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5 Most OP Weapons in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild | Austin John Plays

What’s going on boys and girls what’s up
world Austin John plays here and today we’re gonna be talking about the five
most overpowered weapons and Legend of Zelda breath of the wild while we’re
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power wireless charger with the code on screen at the link below legend of zelda breath the wall is just
over a year old and after playing through the game the dlc and now i’m
trying to 100% master mode on stream i want to put together a little list of
the five most overpowered weapons in the game now this isn’t just a list of
weapons compiled and compared by their best power rating but a lot of the items
in the list are here for various reasons such as their functionality special
attributes and things that make them stand out amongst the rest this is the
time that in every YouTube video they say without further ado and I was trying
to think of a good thing to say instead of saying without further ado but I
couldn’t think of one so without further ado let’s get into it
number five bomb and bomb plus if you ever tried to take on the trial of the
sword or played anything in master mode then you know the huge importance of
bombs and bomb plus for those of you don’t know bombs are upgraded at the
Hettie know tech lab for three ancient screws of the guidance stone after you
bring over the blue flame and heck you you get three agent screws before
leaving the gray plateau the regular bombs to twelve damage from bomb Plus is
24 but both inflict the same long-range knock back effect also you can be
standing super close to a bomb and as long as you’re holding up your shield
you’ll receive no damage and no knock back yourself
however enemies who are shielding while a bomb goes off
Aaron is lucky if you’ve ever been chased by a horde of enemies it’s a
great way to break them up and take them out one by one have you keep in the mind
the fact that neither mob wins normal Cobb Lin’s learned how to swim
that means it’s to death for them then you can find yourself able to clear out
a large group of enemies pretty easily number four savage Lionel Bo’s the
savage lonel bow with the base power of 32 launches three of whatever bow that
you haven’t quipped and since arrows are a rare commodity in this game
this essentially decreases your usage and increases your chance of hitting
your target that mixed with the chance that you have a chance to get yourself a
savage Lionel ball that shoots five arrows instead of three that only
increases your arrow saving the largest downfall of this bows its durability
rating which is only 45 which falls short of any of the third tier bows like
the Royal bow the great Eagle bow or even the steel is all bow now I’m gonna
show you a little trick that can be done with the savage lonel bow that I haven’t
covered in any other video before to duplicate your arrows so you could
duplicate the amount of arrows you have by making your way to a cooking pot like
this one right here set your arrow on fire before you shoot
and then shoot the ground this allows you to pick up three arrows even though
you only shot one and there you go just repeat that until your bow breaks and
you have yourself a good little inventory and wow just when you thought
I wasn’t gonna tell you anything interesting about the lionel bow that
you didn’t already know now if you didn’t know that trick do me a favor and
drop a like if you have it already number three the Royal Guard weapons and
the savage Lionel weapons now this one is hard for me to choose between the two
and it’s been an argument over which one is better for quite some time now so
let’s break it down the savage Lionel sword has a power of 58 with a max
enchantment up to 100 and the Royal Guard sword has a power of 48 max
enchantment 81 so as the savage Lionel sword wins the savage lonel spear versus
the Royal Guard spear were looking at 30 and 32 respectively with a max of 44 and
57 so the Royal Guard spear wins the Savage Lionel crusher and the Royal
Guard claim or the ones that you actually only care about are 78 and 70 –
respectfully with max roles of 108 and 116 but the base power aside the
durability of the Royal Guard weapons is just horrible the Royal Guard sword has
the durability rating of 14 that’s the same as a spiked Boko Club in fact all
the line of weapons are at least three times more durable than the Royal Guard
counterparts so factoring all the durability z’ and power the Lionel
weapons win by a long shot plus every Blood Moon you get up to 20
Lionel weapons if you know how to take down Lionel’s effectively but only for
Royal Guard weapons number two the a Chabot and Twilight bow I put the
Twilight bone here with the ancient boat because it’s amiibo locked and a very
rare drop from the smash zelda amiibo like I am me Bo spam for close to two
hours before getting that’s that’s how rare it is it was actually 1 hour and 12
minutes for me to get the dang Twilight bow so just think of it as an honorable
mention here the Twilight bow has a base power of 30
durability of a hundred and it comes with unlimited light arrows and you can
get an upgraded attack like mine right here is plus 13 but the magical thing
about it is that it has a range of 8,000 which is unheard of it’s actually a
longer range and then the bowl of light you know the endgame bow that you get at
the final scene of the game spoiler warning so if you shoot it in a straight
line it just keeps going in that straight line until it leaves the load
distance and then it just disappears also for the record I tried the Skyrim
thing that I shot it and then I fast traveled but it didn’t show up totally
it wasn’t a thing while the ancient bow doesn’t have any legendary distance it
does have many other advantages well first it has a range of 40 which is on
par with most of the long range bows such as the swallow and the Fenric bow
and as a durability of a hundred and twenty making it the most durable bow in
the game as damn well it should be since it costed me a giant a chacorta buy it
but the really awesome part about it is that its attack is boosted not only by
attack up but also by H of proficiency so if you used any bow with a fully
upgraded set of barbarian armor its attack increases by 50%
however the ancient bow with full ancient armor has an 80% boost in attack
so a single non-fish out attack to an enemy with a regular bow does 79 damage
which is more damage than a savage Lionel crusher to the face and that’s
just unheard of so I’m breaking the emerging here for a second from the
script that I wrote because I just had a crazy idea what happens if I have a
potion of attack up three with ancient proficiency with the ancient bow alright
I’m gonna do that real quick oh my god Wow okay so just tried this
out if you have a potion of attack up three and if you have full ancient armor
and you’re using the ancient bow a regular arrow will do 118 damage oh boy
just what I thought this thing was was great maybe this doesn’t deserve to be
number two maybe it deserves to be number one number one the powered up
master sword I know I know I know I know you thought it’d be here just hear me
out the master sword is complete garbage went unless you’re in Ganon’s castle or
unless you of the dlc we all know that but after trial of the sword dlc and
upgrading the master sword to its full power the fully powered-up master sword
is a beast it has a base power of 60 as a one-handed weapon making it the
strongest non upgraded one-handed sword in the game it glows blue whenever it’s
in your hand and who doesn’t love a little RGB in their life it can take
over 200 hits before needing to recharge making it one of the highest durability
weapons in the game when you have full health that shoots a beam out like in
the original NES game making you no longer age weapon as well
and it costs $20 well well the season pass DLC is $20 and it’s part of the
season past DLC and it takes like 2 and a half hours to get it but the sense of
accomplishment that you have after finishing the master trial is just
amazing and this is your trophy to show off your accomplishment then it’s always
your inventory and you’ll never be left without a weapon it’s like it’s like fee
is always by your side I just hope that you’re not like me and you got so used
to not using it before the DLC that now that after you fully upgrade it you just
forgot about it completely well guys this is my list of the five most LP
weapons and legend has held a breath of the bald I want to know your opinions is
there something that deserve to be on the list is something that didn’t
deserve to be on the list put a comment down below if you haven’t done so
already be sure to LIKE the video and if you’re new to the channel be sure to
subscribe and return on notifications as now you get options until next time
Austin John out

