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5 Game of Thrones Gadgets in REAL LIFE

what up what up it’s Chad Wild Clay and you
have been commenting like crazy to buy Game of Thrones weapons, test them out in
real life, so today we are buying five weapons from the Game of Thrones HBO
series and testing them out here we go And the first game of Thrones weapon is
the catspaw dagger the Valyrian steel dagger used in the association a temp
against Brant on season one oh that dagger looks awesome it’s not exactly
like cat’s paw dagger but does have a wickedly shaped blade and I am just
really liking this thing so I’m going to go ahead and order that so we could test
this out I am going to walk with a swagger when I’m carrying my cat’s paw
dagger masters collection I’m going to be a master when I’m carrying this
around that looks incredible wow that is a nice thick sheath I guess they would
call that and it’s got a good loop in it I can put it on my belt it’s trapped in
there so it’s not going to fall out or my enemy is not going to grab it and
take it from me but when I’m ready to use it clip open the loop there and pull
it out wow that is nice and shiny and sharp Wow
who that point comes to a sharp point love the design on this blade look how
cool that is I’ve read somewhere that this is for
when you stab it into your enemies and pull it out additional damage is caused
by this rigid edge right here I love this handle you put your three fingers
here on this section and then your pointer finger up on this top section
and there is a little bit of a guard here as well to protect your fingers if
there’s another blade coming towards you you could probably trap your enemy’s
blade right in here or at least deflect it away from your hand yeah this is
going to do an incredible job of slicing up any fruit we put in front of it so
does so we’re going to go outside and test this crazy blade out here we go
what up what up I’m out here with my buddy Justin behind that camera so Kick
Bump all right so here Justin we have the cat paw dagger from Game of Thrones
Oh check this bad boy out you oh it makes you perm like a little kitty cat
yeah our fruit ninja foes are not going to be purring like little kitties when they
get sliced in two with this cat’s paw dagger I really like this blade just
check out the handle it has a little point right here perfect for your finger
to fit into for your pot if it oh I got big paws do you have big claws and I
need to protect my big claws with these little flector picker like that yeah so
another enemy can come in if it bounces off catch it right in there and
then you’re like yeah like they do that in game apparel ones don’t they well
there’s more than one way to skin a cat oh I am NOT the Game of Thrones expert
but I’m sure these guys are experts because they know exactly where this
blade came from who used it you guys can let us know down below catch us up on
our game of Thrones guys exactly but no spoilers right speaking of spoiler let’s
go get some spoiled fruit to slice into yeah man I’m so mad I’m red are you mad
that you’re going to be battling this and you think you’re going to lose or
what man you think de well I don’t think I can fit you I know and this a heads up
I’m using the GoPro so as you guys can see what it looks like from my
perspective what I’m gonna do to fool you buddy I’m gonna do a kick right over
your head just to prove I can kick over your head and then I’m gonna spin around
and get you with the blade Oh white guy huh yeah wise guy get it all right four
out of you know you got hit good this time wow I got
some on my camera on my knees huh but it felt good and it smells good it smell
nice and sweet oh you know it really does
now all the bees are gonna want to come back at me looks like I got them right
in the forehead here look at that puncture tooned no I guess yeah I think
the cat’s paw dagger is a tough one while I was researching weapon number
two I came up with an idea I want to get your guys’s opinion on so what I want to
do is I want to create a new series in addition to the video you’re currently
watching because right now I don’t upload videos on Wednesdays so I’m
thinking what if I made a new video for Wednesdays where I took one character
versus the other and we could see who won whose weapons were better so I’m
thinking for the first one I should do Deadpool vs. Batman and see who would
win so if you guys want you to make that video go ahead and give this video a
thumbs let’s see if we can get this video to 90,000 thumbs up if we hit
90,000 thumbs up I am definitely doing that video of Deadpool vs. Batman whose
weapons are better who would win in a fight
etc alright let’s do it let’s get into weapon number two for Game of Thrones it
