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5 Harry Potter Weapons in REAL LIFE

what of one of ninjas it is Chad wild
clay and forever you guys have been commenting to do Harry Potter weapons so
today we are gonna buy five Harry Potter weapons the real thing that toys and
we’re gonna test them out in real life here we go in the last video you saw me
crush my neighbors cars with a army tank and a lot of you were wondering
Chad how did you not get arrested for doing that well of course we got
permission to do that first and we bought our neighbor two new cars one of
which is his dream car the Batmobile check that out he is loving it so our
neighbor is no longer not happy with us he’s a very happy neighbor and so today
we get to go film outside again by the pool whoa and the first Harry Potter
weapon is the Sword of Gryffindor made a thousand years ago by goblins the
magical world’s most skilled metal workers pure silver in set with rubies
the stone that represents Gryffindor looky what we have here Harry Potter
Wizards Sword of Gryffindor all metal Godric with leather she $44.95 yeah this
thing looks awesome exactly like the sword in the books and in the movies
anyway let’s order this thing and test it out you know a legend persists in the
goblin community that Gryffindor actually stole this sword I don’t
believe it but now I stole it so now I got it let’s see what we got here ok
here is the leather sheet ok very lightweight take the sword out of the
plastic look at this Sword of Gryffindor very long I’m rolling over bubble wrap
if you guys hear some popping check out this beauty look at these engravings
here so we got a gem here lots of little gems all along this thing here and on
the on the sides here too I am very impressed with this sword isn’t that
super sharp but it’ll it’ll cut through some stuff
pretty good I think this is the second-longest sort that I have in my
weapons collection for sure I’ve got one that’s like taller than V you guys
probably remember that one now as you guys know we always take our weapons
outside and face off against some fruit ninjas but today we are gonna be facing
off against some fruit Dementors so let’s see how this sword performs but
wait I can’t go outside looking like this well I mean I can I mean check out
this awesome shirt that I’ve got here covered in ninja weapons if you guys are
wondering what it is it is a Chad wild clay shirt check this out it has CWC
right on the back and to go with this shirt check out this backpack like
blends in with my shirt you guys you can’t even see that I’m wearing it look
at that and check out this thing on the inside of the backpack here has a sweet
dragon with a blade coming up if you guys want to get this shirt or this
backpack they’re on sale right now click right here in the top right corner is
gonna be a little I right there also link to them down in the description
below but anyway enough about this cool merch selling like a god Church let’s
turn into Harry Potter and destroy some dementors Wow there we go now looking
more like Harry Potter let’s take the Sword of Gryffindor and head outside I am Harry Potter better than me I can’t
well you got the look down holy wow you look just like Harry Potter Harry Potter
very wild play yeah check out what I got here I got Gryffindor’s sword aura whoa Gryffindor oh yes oh she swings that up
slices my face off your face just slides right down from your stall that stores
not gonna do much against my awesome leather she’s now you do that Vy oops
I guess not bad spell you jinxed me sorry all right here we go that’s why I put the eyeball back on I gotta show you guys what I just found
here this concealed umbrella sword for 38 95 this thing looks frickin cool is
actually a real umbrella but then the handle comes out and the umbrella turns
into a sword so I would love to test this thing out I always give you guys a
thumbs up goal every video and if you hit it i buy this weapon and test it out
so let’s see if this video can hit 80,000 thumbs up if this video hits
80,000 thumbs up I’m gonna buy this concealed umbrella sword and test it out
in real life anyway next Harry Potter weapon is Hagrid’s crossbow he is the
half giant gamekeeper and his primary weapon is the crossbow ever since he had
broken his wand when he was expelled from Hogwarts back in 1943 he sometimes
kept his crossbow outside next to his door and often carried it for protection
when making trips into the Forbidden Forest yeah this thing looks pretty
close large wooden bamboo children’s toy crossbow with three bolts and quiver
sixteen dollars and 49 cents I like how it’s made out of wood just like Hagrid’s
is I think those arrows look just sharp enough let’s order this thing what do
you know Hagrid’s crossbow wrapped in a bunch of plastic come on out of here
Haggard’s crossbow alright here is the crossbow here is the quiver here’s the
the bow part and here is the gun it did not come with any instructions on how to
put this ago ha there’s a hole right here
and a hole right here I’m gonna go ahead and put this through there I’m assuming
I just screwed on in alright I finally got his crossbow put together here it’s
looking pretty good there’s a little trigger right down here so what you do
is you pull the string here all the way back towards the handle you pull it all
our back and it’s gonna go down into this little slot right here and then
when you’re ready to fire you pull the trigger and you can see a little piece
of wood comes up that’s going to make that string go here oh the strings gonna
push the arrow and just like so so this thing is gonna be great for firing at
Dementors from very far away let’s go ahead and take this outside test it out
in real life against some water emoji Dementors let’s do those
what is for this one I just I want Vy to say what it is what is this what is that
