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.50 Beowulf Bullets Shot from a 12 ga. Shotgun

Whenever you’re ready… Wow You better believe it buddy Tim Hamilton, the ballistic machinist, sent us some 50 Beowulf bullets to shoot out of a shotgun, so let’s show you how we’re gonna try to do this. Now the bullet itself is made by Lehigh defense it’s called an extreme penetrator This one is normally for a 50 Beowolf rifle Since the bullet is so much smaller than the bore of a 12-gauge shotgun. We’ll need to put it in a Sabot here we’re using a RSS 12 Sabo Behind the saber will use this FS 12 gas seal made by Gualandi Now the tricky part is always getting the powder load correct, so I loaded them with three different powder loads using long shot I loaded three with 27 grains three with 30 grains and three with 35 grains. now since this is a bullet type Sabot shell We’re gonna have to shoot him out of a fully rifle shotgun. Danny’s rifled barrel has a 1 in 36 inch twist rate But you may be asking yourself What would happen if we shot these out of a rifled choke tube would that be enough to get these spinning, let’s look Okay, 50 yard I’m ready Hit it. That was fast too. Yeah No delay. While there was a small amount of spin on the bullet. It. Just wasn’t enough for stability just tumbled like crazy The .50 Beowulf rifle uses a 1 in 20 inch twist rate so as one in 36 gonna Be enough for these? let’s find out 27 grains long shot Okay, I’m ready. For the first shot Danny was aiming at the center of that sticker on the jug. As you can see the bullet flew a little bit high Oddly enough we don’t see a lot of cavitation from this bullet at this velocity In fact it was extremely weak compared to Tim’s brass pellet slug that we showed in the last video 27 grain low power test Whenever you’re ready Wow And we seem to be getting enough spin stabilization from that one in 36 inch twist rate of the shotgun barrel and these bullets weigh about 22 grams And we’ve noticed that lighter Projectiles tend to shoot a little higher while we would have liked to have gotten a hit on the thickest part of the pin it’s still managed to go through three and a quarter inches of that pin and It exited without any damage at all to the bullet. That’s pretty good with a low power shot. Okay 27 grain Is it adjusting for the uh Ballistics Aiming at the orange dot whenever you’re ready Now if anything we are seeing consistency here, they’re consistently flying high So Danny is making minor adjustments with each shot To bring his point of impact down to where he wants it Figure out where these things, where the point of impact is on these things yeah, at this range it just seems to be about three inches high so my Point aim was right in here Yeah, 27 grains it didn’t have enough oomph to go through that plate Almost made it almost made it okay. That would see how 30 grains of long shot does Now you may have noticed that the shotgun was a little louder the recoil was a little greater And that’s with only three grains more powder that’s 0.19 grams more powder. The bullet in this shot was not as stable It was kind of yawing around a little bit, but it had a lot more power at least enough to Fully penetrate that lead plate Okay, it still went to the thick area actually penetrated that time shooting a little high different powder load, different ballistics, different results Flip it over and try with the 35 yeah, yeah, that’s Backside looks here right through pretty clean. Yep Okay, now 35 grains of long shot versus lead. I don’t think I’ll have any problem Going through it But will the point of aim change that much? Wow! Now that felt about right. With 35 grains of long shot we’re getting closer to the actual velocities of a 50 beowulf rifle which on average is about 1,800 plus feet per second Hopefully when Tim does his test with these he’ll run them over a chronograph to get some more solid information as far as velocities go Okay, what’s what? Yeah ended up a little bit to the left But so they’d see it comparison and damage though three powder loads. significantly more Yeah, okay. Where’s the first one the first shot is 27 first shot here, okay? Second shot here, and it passed through Third shot here passed through bigger hole look just open that thing up now flip it around Okay Yea it threw chunks of lead all over the table on that one. think it’s time to recast that I think you think the 35 was the Felt the best or whatever? The 35 felt like it should feel. Yeah, I think I know what you mean As far as the recoil and mm-hmm and all feel like? The others felt kind of whimpy compared to the 35, okay So 35 maybe 40 Tim will probably put 50 grains and these things But we want to see how it does over the whole spectrum You know how the bullet behaves at different velocities and everything it seems to be doing pretty well 30 grains magazines Extreme penetrator hell, I don’t think It’ll have any problem going through it, but let’s try it hit it Now if you remember the first 30 grain shot that we took at the lead plate was a little bit wobbly This one’s a lot more solid much more stable in flight Alright, so you’re a little a little bit left Yeah, we suck We’re not sure where these are landing yet You know it takes a few a bunch of shots to figure out that so find out in slow-mo How they’re flying. Yeah, yeah, if they’re right wobbling or anything? My point I am was about here Impact here how’s the exit wound? exit wound? Okay, I wouldn’t want it to be me full penetration there Okay now highest power load 35 grains With a 35 grain load we see good stability. We see a lot more damage 35 grains seems to be Very close to the right powder load for these particular bullets 35 grains Some reason that gun shooting consistently low left left us yeah Got to please all of them yep Okay Probably shared the exit wound with the other one so flip it around oh Yeah, well a little different a little different bigger bigger exit. That was the first exit down here second exit here Yeah, definitely a little more damage. Yep it blew confetti all over the ground. Yes, when didn’t yeah? And we’ll probably see it exiting out the back and tumbling away you know but Okay fifty yards 30 grain, right? Yup So far all the shots were taken it at about ten yards. This is 50 yards Again the bullets flying high this time about 12 inches high Of course if you loaded all your shells exactly the same You’d eventually be able to sight in your shotgun so that you’d able to hit exactly where you wanted to hit Right after this shot Danny. Took a shot with a 1 ounce foster slug a heavier slug and that impacted right in the center of the chest Okay, we get the ballistic loaf up there Special thanks to, okay, 35 grain load On the back of all these bullets I put little markings. That’s why it looks kind of funky There as it impacted the gel there wasn’t a great amount of cavitation So I’m really hoping that when Tim does his test he’s going to really just max out the powder on these things and see what these things can actually do all right how to do to the ballistic loaf yeah again I Aimed it a little bit low right? Point of aim was about here point of impact again high left See the little X mark, I’m good of an x mark Went through no problem, It’s good-looking gel there. Kind of bubbly you know a manatee flesh Bubbly oak or something All right, let’s hopefully we get some good information and ballistic data from that stuff. Yeah. I Hope you guys enjoyed that little journey through this ballistic testing of these lehigh defense extreme penetrator bullets We have a couple different other types of lehigh bullets that we’re gonna be testing both in 50 Cal So stay tuned for that if you haven’t subscribed already be sure to subscribe so you can catch those Anyway again, I want to thank our Patreons for their generous support Thanks for watching