is Arya Starks needle it is a Finn sword given to her by Jon Snow this sword is
well suited to Arya slight build as she and the needle are much better suited
for the water dance style of fencing looking online for this weapon here I
came across the medieval needle sword for $79.95 this thing looks awesome it
looks very similar to what she uses in Game of Thrones yeah this thing looks
perfect let’s go ahead and order it if you’re battling evil and are you
starch needle is what you need you need the needle well this thing is long I
don’t know if you guys can see it on that overhead shot there we go
wow this is nice really loving the case that the blade is encased in here has
really nice design on it definitely looks old school looks medial looks like
something you’d see in Game of Thrones yeah I’ve never seen that sheath quite
like this made out of metal and has a lot of decorative features on it I don’t
know what these are for they look like keychains to me I don’t think they’re
for putting your keys on though it’s got a decorative curved handguard to protect
your fingers and hands with here let’s check the blade out whoa was not
expecting that hopefully you guys can see this so as I’m pulling the blade out
lots of little engravings on the blade itself there’s an eagle and then a bunch
of symbols here very very skinny it does remind me of a fencers sword really
well-made had all the engravings and designs on this just makes it look super
professional I would definitely hang this up on the wall it’s not sharp the
tip is also not sharp definitely this would be great for cosplaying if you had
a costume medieval costume or Game of Thrones costume this would go along
great with that I think it’s just sharp enough to chop up some fruit and ninjas
though so why don’t we go outside meet with aria aka Vee and have her chop up
some fruit ninjas here we go and we have Arya Starks Needle are you start where
are you we need Arya Stark are you here are ya where are ya Oh no you were behind there you are Oh what
is this this is your needle Oh oh yeah you can use it to make sweaters ah my
knitting me yeah exactly check out this awesome sheath on this
thing it’s made out of metal oh I think oh that’s a bit like it’s not even sharp
ah there you go ah the blade yeah there you go
it’s kind of like a fencing sword what are these little ring for you know it’s
for hanging your keys on so out of Arya drives a really nice cars oh it’s a
better keys it just makes things more efficient yeah Game of Thrones that’s
really sweet giggles yeah you can also wear those
rings on your fingers too yeah procuring your sword like this you get to
dispassion with fashion accessory weapons that how many things oh I do
I did a Spanish you break that all I gotta do is go Sheila what do I do
are you ready to chop up some fruit ninjas always Game of Thrones how about
a game of chopping fruit since this blade kinda looks like a
fencing sword I’m going to step in and give it a good thrust right you ready exploded was cold and super hot out here
that’s why you picked the water even I am looks pretty and it cools you off how
we have a whammy you still sticking this out and a huge shout-out to audible who
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book is free let’s go check it out at AU slash chadwildclay and weapon
number three for the game of thrones we are testing out is Oberyn Martell spear
this spear was turn – eight feet long the shaft smooth the last two feet of it
is steel a slender leaf shaped spearhead narrowing to a wicked spike and this
spear is going to be perfect it’s actually a hidden blade a walking stick
for $79.95 it’s very long it’s very pointed very sharp this will do the
trick you guys have seem to use this in an
older video so let’s just go ahead and grab it
the game of Thrones is here and I have the spear collapsible try as heavy spear
powerful piercing points it comes with a black nylon g10 straps I can carry this
around check this spear out it comes in three
sections here one long section and two short section
it’s very easy you just screw them together like this and then you have
your metal walking stick also could be used as a sort of a baton or a small
bowl staff if you will but the really cool part is is the hidden blade right
at the end here so we just unscrew this end piece here please unscrew this
section here and underneath you have your hidden blade and then you can take
this piece pull out the end here and you have a really nice long throwing spear
or certainly a lot of spirit where you can just tell someone like six or seven
feet away so this thing is crazy sharp and we are going to go outside and see
what we can puncture with this spear all right let’s do it copy me oh no I’m not a further soda