Vy I want you to get it right this time the bow and arrow no she calls
everything a crossbows but her problem more precise you guys remember which
character uses this crossbow from Harry Potter of course no no it’s the really
Nevil? butterbeer yes exactly oh my gosh hey great I totally knew that
I totally knew that all the Harry Potter fans are gonna be so disappointed everybody watch I’m gonna be like oh my
gosh you guys like Harry Potter I love token now I’m just going I mean I am a huge fan of the Harry
Potter world at Universal Studios yeah butterbeer yeah what do you guys like
better do you like the frozen butterbeer or do you like the just drink
butterbeer – seems like three different varieties of butterbeer let us know in
the comment down below what is your favorite type of butterbeer these kids
can’t drink here it’s not here in it Josh – oh is there butter and that makes no
sense guys no I don’t know why they call it that well last time you guys saw me
use or actually master the bow and arrow yeah yeah which ones to sharpen I don’t know I
don’t want to help you determine that okay I got it
oh my gosh I’m just gonna set the camera here just just right here I think it’ll
go right there perfect that’s a perfect shot and I’m gonna run away we’ll see
how this goes but those were legit metalheads first ever again one take wonder and a huge shout-out to audible who not
only sponsored this video but inspired it as well because they have all of the
Harry Potter audiobooks available to listen to including the Sorcerer’s Stone
the Chamber of Secrets the Prisoner of Azkaban you can they got them all if
you’re like me you were just like super busy with all of your ninja training and
that’s why audible is perfect because I can listen to their audiobooks and I can
feel like I’m in the book I can feel the hairs on the back of my neck standing up
and their audio performances are just so incredible I feel like I am transported
into another dimension then to the world of Harry Potter it’s
almost as if I’m Harry Potter himself kind of like I am today
audible has a crazy large library so any books you want to listen to there’s a
very good chance that they will have it definitely check out slash
Chad wild clay and start a free 30-day trial because your first audio book is
free go check it out at slash Chad wild clay grappa let’s get
into the next weapon which is Bellatrix’s dagger if you remember she
held this knife to air my knees throat in the spring of 1998 in Malfoy Manor
after having tortured air my knee into unconsciousness prompting Harry Potter
and Ron Weasley to rush to her rescue Olaf what I found here Bellatrix
Lestrange dagger by noble collection as seen in Harry Potter and the Deathly
Hallows yeah this thing looks identical Wow they like totally hand crafted this
to match identical to the movie this is perfect let’s test it out in real life
it’s the box of tricks actually no it’s Bellatrix it’s almost like a little
coffin it’s got foam padding and red cloth lining and here we have that
dagger Wow it’s actually pretty heavy guys super small and intricate
engravings don’t like a skull right on that handle very detailed very intricate
not too incredibly sharp but we are gonna easily
scare away any Dementors with this knife I think they’ve heard about this dagger
or this knife sometimes it’s called the dagger sometimes it’s called the knife
but I’m gonna call it Bellatrix’s dagger because we’re gonna walk with a swagger
and go outside with it and scare away some Dementors
here we go what is in the box what’s in the box what’s in the box
Bellatrix dagger Bellatrix I hardly know it tricks hey tell us a really bad joke
terrible check that baby out yeah everyone makes fun of me how I say
dagger so I’m trying to say dagger because they all make fun of me I’m from
Minnesota okay I’m in the fooled us and dagger – no I can’t say ready there I
don’t even know which one it is I mean I think they want me to say dagger into
the dagger dagger like Mick Jagger yeah and you know what I kind of liked about
this dagger is it came in this box which kind of looks like a coffin
Bellatrix sleepin him maybe I would not be surprised if she did sleep in a
coffin this is stagger have special powers as a
flow around by itself anything like you know that would have to be answered by
our in-house Harry Potter experts right through the screen here I’m pointing
that there are Harry Potter ninjas yeah wait a second Justin we didn’t do our
kick bump today no I would say I would like to throw
this dagger but I don’t want to ruin it you know cuz my miss and I hit the wall
miss Prudy she’s like a collector’s item you know it’s very very nice so I think
we’re just gonna we’re gonna go ahead and go like this and dab a dementor or
evil ninja Dementor are pretty demented of you oh yeah I think it is as you know
Dementors have been growing mustaches lately oh you know it’s a new look that
they’ve been trying out pretty good let me ask you this
alright would you hurt Dementor he taught you so much Oh was that too fast
too fast for my mentor why would you hurt the mentor the mentee he’s been
mentoring me for so long a mentor now I get it I’ll dab him in the back
that’s right behind you all your magic tricks Harry now I’m gonna betray my
mentor we mentor demons we mentor the mentor if you mess with me I cast the
spell of Aquaman T we were afraid our neighbors were gonna
get mad at us because he went in the tub so we fished him out really fast in the next Harry Potter weapon is that
bell symbol reminds me to thank all you notification ninjas who have that Bell
symbol turned on and who not only have it on but have the bell symbol ringing
because you guys get here quick you leave comments and I give you guys a