100 thoughts on “5 Most OP Weapons in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild | Austin John Plays

  1. I beat my final two divine beasts earlier today and may do some OTHER questing before I even think of going to Ganon and – need to ask something, if ya don't mind : Unless you've already done that Eventide Island, I was wondering if you know how to START it ? Do I need to have ANY weapons inventoried when I para-glide there or what ? I'm saving my Hylian shield for when I get ready for the fight with Ganon. 😀 Can't wait to kick his sorry butt.

  2. The most op dish is 4 mighty bananas and a dragon's Horn shard. horn specifically. just trust me on this.

  3. Thanks for the arrow tip, it really helped me because I just started playing like 6 hours ago ❤😁(P.S does it work with an ancient arrow?)

  4. The elemental weapons could be one of the more powerful weapons in the game. They can instantly kill some monsters and stun then for a little bit and make them drop their weapon. Not a lot of damage though.

  5. Austin : Than the light bow that you get in the final battle
    Austin Again : oops spoilers
    People who watched the vid that did no want to get spoiled : yes

  6. 1.that one kite shield that you threw away and then realized it was limited
    2. A stick
    3. A pot lid
    4. A leaf
    5. The clothes you have on at the start of the game

  7. The arrow trick at the bazar still works great. I use duplex bows only , no not as much of a return and. Only 15 shots so im only making 15 arrows from each but every time i talk to someone lately its a clan member. Now instead of being annoyed, i just collect enough duplex bows to make my bazaar trip well worth it.

  8. Awesome. I was about to buy the DLC and do the trial of the sword, but now theres no point because you showed the final cutscene in this video. Thanks!

  9. I actually always use the Master Sword despite not having it powered up to whittle down the enemy's health until it breaks before finishing it off with a strong weapon to preserve their uses.

  10. I’m pretty sure the best weapon is the savage lynel crusher with critical hit doing around 150 damage

  11. No real qualms with any of those entries, except for the fact that you didn't include elemental weapons in there, or the ancient shield.

    Elemental weapons: OHKO enemies with elemental weaknesses, stun lock with frost or shock, huge durability, utility with environmental interaction and climate management, and more! There's no way I'm running around without at least 1 weapon of each element as end game approaches.
    Ancient shield: to deal with guardians, taking it from needing a perfect block or endless hacking away at them to just "lock onto them and wait for them to kill themselves with zero risk and zero durability loss" is crazy OP. Technically not a weapon, still warrants inclusion.

  12. 2019 BOTW UPDATE:

    Guys don't use the black royal guard weapons or shields they break real easily no matter the power level get the gold ones instead. Also I just got a lynel weapon that's power level is 96.

  13. The royal guard weapons are better for throwing at enemies during thunderstorms than actually using them in battle

  14. Why am I just hearing about this arrow trick now? Clearly my fave BOTW guru go-to’s aren’t as go-to or as guru as I thought they were. Disappointed.

  15. (2:00)"There's no advantage to shield parrying the explosion." Wrong! Of course there is. There's two actually.
    1st advantage: you look dope af pulling it off.
    2nd advantage: no shield durability is consumed.

  16. Make a new one of these except do different segments for one handed, two handed, and bows also boomerangs and more things like that

  17. Yeah its nice that you do the how to, most op, and all that but you never did the walktrough of botw please do it we wanna see you playing

  18. Before the DLC I used the master sword the break rocks and cut trees more than using it on enemies. After the DLC it’s my main weapon.

  19. When should i use a spear, a sword and a huge and heavr sword… I mean always so for the spear because it has nore hits per second

  20. Me Thought That the bow of light only bow that shoot pee pee arrows
    So this is what I think of bow light dfzzdslzgsidSfuosfuoSdusdljkdvasiozsicodsaufocsahiohzd Twilight Bow Better

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