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.50 caliber machine gun training

In Afghanistan the mission of the International Security Assistance Force is to help Afghans defeat the insurgency threatening the country. Marine Corporal Mandy Castillo takes us to Zabul Province, where soldiers train the Afghan National Army to secure their own country. [Castillo] Afghan National Army, or ANA, members from Combat Outpost Massoud receive training on .50 caliber machine guns. Army soldiers from Mobile Gun System Platoon from Vilseck, Germany, train the ANA about the belt-fed, short recoil operated weapon that has been in use since World War II. [soldier] Fire! [Castillo] This was the first time many of the Afghans received hands-on training with a weapon capable of sending over a thousand rounds a minute in the enemy’s direction. The three-day course provided the two nations an opportunity to strengthen relationships and develop an increased sense of security. The soldiers left the training understanding they too can benefit from Coalition Forces. They know what goes on here. It’s their country, and it’s a plus being with them. Marine Corporal Mandy Castillo, Combat Outpost Massoud, Afghanistan.

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