shout out at the end of every video so stay tuned to the end of this video I’m
gonna be shouting you guys out who left comments in the last video and the next
weapon we’re testing out from Harry Potter is the winged catapult it is one
of the forbidden objects hidden inside the Room of Requirement at Hogwarts
School of Witchcraft and Wizardry now I always kind of wonder why they called it
a catapult because where I’m from we always call it a slingshot
so do they just call slingshots catapults in the United Kingdom you guys
let me know in the comments down below do you call them slingshots or do you
call them catapult I found this the Beaman marksman laser Hawk folding the
slingshot for only $9.99 this is a catapult I guess I’m gonna order it
we’re gonna sling some shots here we go it’s accountable no with the slingshot
it’s whatever you call it I’m actually very excited to use this because I
always wanted one of these when I was younger and for some reason I just never
ever had one oh yeah this is gonna be fun guys so let’s see here if I know how
to use this put your hand right through through here and this goes on your wrist
or your arm because I pull back here it applies pressure this way and this will
go on my arm and give you some extra strength so I don’t have to just use all
of my wrist powers so I will put a rock or some sort of object right in this
little pouch here pull it back and into the lens okay I would never do that with
something in there I’d break this very expensive camera and I don’t want to do
that so let’s go ahead load this puppy up and go outside here we go well I’ve
got something special here what do you guys call this blank shot okay
what are you calling I thought I was at the doctor’s for a second I thought it
was like a stethoscope or something oh yeah listen is that how you talk when
you’re at the doctor’s office Justin is that how it’s supposed to go
I just felt a raindrop yep it’s starting to rain but you guys
made that happen with your Harry Potter oh yeah raise a storm from x-men around
here or what you know we always keep a few of them in our claws we do who we do
did you guys know that in the UK they call this a catapult Oh instead of a
slingshot I believe I believe that’s the case I’m actually very excited I never
have owned one of these did you ever have one Justin aho made you know
homemade with rubber bands are you kind of cool I’m gonna do a rubberband hack I
think oh yeah so I think what could we disturb is probably some emoji Dementor
balloons uh-huh just don’t shoot yourself a nice with it by accident let me try it again be now you’re ready Lord Voldemort has turned himself into a
watermelon or born are you a muppet now are you Swedish are you PewDiePie Justin
yeah Swedish Lord Voldemort beautiful work on my feet since Vy I already took
out one of the Dementors emoji water balloons she’s done half the work for me
but I’ve got my catapult okay slingshot looks like this guy already
had an accident with one I’ll see if I can get his other I did another second
eye patch going his eyes out now I’ve got a special spell for that Dementor
emoji over there it is that’s good that’s good bombard up Maxima that means
to bombard your enemy which is what I’m gonna be doing here in a maximum kind of
a way in a maximum kind of way right oh he laughs at you that Dementor is
really tough guys face he’s been in a couple fights you know you’re not gonna
get them that one little yard up you’re gonna have to bombard amor hard up this
is the for real bombard Oh Maxima alright that’s tough to mentor is the strongest
yeah it sounds like a Vy job yeah that time the magic words third time’s
the charm I just say you know it takes sometimes it takes three spells take out
a Dementor those are tough Dementors and we can’t do a Harry Potter weapons video
without using Harry Potter’s wand can we so let’s take a look at Harry Potter’s
wand 11 inches long made of Holly and possessed a phoenix feather core the
feather was donated by Dumbledore’s phoenix yeah here we’ve got Harry Potter
illuminating wand for $39.50 a recreation of the famous wand wave the
hand and the light goes on wave it again and turns off let’s become Harry water
Harry wah Harry wander let’s become Harry Potter and get his wand check this
now this looks awesome we’ve got Harry Potter’s wand with
illuminating tip comes in a pretty nice box here let’s open it up with the
wallet and the light goes on wave it again and it turns off very nice
check this wand out all of you guys who are huge Harry Potter fans let me know
if you think this is a pretty good recreation okay I’ve got the batteries
in the one and all you have to do it before I do that there is a little
button on the side of the wand here it says if you press it while the light is
on it will increase and decrease the intensity of the light so why don’t we
turn the lights off in here you can see how it looks alright guys here we go I’m
gonna back up a little bit here I’m gonna put my wand on there we go and now
check this out hopefully you guys saw that okay I’m
gonna have to do that again I think guys I understand it way back here I’m gonna
flick my wand up and now beware of the power of my waifu let’s try one more
here we go huge shout out to all you notification
ninjas who get here early leaving these awesome comments I’m shouting up your
comments right down here the ones that I thought were just hilarious really funny
or just really nice thank you so much for those and a huge shout-out to
audible be sure to go get your free audio book at slash chat
while clay link is in the description because not only are you getting a free
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then right here is another really awesome
fruit ninja video I will see you guys real soon with a brand new video

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