Chad yes your chopping Vy ninja that can’t be well be ninja what do you got
there time I’m sorry pretty close it could also be used as a walking stick
right okay the good size walking stick for you do that oh there’s a thing here
Oh Jon the clue you found a clue let’s write it are you ready for the big
reveal Oh Oberyn Martell the spear is here I
was going to say have no fear the spear is here but you should be very fearful
because of this spear it’s a three sided spear I was throwing it around a little
bit so I better tip my dad Oberyn Martell would never bend the tip of the
spear I know him very very well him and I go way back we’re good friends oh yeah
back in spear throwing class that we had together well when you throw over and
spear it’ll be over and done with that’s for sure
you guys can work on your kick box yeah it’s just the height difference is
really difficult that’ll be hard I mean it does take a
very skilled ninja to do if I’m proud right so it does it’s the hardest it’s
the hardest move to master innocence you got to be a double degree blackbelt
today we are spearing some evil fruit and and just maybe a soda a ninja we’re
not sure yet there’s also some evil emoji water balloon in just ravaging the land we need to go take them out let’s go right now we’re
being invaded be is going to be throwing some fruit ninjas at me and I’m going to
be ready to stab them in mid-air oh you’re going to thrust straight forward
in that’s why I’m going to stab and then I’m gonna dab oh right I’m just kebab
guys that’s an unfortunate looking pepper ninja we got there oh yeah I have
to farm I mean yeah we’re making my all right and then dirt
tomatoes there’s you tomato but all the way down and then it was
food all the way back on rusting today hey yeah so we went all the way through
all the way down and then all the way back up that was so cool you had a shish
kebab for a second time yeah I was trying to make one but then it just one
of yous just come on these you want to buy to this justify there we go take a
nice bite of this shish kebab be how and the next game of Thrones weapons we are
testing out in hope that bill symbol reminds me to thank all you guys who are
part of the notification squad you guys are the notification ninjas thanks so
much for having that Bell symbol turned on and not only that the Bell is black
but it is ringing because that gets you guys here early and I’m going to be
using your comments at the end of every video featuring you guys given you a
shout out so let’s get into the next game of Thrones weapons which is Arya
Starks bo staff in the episode titled a girl with no name Arya mastered the art
of the bo staff spatial awareness and even got her vision back we’re going to
check out the natural oak tapered bo staff this is actually a slightly
different bo staff than the one we previously used it starts at $24.95 and
comes in multiple different lengths so let’s go ahead and order this thing well
you better not laugh because I have a bo staff this thing is crazy long and tall
check it out I’ll see if I could show you guys here it is taller
well almost taller than me I am very tall I am 64 inches that is 1.93 meters
for all you guys not in the United State this bo staff is tapered meaning the
edges are much thinner and then as you get towards the center of the bo staff
it becomes thicker and thicker this is where you’ll hold your hands and then as
it gets to the end it gets thinner as well again so that allows you to spin it
around faster with the edges being skinnier like this now this one’s a
perfect length for me because it’s about my height but V she needs a shorter one
good thing I’ve got another shorter one here so you can kind of see the
difference here one is okay well you probably can’t do the difference well
there you go there you go once we go outside you’ll be able to see much
better because we have more room so let’s take both of these bo staffs
and head out sign and destroy some fruit I’m Arya
Stark and this is my bowl staff and I’m the master of it yeah oh yeah
Oh master Oh No what do you know are you with a bow oh no I’m a little slow oh yeah from Iron Man right I think I think
Tony Stark’s a long-distance descendant of his yeah very long like like
great-great-great great-great grandson yeah very good very good she’s got her
time cook dollars down bad girl whoops or yeah we nailed it pretty good pretty
good kick bump and Bobo got him down oh shoot come on oh yes you can spin faster
than that! you guys are going to fly up into the air pretty soon how fast you’re
spinning those flaps into the air flying through the air just Vegas oh
no see are you a Speedway again oh or Ariana Grande yeah so we got our first
ever lettuce ninja here hey it looks like the golden pac-man don’t you think
