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$500 1,000 Yard Savage Axis Rifle Series: Group Size at 600 Yards

it’s a nice drizzly morning and I’ve
taken the Axis rifle that we’ve been putting together and we’re out of the
600 yard range again it’s the same one red castle and the wind is very low
today but it is from kind of different angles it was coming from the southwest
earlier now it’s coming from what appears to be the Northeast so there’s a
little bit of wind to play with but what I did is I just drag this thing out to
see what kind of a five-shot group we could get out of it so everything is the
same I have the same dope on the scope here ammo is the exact same load I’m
firing those eld match bullets the only change that I made as I did put it
on a bipod here so I can double eyes the bipod off my 243 it’s just a a cheap
Caldwell bipod that I use from Harmon ting but yeah that’s it put five rounds
through this thing and see what it does let’s take a look okay so here we go
full-size human silhouette 600 yards and I think these are my first two shots I
think I was under estimating the wind at this point I remember making a
correction of another half milliradian for these right here so you can see that
the horizontal at least on these three is really tight and the vertical
stringing is pretty extreme I had the crosshair just you know right
on with this line right here so I’m guessing that what happened here I don’t
really think it’s down to the barrel harmonics or anything I do think I have
a good load basically worked up but I think there may have been some
deviations in the powder charge those of you that were making fun of me for using
Ally balance scale there you go you’re vindicated I think if I get my
father-in-law’s RCBS I can probably do a better job I think that’s what it is
we’ll see it’s got some kick yeah I know people don’t believe me it’s a little
more than 123 Wow that’s a what is that a hundred fifty
grade 162 dang yeah I don’t know about you I had to write it a little bit
higher on my shoulder I mean it and that could have just been the way I was you
know just prone maybe that’s the way it was I think it’s the shape of the stock
but it tends to bite more in an odd way I don’t explain it it seems like the
heel tends to kick more than the top yeah I don’t know if I make sense or not
but it tend to really kick more from the bottom that’s a sweet gun though but tomorrow
through it the the trigger very smooth had a nice clean break all right I’m pretty sure that targets
been talking some smack you you

50 thoughts on “$500 1,000 Yard Savage Axis Rifle Series: Group Size at 600 Yards

  1. What is the weight of rifle and scope? Did you try any other types of hold? Did you try on a sandbag/benchrested? My main thought, was that if you're outfit still weighs 8Ib then you're at least going to have to hold down that fore end….though that leads onto the problem of how to control the butt…having no third hand.

  2. Get a Witt machine clamp on muzzle break on your gun if it's beating the crap out of you. I had a weatherby 300 win mag. And the barrel was too thin to thread so I tried out the Witt machine clamp on muzzle break and it was night and day dude. And didn't change my POI and didn't ever come loose off the gun

  3. Awesome series. I've enjoyed watching! I wouldn't count out that ole balance beam scale👌That was all I used for quite some time and managed to get into single digit spreads. Have you logged any cold bore info on that barrel? Just thinking out loud

  4. hi, what also can make a huge difference in vertical is difference in seating resistance of the bullet. try to sort them by feel. that made a huge difference for me;-) oh man if you would live here I would donate a match barrel with a heavy contour for your project. all the best from Switzerland. Josh

  5. I'm guessing we'll see more results and an end of range session eval in the next video. Loving the series and I'm seeing a pattern with the Woodland MARPAT… pun intended…..or did I…..

  6. ive noticed vertical stringing occurs with a fouled or partially obstructed firing pin also. stronger pin spring, or a pin shaft polish helps.theory is the primer ignition varies more if the strike is weak, causing burn rates to vary slightly and effecting the pressure curve and velocity of the projectile. easy way to test this theory is to swap the bolt for an old faithful bolt and see if there is any change….or change primer brand.

  7. I'm glad you got to try the bipod. I would still push up more on the bipod to load it to take more of the recoil with your skeletal system tighter you are to rifle the less it will hurt. cant wait for more videos

  8. Your stringing may also be recoil control issues. It's hard to tell from a video but it looks like the bipod is loaded differently between the shot at 1:06 and 1:11. Perhaps it isn't but technique is certainly something to take a look at before going down the rabbit hole of equipment.

  9. eh, I won't make fun of you for the Lee but I will say when messing with the one my buddy had the fine variations wouldn't actually hold well.

