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bill you’re back and you look better
than ever look new nubs it looks like you’ve been working out nice and thick
in there and what did you did you bring me a new oak tree bill you are too kind
you know I know exactly what we can do at this alright guys so it’s been a
little over a year since we shot this pine tree made a lot of people mad but
they’re stupid because it is still alive and in good shape right there and so
what we have today is an oak because several of the comments you know
commented in my curiosity was aroused as well well we got through a pine tree
with the 50 BMG but what about a big oak tree right and so bill has once again
volunteer distribute and this oak tree just like fell out of the sky look it’s
a little short but you’ll get it alright so we’re gonna see if we can go through
it with a 50 BMG we are using that striker M33 again by American Marksman
same stuff we shot down the tree with in the first place if you missed that you
need to go see that but I want you to leave a comment on what do you think’s
gonna happen is the first bullet gonna go straight through the tree and bill
and the berm out no it isn’t just the the oak is gonna stop anything we throw
at it leave a comment oh wait what you do hey
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y’all can check him out shut up and shooting alright so my guess
Oaks really hard pine maybe more waterlogged
so I’m thinking it’s gonna stop this round but there’s only one way to find
out I said oh let’s go sleep Wow okay there’s our entry right there you can
barely take as for exit oh no way did we go through it already well this sure is
dirty okay that’s exit maybe I’m looking too
high oh oh that is a very interesting Wow it went through and beyond so look
real hard right here you can see it cut all the way through like that and I was
so involved in shooting I forgots us capture it on high-speed we’re gonna do
it again this time y’all remind me right remind me – yeah push that button within
four seconds right here okay all right all right you got it all right let’s see
I gotta start market and they they’re just pin holes on the front you can’t
see nothing through that part maybe it’s that that I bet that’s it they’re there
so last time we deviated left side shot just a little bit right and I guess
that’s it right there we went too far right all right we’re gonna we’re gonna we’re
gonna just hold middle again see if we can get bill to catch a good one so I
will say I am impressed but by this I thought Oak would stop it it just cold
I’m impressed I’m impressed but I want to catch a
bullet so one more of these in 33s heights shoot we’re just gonna shoot a
little lower this time maybe kinda in the middle still though let’s do it okay so this is crazy I’m editing the
high-speed footage and I see something go exit the tree you see it go through
bill right here you see all this jiggle and wobble right here and then you see
something fly back bounced off the tree and fall down on the ground sure enough
two foot away from the tree look what I found and so he had just enough energy
to go through bill but it didn’t want to go through old bill and it just bounced
off and so that is cool that’s the steel core so out of a 50 Cal round right
there that’s the steel core so this is the exact same as what these are the
bullets that went through the tree earlier and that’s the the pine tree
back there because but we just plucked it out a bill but we did the same thing
so you can see the steel core and then you see the the bullet right there that
is too cool all right so now solid brass the triple
our munitions given to me by Detroit ammo so that’s a that’s a Lehigh defense
like a CNC mill bullet so top-notch great match great stuff
last time they cut right through that pine tree we know it’s gonna cut right
through anyway right we don’t know that this is how we know that all right let’s
just go dead center and hope it doesn’t deviate much how much you want to bet I
got a couple messages from the sheriff on my voicemail today we’ll see the
neighbors might be used to it by now the uh we had a perfect shot that maybe
the solid oh that’s actually okay the jacket and everything peels off of those
in thirty three cuz I got a steel core right the solid brass didn’t deviate
because it cut straight through he had a nice exit right here went straight and
Bill got him really nice and dirty and then oh no way no way there’s a chunk of
tree right there man that’s crazy so I’m wondering if the bullet goes in and it
cavitate so much that shrapnel can fly in with it
because it wouldn’t make sense for the bullet to travel with it but if that
bullet cavitate sand there’s an open gap the shrapnel just follows it behind and
then got caught when it closed that’s a nifty that’s nifty right there oh-ho it
did go through the other piece too so it went through both gels yet again so well
we’re finding out do not take cover behind oaktree okay don’t do it
everything’s going through so now we’re just having fun with Silvertip api yes this is always close because there’s a
nice big flash at the end let’s do it whoa I didn’t see a flash cuz I had my
eyes closed but there is definitely some smoke
API stuff to scout so I didn’t see much flash but I can
sure smell a chemical ish burn down here so let’s see if we get that way this is
a shy little smells like firewood on this side because oak everywhere pretty
sure it went through but I don’t see it so this one’s a bit different I have
some blue tip incendiary so not armor-piercing just incendiary I don’t
know I don’t know I don’t know if it’s constructed a little different and if
there’s no steel core or what not buddy of mine sent this to me we’re just gonna
see what happens all right let’s see deer season started this last month so
I’m wondering if everybody just thinks I can’t hit a thing okay I cheated again
and I had to look at the high-speed first and that looked awesome yeah I don’t know I don’t know it went
in the hole okay but you can totally see Bill gun barn bad
that’s the incendiary one that’s for sure and more bad splinters oh man dude
that left a mark and you can see straight dead sinner through bill
through old bill right there that’s where old bill and it still smells and
it’s warm oh my I don’t think it I could just stick my finger all the way through
thank know you’re gonna need a bath now all right not feeling any bullets
that’s weird stuff you seen that like little worms all right yeah bullet went
through and through yet again the worm things that maybe something with the gel
passing through and getting burped that is nuts well there you have it guys
if you find an oak tree that you’re gonna hide behind because it’s just big
enough you still like your shots um I got 50 BMG so crazy stuff once again
thanks for joining me today guys and remember it’s like the notification of a
bookmark page check back often thanks for your support and watching and all
that jazz okay I love you bye

