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.50 Cal vs Ballistic Window HARDCORE Slow Mo – Smarter Every Day 187

There is a particular physical phenomenon that I’ve always wanted to see but I’ve never been able to quite set it up. That changes today. This is a piece of bullet-resistant acrylic specifically rated up to nine millimeters. This is a phantom V 2511, stupid fast frame rates. I’ve always wanted to see the specific spot where a bullet Interacts with a piece of armor right at the nose of the bullet Think about it that moment in time where the tip of the bullet hits the strike surface is so small in time That it’s hard to imagine the physics That’s going on The good thing is now we can visualize it in order to do this you have to line up the flight path of the bullet Directly in line with the camera and not only that I don’t want to see a 9-millimeter try to penetrate this acrylic But not do it. I also want to see what it looks like when you actually get through hey It’s me Destin welcome back to smarter every day. I’m here with Gavin. Hello and Dan from the slow mo guys Roll tide Roll tide and what we’re gonna. Do today is something. I’ve been wanting to do for a really really long time 170,000 frames per second you think oh, I’m at 120 at the moment we could go up to 170. Let’s try it okay We’re gonna use a wireless trigger on the high-speed because we don’t want to be anywhere near a bullet hitting bullet-resistant glass So I’ve got a shield for the camera and we use a wireless trigger to be safe You actually know how to run the Phantom well yeah, we’re all going to our strenghts. Yeah exactly Where’s Dan? So it went in and it mushroomed out and it kind of peeled out the edges on the outside there, but that one little spot that You can see you can see through it. This is weird science time here I thought that the exact spot the bullet touched the acrylic first would suffer the most damage, but clearly that’s not happening I’ve got to thinking about this And I think it has something to do with an old word Called a frustum according to this old dictionary a frustum is a cone with the top cut off Let’s imagine that this is our acrylic plate the bullet interacts with the top of the plate at the point of impact right here That force tries to punch its way all the way through the plate now long time ago Engineers figured out that stress isn’t transmitted through a plate like a cylinder It’s actually something called a pressure cone every material has its own compression cone angle This is what I honestly think’s going on here stress is equal to force divided by area I know that much as the force is Distributed over a wider and wider area as it goes down through the acrylic you eventually get to the point with a nine millimeter where it no longer has the ability to fracture the acrylic the stress isn’t high enough however a 50 Cal would definitely do that because there’s a much larger pressure cone it gets further through the material We basically get to the part where it’ll just break out the back so there. There’s a larger pressure cone I’ve set some big words. We’ve got a little bit. I think that means we get to play with the 50 Cal now The slow-mo guys video Here we go hot This cone of the front is like ejecta material being forced out of a meteor impact Where’s this stuff in the back? Is that cone is the stress propagating through the material? That’s that’s so pretty Sweet okay Weapon’s clear! Dude Okay real quick. I wanna say. Thank you to the company that gave us the bullet resistant glass to be clear It’s not supposed to protect against 50 Cal rounds. It’s just 9 mil stir not correct Not 50 Cal correct, but we’ll leave a link in the video description for those guys So we can all agree that that’s stinkin awesome slow-mo right, but there’s more to it than just cool footage I want you to think about Fracture mechanics think about the pressure cone as it goes down through material And how it has to get above the minimum fracture stress in order for it to do its thing So just think about it on a deeper level also Obviously this was a collaboration video. I’m actual real-life friends with Gavin and Dan super cool dudes the way I’m just gonna go straight to the front door here the way a collaboration video works is the hope is that more of you would subscribe to smarter every day and more of you that watch smarter every Day will go subscribe to the slow mo guys So please consider subscribing to this video if you feel like it earned it but The most important thing here is for you to go watch the video on the slow mo guys and subscribe to them I want to say thank you to Gavin and Dan the slow mo guys for coming out and helping Gavin knows what he’s doing and Dan knows his way around a weapon as well Play to our strengths Yeah play to your strengths. Well. But we let Dan come out anyway, so If you wanna check out some stuff on their channel. What are you doing over there? We’re using a mirror to shoot the camera directly in the face with a 50 Cal Hopefully see the bullet coming towards my lens an ambitious shot was it uh seven five Orion where the guy was Shooting the German was shooting with a sniper rifle It just sees the guy the flash of the weapon that goes into the scope of the guys The Germans right here less violent version of that pretty much that except no one dies This is them shooting in the intro for their video right now. I think you’ll dig it. Go check it out anyway. I’m Destin You’re getting smarter every day. Have a good one So now is the part of the video where I put subscribe buttons in the corner? And hope that you will subscribe to them And then I do something interesting visually interesting in hopes that you will Have your attention drawn over there and click one of the subscribe buttons so this is my attempt to be visually interesting and Convince you to click the subscribe my buttons There you go

16 thoughts on “.50 Cal vs Ballistic Window HARDCORE Slow Mo – Smarter Every Day 187

  1. I find it a little unsettling that the sniper bullet didn’t seem to lose any speed after shattering the armoured acrylic window.

  2. Why don't you try the same thing with Lexan, which is used for the helmets on space suits. A few years ago I saw the developer test it by standing behind a door sized slab and it was shot with a 50 Cal. The bullet got stuck in the slab, it was then attacked with both a sledge and an axe. The sledge bounced and almost hit the guy using it while the axe got stuck like the bullet. Sadly it wasn't filmed in slow motion.

  3. Hey my name is Wade and I live in Huntsville, Alabama and I really want to get into cinematography and I don't know if you're interested in having some extra help in your videos but I would love to help do some camera work for your awesome videos so definitely let me know if you are interested since I live super close to where you film most of your videos. I'm 20 years old and will do the work for free since it's something I enjoy doing so much. Keep up the great videos! And Roll Tide!!

  4. btw the soldier shooting the other one through his scope isnt true, i saw a recreation and it was impossible it could have happened

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