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There you go folks. Look his side arm is on his right hip And he’s holding a bucket in his right hand That’s gonna slow him down! (confused) Look it there he’s got it in the
right right hand now It’s good I mean the left hand that’s it shit
I’m getting confused already We got something folks
It’s a bear he’s charging! (Scaring off the bear with loud shouts) hey hey hey hey! We got something folks
It’s a bear he’s charging! (Scaring off the bear with loud shouts) hey hey hey hey! We got something folks
It’s a bear he’s charging! (Scaring off the bear with loud shouts) hey hey hey hey! We got something folks
It’s a bear he’s charging! (Scaring off the bear with loud shouts) hey hey hey hey! We got something folks
It’s a bear he’s charging! (Scaring off the bear with loud shouts) hey hey hey hey!
The bear is charging Don’t miss it man we gotta get out in the
open! The bear’s charging don’t miss it! (Greg) Don’t turn your back to it
Don’t run don’t run. Stay close Eric (Eric)Keep up up back we going alright
(Greg) Shh Quiet I can hear him huffing
(Eric)Back easy (heavy breathing) He went up in the forrest left.
(heavy breathing) (Greg) False charge
(sounds of seagulls in the background) (Greg) Hit that lower trail
(Eric)Yeah let’s hit that lower trail Watch our flanks
He was on the left (Greg) He’s gotta go through to many draws
right now (Eric) Yeah, well, lets keep on backing up
(sounds in the background) That’s a boat (Greg) Shh!
(Eric) Do you see him? Keep backing up man slowly
(Dog barks in background) (Heavy breathing with loud crunching footsteps)
(Eric) Take the lower trail (Greg) I’ll watch this you watch you watch
the front (Eric) I got the left and I got the back
(seagulls squawking in background and dogs barking)
(Greg) That was a good little browny wasn’t it?
(Eric) Yeah, but it aint over yet though bro (Greg) Did you hear him huffing?
(Eric) I heard the fucker huffin’ yeah whoa whoa
He’s gonna come up that if he comes up that ridge
(Greg) If he comes close we’ll blast him. We got a 44 magnum man
(Eric) Yeah, but you got six shots you can’t fucking miss dude
(Strained panicked voice) C’mon back up! Let’s go back up! You ain’t fuckin’
(Greg) Settle down (Eric) Let’s get the fuck out of here man!
(Greg) We’re cool (Eric) Fucking dude let’s go!
C’mon man let’s make some distance! (Greg) Hey, settle down settle down
(Eric) Settle down? You’re fucking standing there in a trap!
(Greg) Stay close They can smell the fear. Let’s walk around
we’re cool (Eric) I don’t got fear I want distance
You got the gun I got a pair of fucking pliers! (Greg) False charge man he charged us and
went on again If he wanted us he’d have us by now
(Eric) No shit (Greg) But there’s more than one so just kinda
don’t back.. don’t turn your back..I got this way
(Eric) Dude, I got the front and the back (Greg)
You haven’t got the front. You walk this way I’ll walk this way
(Eric) Here’s what’s around us folks. If you spot
a bear if you spot that bear again let us know
Let me turn this off for a minute so I can look properly
Ah, we’re fucking looking at directions now man
(Greg) No we aren’t. Here’s where the river is it’s right here
They can be well hidden in this tall grass (Eric) No fuck I mean no kidding. Keep your
eyes open man I am bringing a side arm next time
Twelve bullets are better than six (Greg) I had one in the car for you
(Eric) You do? (Greg) Fucking A!
(Eric) You should have told me that (Greg) I said you wanna wear a gun? You said
no. I could of had one right here (Eric) You said a gun not a pistol. I thought
you meant a rifle. I’ll take the fucking shortcut…go ahead.
Ahh! (Greg) We’re pretty close to that damn boat
launch though (Eric)
There’s the back folks. Checking out the back. (Eric) That’s what you call a false charge
man but that sucker was big We did finally see a bear but…we got away,
we got away all right I told you God was with us. Oh, shit! That
ain’t it man. Just jokin’ with ya, just jokin’ The bear was real though
(Greg) Look around (Eric) Here we go big man’s gonna shoot his
gun. We fucking we gonna be out of bullets


  1. Why do white folks hunt out there next to the Grizzly? What if it’s hibernation season and the hungry bears are still out there starving? Smh