75 thoughts on “50 CAL VS MIGHTY OAK TREE

  1. Suggestion for next time. Maybe put a piece of mild steel maybe 1/8 inch thick behind the gel to try to capture the penetrating bullets,cores. If not to atleast see how much damage it can still deal by denting or penetrating through the steel after the tree and ballistics.

  2. Very cool Destin, keep it up!!! Trees don’t stop much. I put a 1/2 road grader blade in front of seasoned oak and shot it with an -06 black tip. You could see how the core twisted through the steel then it traveled six inches into the block. It followed the grain of the wood and curved so that is was parallel with the tree growth.

  3. It just warms my heart to know….Somewhere out there, Dustin has all the toys, all the other kids want to come over and play with!

  4. Poor old bill he always gets a rough end of the Stick tree bark,lol Dustin another brilliant video you the man 50cal wooo.. the blue tip Insignia rounds are friggin bad ass yaaa

  5. Everyone be sure to check your subscriptions as you tube is going thru not only deleting them but turning off notifications for them also
    Found about 50 of my subscriptions with the notifications turned off and a bunch of subscriptions missing yesterday on my own channel and no doubt that only happens to gun channels and no one else

  6. Alright Dustin, you went too far. I didn't mind shooting that loblolly pine but now you're attacking that poor defenseless white oak. C'mon dude, buy yourself a chainsaw! Keep slinging them freedom seeds! Try it on a sweetgum!

  7. Can you shoot the tree that was poisoned on Auburn University's campus please? I am an Alabama fan and so tired of hearing about that poor tree at Auburn… just plant another and hush already.

  8. Safety Police: make sure to always wear eye protection when shooting

    Dustin: i always do but i close my eyes too. Just double making sure:)

  9. I heard that in WWII in the Pacific Theatre the Japanese forces would use Palm Trees to build bunkers and the M1 Garland was unable to penetrate. That’s when they brought up the Ma Deuce.

  10. Darn! I really thought Bill was gonna stop the bullet this time around.
    Everybody knows Northern Oak is Stronger than Southern Oak!

  11. Dude…. fifty calibers are flipping scary!! You can like, miss your target by a foot, and still some how mess the shit up just by the air it blows out

  12. I would love to hear your opinion on what caliber for deer hunting would be the cheapest yet also be a viable choice for elk hunting

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