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500 S&W Bullets from a SHOTGUN Experiment

Hello everyone this is Jeff of Taofledermaus. First of all, I want to thank all our patreon supporters for making this video possible. We’re gonna do an experiment utilizing these Lehigh Defense… .50 caliber fracturing bullets. Normally used for .50 Beowulf or .500 Smith & Wesson but never tested through a shotgun. These were generously donated to us by Tim Hamilton The Ballistic Machinist. Not by Lehigh Defense. So understand this is an uncertain sanctioned video just utilizing Lehigh Defenses bullets. Now, it’s very important understand that there is no loading data for this particular setup like how much powder what type of powder and all that stuff. Now, since the bullet is so much smaller than the bore of the shotgun we have to use this sabo. The sabo is not the projectile the sabo is the part that goes around the projectile. It takes a little bit of effort to snap this bullet into place. I’ve heard that some people that use these sabos have better results when they spread those fingers out and allows for a cleaner release but we’re gonna try it without any modifications. We’ll be using 40 grains of Hodgkins long shot and that should get the velocity up to about 1700 feet per second. All of the components that were using are available on Ballistic Products. Gas seal, sabo, and even the primed hull. Once the components are loaded we put a roll crimp on it and now it’s good to go. Let’s see how these perform. How we doing Taoflederfolks ? O.G. here with Jeff. O.G. stands for old guy. Oh, okay. [Laughter] [Groans] Today we’re gonna try out these Lehigh Defense…uh… it’s a copper bullet, it’s a 50 caliber… designed for the…uh… Beowulf and…uh… .50 Smith & Wesson. It’s a hollow-point… it’s segmented into four pieces. Controlled fragmentation I think it’s called… Yeah, there we go. Something like that it’s definitely gonna come apart. We want to see, you know, if how viable they would be out of a shotgun with a… twist rate of…Maybe it’s a 1 in 35 twist rate ? 1 in 35, I believe it is. Pretty slow twist rate compared to… And on their website they said, you know, you need at the minimum one in 27 so that’s the… that’s the…uh… wild card here. We’re going to try them out here at ten yards…measured yards. And we’re gonna see if our chronograph will be reading better today. We got an overcast day we don’t need the shades on there. I mean there’s, I don’t know what could go wrong with that but we had some weird readings last time. Probably because of the lighting. Lighting is the biggest problem. Yeah. All right let’s see what these things will do downrange. Okay. Alright. This things sighted in with slugs. So these are a little light, so I’m gonna aim…uh… …uh…inch-and-a-half low see if they fly high. Here we go. That’s got a good thump to it. Well, we got a good reading. What did it read ? Uh…sixteen seventy nine. See, that’s a pretty normal reading. I believe that. Well, it looks like the 1 in 35 twist rate is more than sufficient to give this bullet enough angular momentum for stability. So it’s looking good. Well, we were anticipating these to shoot a little bit high but… that’s pretty much point of aim right there. So…uh… No, no…uh…rise in the elevation oh Ooh. Look at that. Look you can see where the the teeth actually spread out there. You got four…little channels here. Yep…We didn’t recovering anything but… it is a good clue it really messed that up. We didn’t stick one on the table that time. [Laughter] Whenever you’re ready. Ballistic gel. 15 yards. Eighteen twenty…three. Now, using this small rabbit sized block of gel you could see that there was enough fleshy material there to cause the petals to break off… and the main body of the bullet kept on going without really slowing down very much. Alright. Not where I wanted it to be. Point of aim was here and i felt like it was, held it on pretty good when i pulled the trigger. But we hit up here this time. So now they’re shooting high once we pulled it out a little further. Yeah, brought it back another 5 yards from those first ones. It went through, huh ? All the way through. Wow. Made toothpicks. Ha, that’s some hard wood there. Danny’s still trying to figure out the ballistics of these things. Where to aim and where the bullets gonna actually land. And often we’ll blame the shooter for misses or inaccurate shots. But there’s a lot of factors that go into this, you know… Like I said we may not begin a clean release from the sabo or the powder load may not be ideal. Whenever you’re ready. Ooh ! Very good. Now, there seemed to be an impressive amount of energy transfer from these bullets into this gallon jug of water. If you look closely you can also see a fragment of the bullet shooting off to the left. The bullets are definitely functioning as advertised. Looked like it was right on target. Well, we blew chunks out of the plate. Wow. That’s pretty much on target. It even deformed the base of the bullet. It definitely was hitting nose first. Yeah. That’s a good indicator there. Had to use some of that Buffalo windage. Yeah. Those things to shoot a little high so my point of aim was actually down here. Okay. But, yeah. Let’s uh… Oh ! Very interesting. Blew out a big chunk. Yeah, we had a little area there that was still solid so that’s where we put the dots on. That’s interesting. It looks like it expanded pretty well in there. It did. Let’s see if it’ll pop out of there real easy. Aw, I don’t know…I don’t know Looks like it might be just a shell. I mean it’s, oh look at that. There it is, it’s moving. That lead kind of acts like a liquid when it when a bullet hits it. There we go. Wow. There’s what’s left. First in the shot we could hear things zinging off in the distance. Little lead fragments and stuff, yeah. That was probably the copper petals. Could be had they look like they’re gone. They’re gone. Wow. Nice shot. Now let’s try a 50 yard group. We have 3 left. Alright. See how that works out. After several shots Danny has finally figured out where to hold the gun in order to get the bullet where he wants it. And he’s definitely right on the money now… at least at this range. Unlike the extreme penetrators that just kind of blast through everything. These transfer a lot of energy, so… we weren’t really surprised when the bullet did not go through the lead plate. Okay. 50-yard accuracy test. Alright, let’s see where this lands. High right ? Looks like it. That one might be on the white. On the bulls-eye. Oh, was it ?! Top left of it. Okay. And there you go. Not sure on that one. Well… [Laughter] Not the best grouping in the world but… Nah, no. it could be my powder load you know maybe I just… jacked up somehow loading it. Well, we got a little breeze and that’s a light… light, uh, projectile. [Laughter] Anyway… Yeah, yeah, yeah it’s the sun in your eyes Yeah, using that Buffalo windage…Kentucky windage. First shot I was holding about here it here. Compensated. Got it here. And this one i’m not sure what happened there. [Laughter] No excuses for myself. We’re getting some varying pow…or uh… velocities, you know, from like sixteen to eighteen hundred FPS. I mean, you know, maybe my loading it wasn’t ideal, you know, there’s always human error there. There’s the wadding’s went as far as the slugs. There’s another one right behind you. [Laughter] Walking on it. Those travel 50 yards. That’s a pretty good hard chunk of plastic I wouldn’t want to get hit by that. Yeah, yeah. There’s the other one over here…couple more over here. Yeah, because all the wadding… They all traveled about this little area here like a 10-foot circle, very bizarre. Yeah, even our 15 yard shots the waddings were landing out here. Yeah. Alright, well there you go.

