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.50 BMG Shell exploding OUTSIDE a gun – What Happens?

hello everyone this is Jeff of
Taofledermaus after we set off a 12-gauge shotgun shell outside the
chamber of a shotgun everyone thought we did something wrong we were just showing
what happens when a shell goes off outside the chamber but a lot of people
said oh we should have used a pipe or we should have wrapped it with duct tape or
used a brass shell well we listened to you guys this video
is sponsored by colorful happy fun paper clips now available in three exciting
colors these are now 72% lead-free in all seriousness I want to thank our
patreon supporters for making this video possible in order to put a 50 BMG and a
12-gauge v ops perimeter alarm Danny had to makes a few modifications he had to
extend the firing pin but he also had to make the special kind of a 12-gauge – 50
BMG adapters that kind of clamp around the base of the 50 BMG I i salute his
ingenuity Danny and I got way back got behind cover and Danny pulled the string
let’s watch what happens all righty well let’s see what happened here it
goes the brass case again blew up it seemed to be the weakest link the bullet
traveled along at a pretty low velocity but the brass fragments were going
pretty fast okay you pull that thing out but didn’t this didn’t destroy this at
all there’s the base of the of the shell and kind of I saw that when I actually
flying at us flying towards us actually in slow motion and there’s the bullet I
don’t know bullet was laying right here yeah a lot of unburned powder all over
the table of course these large grains here okay I’m ready all right here we go now
we never found the bullet on this shot it wasn’t in the gel but look at it then
brass cased has banana peel back a lot of unburned powder once again but where
the bullet went we do not know but it did not go into the gel at all the old
cantaloupe test yeah Carl’s cousin should have curl all right now we’re
gonna see how much energy it has in a confined area of the cantaloupe Wow
to turn away kids it’s getting graphic okay don’t try this at home we’re what
you call professionals or something there you go oh my goodness oh my
goodness good and tight German specs fourth time’s the charm
there we go yay all right here we go there goes the bullet off the left it’s
going pretty good but look at that melon it just blew it into a bunch of pieces this was our fourth attempt on this shot
alone the firing pin was either fouled with powder or was slightly bent from
the other experiments I think so too that was your hand wrapped around that
your hand you know that would have blown your hand off I think yeah look at that
we’d not have felt good that blew the premier and out of that one there sure
premarin oh wow if rumor yeah yeah I don’t know where the bullet went will
hopefully see that on high-speed but yeah it through that of the pieces of
melon quite no usually 40 feet all directions yeah it was quite a muffled
because it was inside there too yeah that’s what I kind of figured it would
kind of contain it yeah the bullet to actually go forward yep which apparently
it did yeah didn’t put Kevlar behind that one but maybe we might be able to
find it I don’t I don’t know definitely wasn’t gonna be holding that yeah cuz I
heard a story of some guy he had a 50 Cal round he was holding like that and
for whatever reason he slammed it on a table or something and it went off and
it just mangled his hand up that’s a little story from Matt beat 2099 in fact
he told me that the other day it’s like he goes you got to put in some clay and
I said well my clay is all dried up but we got a cantaloupe there there you go folks I hope you enjoyed
that I hope you’ll take the time to rate the video too if you enjoyed it if you
didn’t I’m sorry but anyway we did listen to your comments it was easier to
find 50 BMG rounds than it was to find brass case shotgun shells believe it or
not so that’s the route we took and we want again want to thank our patreon
supporters for making this video happen but what’s the name of the music

100 thoughts on “.50 BMG Shell exploding OUTSIDE a gun – What Happens?

  1. I want to take a minute to thank (and welcome) the people who have taken the time to submitted non-English (and English) subtitles!

  2. just slide 3/4 inch copper pipe over that shotgun shell. that's all it needs to become very effective. just needs to be the length of the shell.

  3. Hmm… I was just planning to build a Barret copy with the chamber made out of cantaloupe. Maybe it’s not so good idea after all.

  4. "Don't try this at home kids."
    Do this at work.
    Then when you blow your fingers off…. you can get workman's compensation.

    Don't work hard!
    Work stupid.


  6. How could you do that to Teddy? 😢. You certainly wouldn’t want to be there when ammo cooks off. Great job.👍🏻

  7. That's about the stupidest shit I've ever seen …..LMAO, but I love it. Couldn't stop laughing for thirty minutes after watching.

