5-Year Old Tragically Kills Baby Sister with Rifle ‘Made for Youths’

you know you always hear goes though
kill people people kill people we have often told u that is not
necessarily the case they sell come on out of the apartment is on the d_m_z_ both for your well oftentimes the gun will malfunction into
uh… you know go off when it’s not supposed to in fact on gun appreciation day five different workshop gun shows this goes went off accidentally in one case safety booth three people were shot by a gun that
went off biaxin and unfortunately time after time there
these tragic stories were kids when editing kill the father uh… kill the seven year old and
instruct as useful ms gonna in the car so sad and today we have another story that is incredibly sad in southern kentucky and five-year-old accidentally shot his two-year-old
sister but twenty two caliber rifle that he
received his again our rightful behind year-old they said the mother was in the house of
the time you know apparel of the rifle was out in
open are in the corner of the room anne for
got there was a show on it but that’s exactly my point you’re gonna forget one day that there’s
a show on the gun and a five year old is going to get it accidently shoot his
two-year-old sister she said and here’s what the report on it said white golden
newspaper the boy receive the rifle me for use last year and is used to
shooting it how five-year-old r_u_ gracie you’ve got a five-year-old this issue me
a rifle middlesex even crazy its arrival me for
use working rifles for five-year-olds route and i wonder often and how did she died uh… what a tragic accident yet tragic
accidents happen if you continually put a loaded gun in a five year olds heads
how crazy are we as a country having guns don’t kill people
five-year-olds true iceland jr was saying before the show
today guns don’t kill people rifles made for
five year olds do uh… this is a second this man insect cultural sickness that we have to have a godly everybody
said including a five girls what happens all in a way to stop uh… good guy
five-year-old is uh… or a bad guy five-year-old is a
good guy five-year-old what should we have done to prevent this
five row from juries hero sister there’s a two-year-old arrival specially
made for two-year-olds yet that comes out of the house you’re
gonna forget one day you’re gonna have a loaded they’ve gotta grab it and it’s
going to be a tragic accident you think it can happen you and every
family that it’s happened to applaud it couldn’t happen to them get that god
damn guns out of the house you think you’re going to be a tough guy
and is going to be an intruder when you’re gonna stop adding you’re
gonna be the hero of the town you can’t wait to use a gun in teacher son you
can’t wait the least what seven nine eleven years old at the gym you got to
do what he’s five anything nothing is ever going to go
wrong and we’re all gonna be heroes no you’re not some is far more likely to go wrong and have a
family member die because of it get the guns out of the house i know a lot of you don’t believe me and
you think not i know jeg it doesn’t understand why second-amendment rights
and how awful i am with guns and how my family will never make a
mistake until of course one baby girl and a two year old is dead that’s what guns do make tell people especially if you decide on for five
year olds army for fleiss say how safe are we

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