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In an impassioned state-of-nation address
before Russian lawmakers and other senior government officials, accompanied by video
footage and computer generated graphics, Russia’s President Vladimir has claimed his country
is working on a host of new nuclear and other advanced weapons. Putin made his remarks at the Manezh Central
Exhibition Hall near the Kremlin on March 1, 2018. Lawmakers smiled and cheered as he detailed
the various weapon development programs. These developments come at a time when there
is already heightened tension between the Kremlin and the U.S. government over various
arms control agreements. In this video, Defense Updates lists 5 DEADLY
UPCOMING RUSSIAN OFFENSIVE WEAPONS MR PUTIN HAS ANNOUNCED. Lets get started. The most eye-catching of the announcements
is clearly the as yet unnamed nuclear-powered cruise missile. The basic concept is hardly new, but depending
on how functional and reliable the final design might be, it could be a potentially game-changing
development. Though we don’t know how the Russians plan
to configure this missile, in the 1960s, the U.S. Air Force explored a similar idea with
the Supersonic Low Altitude Missile, or SLAM. This weapon employed a nuclear-powered ramjet
along with conventional rocket boosters to kick-start the system. Once at the appropriate speed, the engine
would blow air over the reactor, which could have enough fuel to operate for weeks or months
on end, and then force it out of an exhaust nozzle to produce thrust. In theory, this system allows for almost unlimited
range. The Russian president unveiled a nuclear hypersonic
boost glide vehicle called Avangard, which he said would go on the future RS-26 Rubezh
ICBM. Weapons of this type follow a very different
flight trajectory within the atmosphere, can make rapid course changes, and have different
signatures compared to traditional ICBMs, which could make them harder for sensors and
defense systems to spot and engage. Their speed, faster than Mach 6, means an
enemy has dramatically less time to react than with conventional inter-atmospheric craft,
that is even if they do detect the incoming weapon at all. Putin said Avangard could reach speeds up
to 20 times the speed of sound, hitting its targets “like a meteorite, like a fireball.” This makes these systems ideal for no- or
short-notice strikes against critical items, such as enemy strategic capabilities, air
and missile defenses, and command and control facilities, as well as military or civilian
leadership. RS-28 Sarmat ICBM, which has been publicly
in development since 2014 is expected to enter service by 2021. This system, which NATO also calls the SS-X-30
Satan 2, will replace the older R-36M or SS-18 Satan as Russia’s primary silo-based ICBM. The RS-28 is reportedly significant faster
than the older R-36M and will carry multiple warheads of some form, each capable of independent
movement. Sarmat is being designed specifically to penetrate
any current or future BMD system. This super heavy 100 tones missile will enable
Russia to maintain the nuclear deterrence vis-à-vis United States and NATO. According to Russia’s military, “‘It
can beat any defenses’ and wipe out entire countries “. Putin publicly announced Russia has been working
on a nuclear-armed unmanned undersea vehicle. There have been a number of reports of both
of these weapons being in development for years, but without any clear official confirmation. The craft, which Putin says has no official
name as yet, but which observers have referred to as Kanyon or Status-6 since information
about the system first leaked out in 2015, is a completely different approach to avoiding
missile defenses. Launched from a submarine well off shore,
the underwater drone then makes it ways to the target area, avoiding any sensor networks
or other defenses, before detonating its reportedly dirty warhead, causing significant immediate
damage and lasting contamination. A computer-generated presentation about the
vehicle shows a modified Oscar II class submarine carrying a pair of the unmanned submarines
in a special forward compartment. Putin suggest the drone would be “100 times
smaller” than traditional submarines and therefore be especially difficult to detect. It would also be able to travel at “extreme
depths” and at speeds that “greatly exceeds the speed of all submarines, up-to-date torpedoes
and all types of high-speed surface ships,” making it even harder for an opponent to spot
and intercept it before it reached the target area. There is the suggestion that this unmanned
undersea vehicle may have a nuclear powerplant, as well, which could conceivably allow submarine
carrying it to launch it from almost anywhere in the world. The Russians appear to envision the system
as a means of targeting task forces of surface warships. The last missile system that Putin disclosed
was the Kinzhal air-launched hypersonic missile, which a video showed a MiG-31 Foxhound interceptor
carrying aloft and releasing. It is not clear whether or not that jet is
the primary launch platform or if this system is nuclear capable. It reportedly has a range of approximately
1,250 miles and a top speed of more than 10 times the speed of sound. According to the Russian president, units
in the country’s Southern Military District, which borders Ukraine and the Black Sea, have
deployed the missiles operationally. Russia had previously claimed it was working
on a hypersonic anti-ship missile called Zircon and computer generated graphics during Putin’s
speech showed Kinzhal attacking surface warships, though it also reportedly has a land-attack
capability. It’s unclear how the two weapons might be
related, if at all, but Kinzhal could simply be an air-launched derivative of the sea-launched
Zircon. In general, these types of weapons typically
use a rocket motor to kickstart an air-breathing engine of some kind to push them to at least
Mach 6, making them harder for existing land- and space-based sensors to spot. Already capable of potentially making rapid
course corrections and otherwise flying erratically, the weapon’s speed could make it very difficult
for most existing surface- and airborne radars to track in order to cue an interceptor or
other close-in defense system. Coming after all of these systems, the truck-mounted
laser cannon looks far less impressive, but its still an important development. As a point defense system, this directed energy
weapon could be helpful for defeating various existing and emerging threats, particularly
small drones. Putin said in his speech, “I want to tell
all those who have fueled the arms race over the last 15 years, sought to win unilateral
advantages over Russia, introduced unlawful sanctions aimed to contain our country’s
development: all what you wanted to impede with your policies have already happened. You have failed to contain Russia.” The “unilateral advantages” Putin was
referring to is almost certainly the U.S. military’s missile defense programs, which
include deploying Aegis Ashore ground-launched ballistic missile interceptor sites in Europe. The United States has repeatedly denied that
any part of its ballistic missile defense shield presents a challenge to the deterrent
capabilities of large nuclear powers, such as Russia or China, and that they are instead
focused on defending against smaller actors, such as North Korea and Iran.