  10. AND junk the ELD's. For hunting, ok (The Eldx) but there's a reason no one competitive uses Hornady. Go back to Sierra's.

    AND according to David Tubbs (and my experience) the LEAST important aspect of reloading for 600-1000yds is the powder throw. that .1 gr ain't the cause. Its case prep (and your crap bullets…LOL) check your case runout.

  11. For the record, the Lee balance scale is INFINITELY more accurate than what you can physically throw…LOL

  12. just for comparison what do you normally score at a 600 yd match with your normal competition rifle? what kind of groups do you get?

  13. heres an interesting test a shooter did testing the performance of an accurate scale vs just regular beam scales

  14. I love shooting at Red Castle, unfortunately I haven't been in several years.  They used to have animal silhouettes on the range you are shooting on I believe.  That was always fun.

  15. Soc you need to weight the hell out of that stock and also get a proper recoil pad, this will eliminate the wincing both you and the other shooter are doing…..mentally the abusive recoil is making you dread the shot.

  16. My Scale Story: – I brought 3 different sets of scales all new, Hornady Electronic, Lee, & RCBS Bar Scales
    The RCBS were the only scales that were consistent. I found moving an object between all these sales it would read a different weight from the Hornady & Lees scale when coming back round with the same thing I just weighed. I managed to find an accurate electronic scale now, and I move each charge from it via the RCBS on the way to the brass case, and both scales confirm the other exactly.

  17. Is that a $1000 spotter? Leopold gold ring? Ha ha, nice work but like I said before, shooting long range is EXPENSIVE.

  18. Im kinda surprised on your rcbs comment. It's been my experience that weighing is the most important aspect and weighing every charge on a good scale is the ticket. I use a digital to eliminate loadings and a beam to get the best consistency. If Im just shooting some rounds then I throw them and check every 5th or so.

  19. Is that a good scope thou? I'm a new rifle shooter, so looking to get a scope. I found a vortex diamondback 4-12×40, Nikon monarch Ucc 6.5-20×44, Nikon 4-12×40 & also a vortex hp 4-16×40. All around $200 but the Ucc Nikon is used and others are new.

  20. I would still like to see how well the rifle turned out. maybe use your real scope and repeat? also maybe some store bought ammo? I watched this whole series and the ending is worse than the departed. come on man bring us home!

  21. crabtrap: I couldn't see any winching on soc's part. His shots appeared as a total surprise each time, as it should be., I don't think he is recoil shy, however, the other guy is.

  22. I guess I don't understand what the challenge is of hitting a target at 1,000 yards with a rifle like this. Carlos Hathcock was hitting targets in Vietnam at a 1,000 yards and beyond with a Winchester Model 70 hunting rifle chambered in 30.06 using an 8x scope. The Berdan Sharpshooters made some very impressive shots during the Civil War using much less.

  23. What type of scope do you have on your rifle? For your stock if he thinks is has too much recoil, get a packmyer butstock pad

  24. lf you are able to… always fire 2 – 3 foulers prior to shots for record… just saying (mainly from clean bore).
    When accuracy matters and match is on the line clean bore shots 1,2, and maybe 3 will most probably not be with the ensuing shots after 3 the bore will be foul conditioned enuf that succeeding shots will group better.

  25. Pard? Without all the following? My Ruger American with hand loaded 30.06, has sub moa without a whole bunch of video. I can also put a 4 inch group of 30wcf at 250 yards. A 55 got cast lead bullet from a ar platform is within an inch at 200 yds. All this I could have shown in 5 minutes or less on my own property. I sense you are disingenuous about your ability

  26. Y'all killing me with the whole pain thing! Other than that great video very informative this video series led me to build the rifle as well

  27. If you want kick you should try my mosin long range build. 3.7lb stock 7.62x54r 185 grain match out of a 20 inch barrel will get your attention lol

  28. Why are you bring your head off the cheek rest every time you fire? You need to work on your follow through. Notice the other guy when he fires, he keeps his head down finding the shot through the scope

  29. Savage Axis rifles are NOT forged like the regular Savages are. It won't shoot like one either. That is one of the reasons they are sooo cheap! Not the best gun for 500 yards let alone 1000.

  30. Thanks for this series… just curious… what are your thoughts on using a muzzle brake? Does that mess up the harmonics of the barrel?

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