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50 bmg Sniper Rifle vs. Stuff in Slow Motion!

Hey it’s Andrew with GY6vids and
in today’s video 50 BMG time to blow some stuff up we’re working towards
becoming completely fan funded please head over to become a patron and we can produce a
much more often if you enjoy in this video we’re gonna shooting out two three
hundred yards we have the desert tech HTI 50 BMG rifle this thing is a beast
it’s 11 inches shorter than the barrett m107 roughly 11 pounds lighter than the
m107 as well it’s the same length barrel as the m107 but bullpup designs so you
have the action back there too much foam out on top you have the vortex optics
viper PST this is first focal plane six to 24 power amazing optic it’s gonna
make very short easy work of 300 yards this should be a whole lot of fun let’s
get into it I could see that watermelon just go the
watermelons toast oh yeah that’s almost too much fun I gotta love the smell of
gunpowder so let’s see if we can get this guy right in the face we are using
a rubber dummy rubber dummies are a great target system they’re self-healing
rubber so when you shoot them with a pistol close range or rifles or 50 BMG’s
it’s gonna take a beatin it seals up very small all you have to do is a spray
primer over top of it and you’re good to go again in the back of the head they
have these little packets full of red powder so you get that red mist effect
when you shoot them in the head it looks like the bullet just went straight
across this head on the right hand side and just nicked them thanks round in oh yeah a little bit of a difference
ah never gets old well we have to the left of the rubber dummy to two-pound
high-velocity exploding targets from sonic boom targets and we have two of
them so we have four pound charge I’m going to put some of those pop packs on
there there’s a little powder pop pack see if they break and cause a blood
effects to see if it’s shrapnel to the rubber dummy I don’t see the watermelon I don’t see
the rubber dummy I think they’re toast yeah I have one more thing left for you
guys let me put something down there that’s a little bit more volatile okay
so down range I set up a propane tank the chains keep it from flipping and
flying around that way doesn’t come towards my cameras down drain propane
he’s got a lot of power behind it so let’s see what happens
got one round oh boy road flares lit up on top of the propane
container propane does need a ignition source it won’t just ignite from
shooting it fire in the hole saved you up that’s gonna be uh keep in mind guys we are in a controlled
situation yes to this hot yes it looks like there’s a lot of you know brush
that can burn but right now the plants are pretty green and they’re very tough
to burn not even a flame thrower will give them to ignite and keep going trust
me I’ve tried it so don’t do it just don’t reenact just watch and enjoy I
hope you guys appreciate that that is almost too much fun and we will see you
next time

100 thoughts on “50 bmg Sniper Rifle vs. Stuff in Slow Motion!

  1. That was awesome! The slow mo is so good you can see that elongated bowling ball destabilize after going thru the water melon and dummy. Awesome stuff as usual Andrew.

  2. Yes! My favorite gun channel uploaded again! Videos like these are why I subbed in the first place! Keep up the great work!

  3. You know in pissin green with jealousy every time you get to blow up anything with a .50. It's not fair! California sucks! lol

  4. Love the slow mo. My phone records at 960 fps, but requires a ton of light. Can't wait to go blow something up😁😎 watch it slow mo

  5. This is why I support your Channel. Not Just Guns going Bang, not just targets going boom! I support this channel because the cinematography rocks!!! Almost like being there

  6. Youre just awsome! Im glad to See you back again!! Thank you Very Much for your inspirational videos and sharing your knowledge with seems endless lol

  7. One of your first subscribers. You sent me free stickers and stuff. Still on my rides and xbox! Its been years. Thank you bro

  8. Honestly I thank you cause your not just always shooting and stuff your actually very educational. I've learned so much because of you and I enjoy watching your reviews so much. Thanks for teaching me about all kinds of different rifles, pistols, and calibers.

  9. Hey Andrew, thanks for the entertainment and awesome video's. Any chance of you being able to do a review of the 6.5 creedmoor calibre?

  10. Hi Andrew… I'm new here… My boyfriend recommended you to me… I like your vid… But my boyfriend kindda sad when you bring down your vid…

  11. New Video with a bang… That's why I love your video from all the way back then… Glad to see your back…

  12. HTI .50?!
    Helloooooo Nurse!
    Next time you do a propane tank, you might want to anchor that horse rig with rebar or heavy duty tent stakes! Look like she thought about going all NASA after the first punch!

  13. I came here from ghost recon wildlands where this gun shoots down helicopters and kills apcs with one shot..

  14. Heads up Desert Tech is owned by the Kingston family which practices fundamental Mormonism and is wrapped up in all sorts of incest, abuse, and fraud. Not a company to support.

  15. I see that your target profile looks like a black dude. I bet that your wife, sister, mother and girlfriend take one to bed with them whenever you leave the house!!! LOL!

  16. Please make a comparison of this gun versus Lynx GM6

    1. Metal Penetration / Effective Range
    2. Muzzle Velocity / Recoil Reduction / Shoulder fire friendliness.
    3. Compactness to carry around in a bag ect…

    No such video exist in YT.

  17. Of onyi i could buy guns exept my 12 gauge for hunt but in France that's juste 12 gauge for Hunt with a licence , no more i really want handgun but it's illegal

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