100 thoughts on “500 S&W Bullets from a SHOTGUN Experiment

  1. I would love to see someone shoot into ballistic gell formed in a 5 gallon bucket and left in the bucket. I think it might help contain fragments.

  2. As usual great video, but remember when your shooting for group accuracy don't use Kentucky windage aim at the same place.

  3. Hornady did load 50 cal rounds in a sabo for 12ga shotgun buse. I used them on hogs successfully from a 20" rifled 870.

  4. instead of dulling your pocket knife just to remove bullets. get a cheap letter opener and use that.

  5. Is there any advantage having a "non-rifled" barrel over a rifled one? I mean, rifled barrels give more stability to the slugs and etc, so I don't see any pros using a normal one.
    I want to know this using any kind of ammo (slugs, buckshot, etc)


  7. That round is, for not a better word, devastating. I don't think you could hunt deer or elk with it. Not much left to pickup to eat. No field dressing required? Send em to Africa?

  8. Just unwinding after the Orange bowl and (hopefully) goosing the algorithm a bit for ya.
    My team is headed to Califonistan btw, tis a good night. 🐘

  9. How did you determine your PSI or LUP pressure for SAMMI specs? Just used a similar weight slug load using similar components and powder and slug weights and worked up to the current 1700-1800 FPS velocity?

  10. Was that 35$ price for a box of projectiles lol or only 1. I would hope that a man gets at least 25 of them for that price or it's not even practical to reload them. I could only see the quantity listed on the web page as QTY#1 and no contents amounts listed.
    High tech dual purpose ammo is expensive but that's a high price to pay for penetration and temporary cavity in one shot.