she does but I’m actually going to turn him Phillips Alec right oh I got you hit bottom here and another
hit like one leap each time out in chopped salad oh yeah point ranch
dressing top that balance Oh Oh toss that salad good and the Game of
Thrones weapon I am most excited about is the A ROCK it is a standard weapon used
by Dothraki warriors it has a crescent moon shaped curved blade about two and a
half feet long thick handle making it half sword and half sit I know exactly
where to go to get this it’s karate Mart comp check this thing out that looks
incredible looks very much like the game of Thrones a rock I can’t wait to get
this thing in my hand so let’s just go ahead and order it what’s in the box is
it a rock like a rock ROC K no it’s an a rock I probably am pronouncing it wrong
but so what oh it is heavy oh look at this handle the handle has a half
crescent shaped moon as well I do not have any weapons like this this is a
first for me guys I have never swung or used anything like this and it’s such a
crazy shape very excited to use this let’s get it out of its sheath here has
four buttons and it slides out and upward and I can tell it’s oiled up to
prevent it from rusting so let’s carefully take this plastic off so it’s
going to be a little dirty looking because of the oil oh man I was not
being careful I just kind of moved it and I jabbed this into my stomach
luckily it’s not crazy sharp but I think these other parts are if it has a tip
guard on the top here because yeah that is sharp and this hook part here is
sharp too Wow so this thing is again like a multi-purpose tool here has a
sharp edge here sharp point sharp point another sharp edge here this part you
can probably use for catching your opponent’s weapons how to start points
down here so you could stab this way will help punching motion if you needed
to can swing this way turn around you could swing it this way what you could
also hook down into something oh my gosh that sharp I just hit my hand very
lightly and felt it pretty good again I’ve never used anything like this I’m
putting this one into thumbnail guys I think this is my favorite weapon of
this episode so far I can’t wait to go outside and chop some stuff up so let’s
go outside and test this out what’s that thing that’s called an
it in a rock I know I bought it in Game of Thrones Oh check this out is it as crazy
probably one of the craziest weapons we’ve ever tested I’m afraid to touch it
I don’t are there any non-sharp oh yeah where do you actually touch it
are you sure your hands not going to be cut open is pretty much it evolved from
a fish that’s why it’s got the tail oh it doesn’t like a little swimming little
fish yeah very dangerous yeah more dangerous than a great white
shark hahaha what are we going to be chopping with that puppy I think we can
chop pretty much anything we want with this what do you think we should chop
Vy probably a watermelon video it’s right in here
yeah yeah it’s a perfect fit you know soda what’s in here – pretty good that’s
very very cool fashionable though I’m not modeling
oh you’re dangerous can’t be above beauty oh you’re done holy good
Valentine anyways did I take this away from me
too dangerous okay let’s go see how dangerous it really is versus some soda
and fruit ninja Wow Wow I come home the same planet Arnold’s from a notes from oh is this
Total Recall now that we’re doing or was you are not you you on me but if I’m you
Who am I what you what you i’m you i’m your own lift if you’re me Who am I
I don’t know I’m you there’s something coming get down oh no get down get down you sound just got that falling over
good catch to the stool Wow yeah yeah this head didn’t even move top of his
head to hit right on there that shows you how sharp this rock is it chops
right through and his head just fell straight down how great is that I don’t
think you’ve ever had that happen on a video before ever
it is a first ladies and gentlemen co-operate cool deck yeah huge shout out
to all of you notification ninjas who get here early because you’re part of
the notification squad thanks for leaving these awesome comments they
really make me happy be sure to get your free book at slash Chad wild
clay because not only are you getting a free book but you’re supporting this
channel right here thank you so much for doing that and of course a shout out to
karatemartcom where I get all my if you guys want to get any of these links are down below use code wild clay during checkout and
get 10% off your order if you haven’t seen this video right
here definitely check it out if you’re not subscribed to me if you’re not
subscribed to be here’s a really good video too
I’ll see you guys real soon with a brand new video kia!

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