shine, and shine well is that 100 rds of 22 wmr packs out in a small package with little weight, and that is a big deal if you need to walk for any distance with all the ammo you could carry……

    but other than much larger amounts of ammo being portable in a hiking scenario,

    its probably better all the way around to go with 5.56.

    thank you for a great video, i enjoy your work. 👍👍

  11. That laughable receiver looks very European. It looks like the hunting receiver committee and the tactical receiver committee decided to compromise, by going with the outlines of a hunting receiver embedded in a tactical receiver. I'll save the military grade language about how bad that looks. Might have some appeal to Bernie supporters.

  12. Good review, I like seeing some of the off the beaten path offerings. I'm sure you're aware of this and are borrowing the mount from another gun, but I would mention for your viewers who are new to guns that the scope mount is way too high for that scope/gun combination. You've got to get that bell closer to the bore axis.

  13. thats awsome teach him young hes a good shot thats an awsome rifle 22 mag is a great hunting round ive taken many hogs with my marlin people dont realize the round is longer and jacketed u should compare the two bullets also they like to split alot at the end of the case lol god bless luv ur channel

  14. Having to remove the optics off the rail to clean the action so that it will function reliably after 150 rounds is not acceptable. This is a FAIL. I stopped watching at this point. The Walnut stock is therefore more practical, not needing optics removal for cleaning intervals.

  15. Hank, IF your 22 Magnum optic is actually for 22LR… I suggest that you consider running some 50 grain ammo… The heavier bullets are slower and shaped more like LR bullets.

  16. Nice review. I'm looking into this rifle now.
    People wonder why people like 22 Magnum so much.
    To me, People like myself who like .22 wmr…..REALLY like .22wmr.
    It is almost cultish.
    I have 2 right now, a Kel-Tek PMR30 and a Erma Werke, a .22wmr made in West Germany pretty much a M1 clone.
    Now, i'm looking at this one and also the Tangfolio Witness Bullpup .22wmr.

  17. With the ten round mags I’m willing to bet they were aiming for the California compliance market. Since it’s rimfire it’s not an “assault weapon”

  18. Nice 22wmr carbine and cool safety switch by keeping it not only that it can't be fired and doesn't allow to even be put into battery .

  19. I’ve been eyeballing that rifle a while. The past year 22 mag has become readily available here even more so than 17 hmr

  20. Hand over the muzzle while unscrewing thread protector and screwing on can – please practice safe firearms handling.

  21. I agree! That's the biggest reason preventing me from buying it, the limited capacity magazine given that it's a semi. It would been an awesome compliment to my .22wmr bolt-action. Thank you for the review!

  22. Great looking Rifle, Not very impressive with only 10 round mag's ….:-( @ $500 , I am still leaning towards the CMR-30 around the same price with 30 round mag's …Cheers!

  23. Hank U made this video in 2016. Today is Jan 16 2019. I heard CZ redesigned this gun so you can Now pull the bolt back when the safety is on Safe. So my question for you is: Have you heard from CZ if they have changed this? My second question is: If I bought the wood stock version with the longer barrel can i get a tactical kit from ATI that will accomidate the longer barrel version of this rifle? Can U give me a answer on these please? Thanks

  24. Why does Hank wrap his thumb over the top of the forestock? Where did he learn such a bad habit? Doesn't he realize he is obstructing the scope?

  25. @Hank Strange…Please help! I've recently picked up my CZ512 tactical .22WMR and everything was fine until I put a mod on it! I now am experiencing issues (as a few shooters had noted in forums) with the gun having cycling/double load/non-firing issues 🙁 … Did your 512 (mod'ed) have any issues after you shot this video???! please reply you are my last resort before getting into this with the supplier/CZ..Many thanks Lee

  26. Great Video…I have been wanting a 2 magnum in a AR15 platform..I wanted to buy one from Ray-Vin but he quit making them before I got around to it.I have been a 22 WMR fan for over 50 years.

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