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5 of the most badass snipers of all time – Feat. John Cena

– Snipers throughout history have played an important role in the
military helping win wars and, in some cases, stopping
others from starting them. But duty takes dedication,
years of training, and a unique mindset. Here’s a list of some of
the most badass snipers in US military history. First up is Carlos Norman Hathcock, United States Marine Corps, serving as a sniper
with 93 confirmed kills. Keep in mind, a confirmed kill meant an officer was present in
addition to his spotter. But, if you ask Sergeant
Hathcock, himself, he’ll tell you that
number was upwards of 400. Next on our list is one of the
deadliest snipers in history. Chuck Mawhinney, holding the record for most confirmed kills by
a Marine Corps sniper at 103 confirmed and 216 probable kills. His 16 months of action in Vietnam made a huge impact on the war. On Valentine’s Day, 1969, Mawhinney encountered an enemy platoon and, with swift action, killed 16 North Vietnamese
Army soldiers in 30 seconds and as close as just 25 yards away. Representing the US Army, Adelbert Waldron recorded 109 kills over 16 months while serving in the 9th Infantry Division in Vietnam. Waldron was assigned boat
patrol along the Mekong Delta and, at one point, even
made a confirmed kill from a moving boat at 900 yards. His record stood unchallenged by any member of the US military. That is, until Navy Seal
Chris Kyle came along. Speaking of Chris Kyle, this distinguished SpecOps sniper served four tours during the Iraq War. And, in that time,
racked up over 160 kills officially confirmed by
the Department of Defense. Kyle’s bestselling book American Sniper inspired the Academy Award-winning
film of the same name. Now, you can go check out the
upcoming thriller The Wall everywhere on May 12 to see
how Aaron Taylor-Johnson and I take on a deadly Iraqi sniper with only a crumbling wall between us. Make sure to like this video,
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100 thoughts on “5 of the most badass snipers of all time – Feat. John Cena

  1. What about the White Death Simo Hayha, I mean he litteraly has the nickname "White Death" and held off the entire russian army for an extended period of time

  2. Am I the only person who noticed there are only 4 snipers on the list when it says 5 in that title?

  3. Bad enough you claim a top 5 snipers "of all time" and miss SGT Alvin York …. Should have known it was just going to be a commercial for another Hollywood recruitment film .

  4. You stupid americano forgot Simo Häyhä "the white death" he got over 500 confirmed kills in just 100 days he got shot in his face with explosive bullet and he went to coma he woke up to find out his already ugly face being destroyed and the war ended…

  5. you can't say that only the us has the mist badass snipers of all time. have you even heard of the white death?

  6. Where were the German and Finish snipers? I know this is a US military channel but you put of all time.

  7. I don't think they gave Hathcock enough credit in this vid. They should have mentioned that he wrote the book on modern sniping in the U.S. military.

  8. Why does the vid say "5 of the most badass snipers of all time" when only 4 are mentioned?
    1. Carlos Hathcock
    2. Chuck Mawhinney
    3. Adelbert Waldron
    4. Chris Kyle

  9. when I heard the first time the movie "The Wall" I thought it was some Donald Trump movie… :/
    Was I the only one?

  10. fuck this what about Simo Hahya. he had over 500 confirmed kills but the number of kills he probably had was well over 1000

  11. 5 of the most badass yet then it goes 5 best us snipers very subtle even though the 2 best are russian and finnish and the longest shot kill shot was made by a british sniper btw it was over a mile

  12. this list a very selective of counties. "Simo Häyhä, “White Death”, Sniped Over 542 Soviet Soldiers in WWII."
    he holds the record for most confirmed kills and has a place in the first guise book of world records. and to top it off, he used no scope, advanced sights or binoculars. he server for in the polish army for 6 mouths. but lost 40% of his jaw to a 30MM mortar.

  13. What about Canadians, we're known for our marksmen. Or the British sniper that is so good that the government won't release his name for fear of him being killed while off duty. Just because you're proud doesn't mean you can't include the rest of the world.

  14. a single russian had more kills alone then ALL us snipers combined…….wtf……call the video American toughguy snipers, and not the best of all times, then the US is not even on the top 100 list

  15. This is really Propaganda at it's best.
    All those men are great sniper for sure, but you simply can not write a list about the best sniper ever and forget Wasilli Zaitsev.
    It's like counting all Planets in our Solar System and forgeting the Earth.

  16. This video is so American, only talk about America.

    The WW2 ace "white death" because, I'm not going to try and spell his name. He had 500 confirmed kills and 1,127 probable kills.

  17. Haha so weird hearing John cena say chuck mawhinneys name….Chuck is a friend of my deceased mothers when I was a kid. Absolutely one of the nicest and kindest guys I ever knew, and we didn't know anything about his military service until the history channel started interviewing him like 15 years ago. I remember being pretty shocked to find out he'd killed so many, partially because he never spoke of it or mentioned it, but also just because he was so damn nice. He wasn't like some of the other of my parents friends….he was always nice and always spoke to us kids like we were real people. I'm in town now after being gone for 12 years or so, and I think I'll look him up. Itd be a treat to visit with him as an adult I think. Anyways cool video, great to see chuck acknowledged for his service. He deserves it as a man, and from everything I've heard and read as a soldier.

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