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  1. Yet another great video
    Thank you for making this.
    Danny is like good wine, he keeps getting better with age.
    Seriously though, he is awesome.
    Hard choice between him and officer Gregg for best shooter.
    Cheers and best wishes from Denmark 🙂

  2. geoff, is there a way to film in super slow motion the deformation of the gas sealpiston upon firing?
    do you think it crushes those 2 suspension tubes completley flat and if so can you 'tune' the strength of those tubes to adjust the impact of any said slug? thankyou and keep up the good work.

  3. Hi. I know you probably wont read this but ill ask anyway, could you shoot 0.2 gram 6mm airsoft BB's please
    Like if you want to see
    Keep making the cool vids

  4. You should check out some of the other videos done on that projectile (the xtreme penetrator – doesn't have to be 50 BEO) they don't ever really cause big cavitation, but (as implied) penetrate a LOT. Lehigh offers an xtreme defender bullet also, which does cause larger cavitation – maybe give that a go.

  5. I have a suggestion for something you could try next. I read on an old forum post about someone supposedly achieving good accuracy from a smooth bore shotgun by wrapping a .69 caliber round ball in a bit of old t-shirt, twisting a tail on the end and tying the tail with a piece of string. They then cut the tail to about 3/4 of an inch and loaded it using a wad with the petals trimmed down. Theoretically this would create a drag-stabilized shuttlecock effect

  6. Deadeye strikes again!,
    adjusting to the different powder loads on the fly, windage etc,
    excellent setup Jeff, excellent shooting Danny and big thanks to Tim for the .50's and idea!
    keep 'er rolling guys, I love these video's!

  7. cool how you filmed the dragonfly at 6:48 and then again in the next scene in the top right corner at 6:54! Would have also been incredible with the chronos in slow-mo……

  8. On things like this, perhaps you'd have better results with IMR 800-X. It has a slower, lower pressure burn then many other powders and its great for irregular 12ga loads I've found

  9. Since it's Halloween time I was eating a couple of those Candy Corn Pumpkins and I'm wondering what would happen if you loading one of those like a slug into a shotgun

  10. hi i have ask a question… why is so popular in U.S the pump action shotgun? i mean in my country (Greece) everybody buys a semi auto shotgun or a doublebarrel…and the most ridicilus , pump action shotguns are cheper than the other i mentioned.