  11. You should absolutely spread the petals before loading. I spread the petals and then push the sabot down with my palm on the reloading bench to really spread the petals. I've been shooting theses for a few years getting 1" groups at 50 yds with my fully rifled 12ga Thompson Center Encore barrel.

  12. I wish you guys would quit "compensating" the longer shots so we could see how consistent the group is. Other than that good vids

  13. The fact that this sabot configuration with a rifled shotgun would end uip in jail for me here in germany… ;-(

  14. As an OG also or OF I enjoy your videos! but man did you have to decimate the SOF and other magazines? lol

  15. Guys! You are awesome. I love your channel and I don't even own a gun. Love the humor and love to see as ll the different slugs people send to you to test. Interesting and fun.

  16. for a second i thought you were going to fire those with the casing and powder and all lol (if it would not detonate on shooting but only on impact, that would be a nice jackhammer!)

  17. I have really enjoyed your videos in the past, and so when this one came up as a recommend show to watch I of course clicked on the link, but when I saw a eleven and a half min video with 6 or more ad's I just went to the comments so I could pose this statement/question I understand the idea behind ad supported videos and also patreon supported ones, it just feels like someone double dipping when you partaken both, if your future endeavors are going to follow this pattern I'm afraid that I will have to cancel my subscription and stop viewing your productions. The issue I have is that it is very distracting when a commercial pops up 2 minutes or less and with the contents that are showed it can really mess with the flow of the video to the point where I would rather watch something else. I hope you take the time to read this and I am interested in hearing back from you.

  18. Looks like the barrel was sitting on the rest during some of the shots including the three-round a group at the end. That is it bad for accuracy since harmonics are important to accuracy and by putting the barrel on the rest you are changing the harmonics but never in the same way every time. You guys probably already know that I'm just pointing it out. Thanks for another great video, I'll keep watching!

  19. When you are testing to see how accurate you need to aim at the bulls eye every time to see how they group… hard to tell with your buffalo wind edge…..

  20. Are you using a scale to weigh the powder? Or just throwing measures ?
    I noticed one petal missing from the sabot on the “wild” shot.

  21. I'd suggest roughly 35 – 40 grains of Blue Dot with similar sabot + wad/gas seal. Long Shot is an awsome powder, but for slug handloading Blue Dot handloads tend to group better. IMHO.
    Keep up your great job!!; Miss Officer Gregg though!. Best regards & God Bless!!🙏

  22. I doubt it's shooter errors bcuz Danny and OG are pretty much marksmen with firearms I just think it's "shot loader error"

  23. I'm just some random English guy that has never even held a gun. I must say this is one of the most interesting youtube channels I watch. Much respect to you all.

  24. 👍Shotguns and all the new slug ammo avail today is wonderful. You can swap out barrels,chokes and a variety of shot ammo. One gun,two dif barrels all you need to hunt or defend yourself.✌🇺🇸🇺🇸

  25. Tried many different powders and loads in a 30-06 with saboted .224 bullets ( once commercially sold as "Accelerators"). I was hoping for a good coyote load but accuracy was as lousy as your video shows for your shotgun shells. Low or high speed, tried about 10 different powder types, low roll out and high centicity of the cartridges, nothing brought the groups together to reliably shoot coyotes byond 40 yards. In my humble opinion the powder gasses exiting the barrel together with the initial air resistance against the petals of the light sabots are creating an instability transferred to the bullets. Caliber size slugs out of your rifled barrel or even a smooth bore barrel will be much more accurate. My Remington 870 with rifle sights but smooth bore places Brenneke Slugs at 50 yards into a 4 inch cluster.

  26. In addition to my comment below I remember a friends over under (bockbuechsflinte – rifle 30-06 shotgun 12 gauge) grouping commercial 12 gauge sabot slugs from Federal into a very small group at 50 yards. His was a smooth bore though. Maybe sabot bullets dislike rifled barrels all together regardless of caliber as your own and many other results, mine included, indicate. Maybe you can just exchange the barrel on your pump shotgun using the same ammo and making an other interesting video, revealing a very interesting outcome. Keep up the good work!

  27. It amazes me how quickly and cleanly the Sabo released the bullet considering how hard you had to push on it snap it in there…

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