  8. Do they make steel case .50 cal? Use steel case it might work better. They did make it at one time if you can get a hold of a round or two.

  9. When I was living in Florida. I would go to an indoor range. Had some idiot next to me shooting. He had his open plastic box of ammo on the ground. Ammo was 454 and him and his buddy were shooting and the rifle ejected out the spent brass right down to the open box. Well one hit the primer and it went off. The brass hit me in the neck. While I hand my hand on my neck. The idiot says …hey look what came out of your gun, as he was showing me the shell. It was blown out the side. I was shooting a .45 pistol and I said thats not mine. He said yeah it says 45 on it. As I looked at it I said BS. For one the 454 cartridge is longer then a .45acp. I also pointed out it says 454 not .45. I also pointed out his fucking open ammo box that was blown out on thw bottom with black burnt powder. The idiot immediately shut up and packed up and left. It was at Arizona gun range in Lauderdale Lakes Fl. If he happens to ever read this. I just want to say Your an Asshole! So anyway a bullet out of a barrel doesn't to much. The bullet stayed in the box and the least resistance took off. It hit me but only left a scratch. Lucky for me and him!. Great vid. Thanks

  10. My dad during WWII would pull the bullet set the base on the bullet light the powder to launching the case like a rocket

  11. When I was in the Navy we had to watch ordnance safety films a lot, and in one particular film a civilian tech rep at Pax River Md was loading a 20mm round into a hot lab test barrel by hand to measure cookoff times. As the civilian rep was inserting the round into the hot barrel the round went off, during the slow motion replay all you could see was an empty left sleeve of his long sleeve lab coat wrap around his back from l to r.. The after accident report said he lost his entire arm from just below the shoulder, lost hearing and vision in left ear/eye, perforated left lung and kidney. Guy was lucky he survived!!!! Seeing those rounds peel back like they did brought this memory back. When dealing with Ordnance safety rules are written in blood.. literally.

  12. Keep up the good work guys entertaining I've done all that junk I'm an older guy and boy when I was younger we shotguns and made bombs and shot machine guns and you name it we've done it now I just relax and watch videos he he he keeper shooting guys keeps you happy bang bang bang

  13. I lost interest when I found paper clips are now available in THREE exciting colours. Nothing you could do with a 0.5 round could possibly trump that (unless you had a pelican shooting a stegosaurus and I doubt you did)

  14. how about primer and real bullet powder…. in a weapon …whats the penetration..
    i cant believe no one has ever tried this

  15. The fact that people actually think a round will fire outside the chamber with any real force is ridiculous. I had to convince a so called ‘physicist’ of this. Jesus…

  16. loved the video
    possible better viewing improvement
    instead of the Mellon could you try a clear gel with the round inserted "if the gel would survive" so we can see how it works in slow motion

  17. The story Matt told you about was of an army private who used a .50BMG cartridge as a hammer to drive a nail, and it's a true story, you can find a picture of what was left of his hand after he hit the primer, looking kind of what you would expect someone's hand to look like after a tiny bomb goes off while grasping it.

    Don't use explosives as hammers, kids, even if that goes without saying.

  18. Love how people don't understand that explosives like gunpowder need to be contained to actually explode with any real power, and how weak brass casings actually are

  19. Had one of these explode next to my hand because this dude was trying to relink the rounds for a machine gun belt. Broke my right ring finger in three different spots and got some extremely bad cuts. Also got tendon and nerve damage.

  20. The brass is rupturing in those patterns because the powder is lying horizontal. When detonation occurs, the flash ignites the powder and instead of burning back to front, it is top to bottom. Without the chamber, constricting the brass (sending the bullet down the barrel), the gasses are expelled upward. The bullet does still proceed out the neck of the brass, but the brass is split on the top. Seen this at several fire sights.

  21. يلي بيعرف من وين جيب متل هادا الاسود يلي فجر الرصاصة يعملي لايك

  22. I dont know anything about guns but like said at the beginning, could tape stop the shell from exploding?

  23. indeed, one of those .50 rounds is like a small grenade going off in a human hand.  Check out the pics of the US soldier that tried to use a .50 BMG round as a hammer.  The results were devastating.

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