  11. Hey Jeff… Its Jeff, Wait what? Lol I've heard that two layers of MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) 3/4 inch a total of 1 1/2 inch would stop an AK47 7.62 round. I can't confirm that but would like to see what a Foster slug would do to it. can i get your mailing address so I can make up a few MDF targets and send them to you Maniacs to test out!

  12. What shotgun do you suggest me to buy for a shooting range? Rifled barrel, rifled choke or a smoothbore? If i use classic slugs?

  13. Once more, thank you very much for the excellent videos. I am going to comment once more on the lead target. The lead slab or plate is a very nice "standard" way to compare momentum, kinetic energy and hardness of different projectiles. This is more evident if you use always a lead plate of the same weight, diameter, thickness and shoot from the same distance. That is very clear in this video and the previous "brass knuckle" video the effect of brass being harder than lead. For sure you guys tested lead projectiles of similar kinetic energy and momentum to these brass projectiles and they did not go through. It is also interesting to see what happens to the lead target when you use projectiles made of other materials like aluminium or 3D printing…

  14. 4:38 Did anyone else notice the 'rifled' twist in the lead left behind by those 4 cavities of the round? And with the 35 grain shot the hole in the lead is almost square… These videos really blow my mind sometimes.

  15. I'm surprised Danny is only slightly left, seeing as how you guys are in California. 😀

    I'm not surprised those Extreme Penetrators don't cavitate much. They're designed to penetrate large tough animals as deeply as possible(They are called Extreme Penetrators after all). .22 Plinkster shot a 10mm Lehigh penetrator through bullet resistant glass. I know of one guy carrying A USP loaded with .45 super EP in Alaska for a grizzly defense sidearm, but as backup to a 12 gauge with Brennekes.

  16. I don't know how else to get ahold of you but I had a recommendation. I just saw another video from another channel that he shot steel wool and candle wax. And then he shot a chopped-up steel wool. He was trying to make sure it wouldn't go through a wall to hit another person. He does not have as good of cameras as you and does not load the rounds as good as you. Jeff I really think you should take a whack at this! The channel I saw it on was Demolition Ranch

  17. The cross shape should be effective agenised vampires now if you make it out of silver it would also be good agenised werewolves.

  18. Is there any way you could get a ballistic chronograph? I think it would help in determining optimal powder loads, and more info for your viewers, like me!

  19. Americans claim it's Monsanto contaminating their food supply, when in reality it's these guys!
    I still love it though

  20. Would you guys be willing to fire an Armand Carcano Round from a Shotgun? And I mean just the Bullet. Anyways this was amazing. I love watching your videos, I learn so much.

  21. At 4:34 you can see the effect of the "+" tip on the bullet. And at 5:56, you can see 2 of the 3 holes are square.

  22. I suggest a lead bullet of the exact design but I would put a soft front on it and a hard lead rear so you have two different lead hardness in one to expand one to penetrate give that a shot

  23. The reason it’s always high left is because that’s what your compensation (jerk) is. Seen you shoot many times, breathing works and don’t jerk.

  24. I just listed a bunch of supplies on ebay to do this, everything but powder and bullet. 6-14-8 search "ballistic products rss"

  25. Hi What's the difference between calibre 12 mm cartridge slug brenneke copper gold and vs slug brenneke normal calibre 12 mm ?

  26. Cool. How about the same projectile design in a regular, full 12 ga size slug at about 1500 fps? Should be massive damage.

  27. "wasn't a great amount of cavitation" in the ballistic loaf? I'd hate to get hit with it. It cavitated the hell out of it, it just didn't keep rebounding like with some of your other loads. Love what guys are doing!

  28. Why does it HAVE to be a rifled bbl? Maybe thats why it wasnt shooting straight. Rifling throwing it off. A couple smooth bore shots for comparison would be interesting.

  29. 9:52 – Isn't the Lehigh Defense Penetrator – as the name says – mostly for penetration, and not as much for cavitation?
    Thx a bundle for your vids. Lots of info's to be found in them. Thumbs up

  30. I wish they made these bullets was .510 diameter so I could shoot them in my 50 caliber lever action, they look like some awesome bullet

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