  2. I’d have my lookout guy carrying a 12ga with some foster slugs and double aught buckshot, and a 44 magnum. Honestly, it’s real easy to miss with a 44, especially to only get 5-6 shots with your heart racing. I’m taking no chances

  3. There's no way in hell i would challenge a Grizzly Bear with a 44 Magnum over any Revolver for that matter. I would be carrying a AR-15

  4. Lol, settle down. I like the guy with the gun. Nerves of steel. He was enjoying the process. The process of seeing who was top predator in the woods. He won:)

  5. That handgun is a false sense of security. I promise you that bear isn’t even going to slow down if you shoot it in the face. You best have multiple shotguns and bear mace in territory like that.

  6. Let the cameraman carry the bucket that way you can quickly and safely get two hands on that revolver. Every shot must hit that bear to slow it down but it might not drop the bear because remember bears have adrenaline also and the bear can be on you in a matter of seconds so every shot must hit the bear in the face and head. Any body shots and you can forget about it.

  7. Lived in Port Alexander on Baranof Island in SE Alaska for about 8 years and there were two large salmon hatcheries nearby. The 3 "ABC" Islands, Admiralty, Baranof, and Chichagof Islands have the largest Brown Bear Population in Alaska. AKA the "Brown Bear Capital of the World" A deer hunter was mauled and killed by a brownie about 15 years ago up on the ridge. They only found half of him. The weapon of choice for most fishing guides and locals on the rivers up there is a 12 gauge with buck shot or #4 shot in the chamber and back of the tub and (Dick) Prenekey slugs in the front. Hit them in the eyes/face with the buck shot and in the skull with the slugs when and if they get closer. Easier to hit a moving object with a shotgun/long gun and good ammo availability. A 45/70 government is a traditional bear gun. I'd want a 50 cal if i could afford or carry it!!!! It's your life man, you can't afford to miss. If you get buck fever don't even think about venturing out up there.

  8. Fuck a holster…would be in my hand the whole time…tough guy lookn for an encounter…wants a reason to bust off….

  9. The fucking bear walked out onto the road, saw you, then went back into the woods. Two steps on the same road you were on is NOT a "charge"! This is ancient click-bait bullshit.


  11. so did you make any money with ya redneck car wash ?
    what you walking around in grizzly bear territory with a bucket and sponge looking for water for retarded or something.
    don't ever forget that you are a idiotic moronic retarded goose my dear friend! a goose yes a goose indeed, so please stop littering youtube with your brains diarrhea like it's your personal mental toilet cos along with all your mental peers brain turds you are causing blockages making good material hard to find SO FUCKIN FUK RIGHT OFF RETARDED BRAIN FART!

  12. Big revolvers are false security in that close of an encounter, how many times in 2 seconds do you think you were going to hit him with a .44 mag ? also he was one handed, he would have missed. now the bear is pissed and full of adrenaline.
    one shot one kills are a fantasy with a charging bear, they can live for many seconds later even with a good kill shot.
    in those seconds hes dead but doesn't know it yet, and he's tearing YOUR ARM up, you better be putting more bullets into his dead body. YOUR ARM ??? yes, I pray you will instinctively give it to him ?
    WHY ?
    cause your mags still got rounds and you want to live, but mostly it keeps him from his real target – your skull.
    A good caliber in a semi auto is way better choice…. mine happened to be a 10mm, thank God.

  13. Bears can be sneaky. Sometimes they’ll pretend that they ran off but they are actually stalking you. These guys know whatsup and so do most people who spend a lot of time in the woods.

  14. I wouldn't make it 5 minutes with the dude filming before taking his ass back to town and never bringing him in the woods again.

  15. I wouldn't be talking in a normal tone that's for sure. When you are being hunted you speak in hushed tones so you can hear what's going on in your surroundings.

  16. .44 magnum is bad ass. I love how confident you were with that bad ass pistol. Both you men are cool. Great video. thank you.

  17. title should read "5 seconds from death…annoying dickhead with a camera is pissing off a guy with a gun and a bucket!"

  18. “He’s charging!” 🤣🤣🤣 that bear literally did the equivalent of a person looking out the window and wondering what the neighbors are fighting about, welp none of my business and back to watching tv.

  19. Very brave. We take for granted how easily your life can change in an instant. Here is an interview I filmed of a Grizzly bear attack victim Jordan Carbery , warning there are some graphic content

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