  1. This nuclear power cruise missile BS is a 50 years old technology from the USA..Bravo for catching up..Lol

  2. And another reason why russia is stepping up to protect their allies is because Iran has outlawed trading in US currency due to the US sanctions & the only other 2 countries that followed through with this in the past is Iraq & Libya & you know what happened them not long after!!!

  3. Puntang is full of shit lol prove it that's how all Communist countries are able to survive and have a chance in hell of keeping up with us is by lying fake it til you make it LOL

  4. Kinzhal looks like an air launch version from Iskander missile..zircon is hole different hyper sonic air breathing skramjet missile ….i believe

  5. Putin is just a little scared bitch he think USA is finna get scared. We roll with demons an Russia an China are controlled by them 👽🌎🌏😁 aka USA runs the world an will hopefully soon have it to ourselves 👽👽👽👽✌✌🌎🌎🌎

  6. If it was possible ,we would have it already. The only one viable was the laser system. Another problem is cost. As we are finding out, developing and maintaining modern weapons systems is very expensive and result it fewer being purchased (quality over quanilty). Leaving us with fewer
    combat unit to spread over the same control space. Not the best approach.

  7. What difference does all this make I am sure those nukes they had 30 years ago would still be enough to destroy the world 50 times over

  8. Wow only if Russia really had everything they say its developing it would mean something…but seeing how they they don't it doesn't!!!! Nothing but another pipe dream like everything else they say they are building but can't afford to build!! For example the Armata tank and Su57!! What a joke!!!

  9. First: Never underestimate the enemy. Second: I think Putin's speech is BS. IF russia had these capabilities, Putin surely wouldn't be broadcasting it to the world. Sidebar: The Anti-American and/or Pro Russia folks love drinking this kool-aid. Third: Along the same lines as these so-called Russia "super weapons", the U.S. has already perfected Phaser, Cloak, Anti-matter weapons, Photon torpedos, and Beaming (teleportation). So, America is not worried about little Russia's toys.

  10. Kudos to Putin for trying so hard to scare the US sadly enough for him he can’t afford shit, not to mention if he actually did anything the US and its allies would act, because fear tactics don’t work on them. Hopefully everyone still understands that a large scale war these days would send EVERYONE back to the stone ages. All these countries need to stop comparing dick sizes and actually spend money on something useful like interstellar exploration…

  11. Throughout history, Russia lived and lived until she was attacked… How they lived and we will. WE DON'T NEED YOUR RESOURCES… Their would to develop… Who is at war with all countries and with legitimate presidents? Those who think otherwise that's worth a look . who is willing to chat and tell you about the country….

  12. Sounds like Putin's scientists are making promises they know they can't keep, just to get funding for their own pet projects.

  13. I think Russia is the last country that wants nuclear war, its obvious Russia is trying achieve peace through strength something US is really good at!!!

  14. dose russia relize we are safe from any form of missile attack thanks to our laser defence systems so if they don't up there game by a 150 years thell be left in the dust when world war 3 starts and it will start

  15. Russia, what a sad country. It has one of the lowest HDIs in Europe, its economy is slowing down, and its population is decreasing. In all of this mess, Russia is trying to increase military spending. Lol, guess they haven't learned their lesson from the cold war.

  16. So we are supposed to be worried because he. Can make computer simulations of toys he would like to have?

  17. Since most of our nukes are on submarines Russia will never be able to eliminate our ability to retaliate

  18. How are these weapons going to improve the daily lives of ordinary Russians. Before the fall of the USSR the Soviet Union was the second wealthiest country in the world now Russians have a lower GDP per capita than China and the same nominal GDP of Italy. After almost 27 years it has not been able to produce any tech giants like Google, Apple, Microsoft or Intel or heavy manufacturing giants like Samsung, Panasonic, Mercedes, Ford, GM, Volkswagen. The country has fallen behind in every sphere of social and economic development with the exception of the energy industry, state sponsored propaganda and political repression. Russians deserve better.

  19. If Iran sinks a American navy ship, there's no doubt that Pres. Trump will go directly after to kill the Iranian leadership. Putin is not going to nuke America if Iran attacks first regardless of what he says publicly

  20. Looks very fishy to me. They claim some of these were tested, but only has computer animation to show. Anyone can make a bunch of low quality animations and claim this and that. Sounds like Putin is playing some cards for the up coming election which is in less than a week.

  21. Essentially nothing is new here. I saw some if this technology, in the US, in the late 80's while attending an Air Force exhibition. If the US Air Force was working on this technology in the 1980s I wonder what they have now.

  22. Will putin kill us Americans I'm 12 I don't want me or my family to die what do I do I'm scared no no no God help us

  23. Russian president is concentrating in missile investment than the aircraft & naval armament coz missile are more minus cost than the aircraft & naval armament like aircraft carrier & modern destroyers because of their lack of financial support of their budget ,Russian are good in technology but lack of financial support to produce good & sophisticated air power & naval forces unlike China they have the money but lack of technology China is only good in making xerox copy of armament from Russia & USA. USA have all technology and budget to support the production of advance & good modern technology of armaments. That is why Russia can't not even match the numbers of modern armament because of lack of funds. But in technology Russia is even or maybe they can surpassed the numbers armament like aircrafts ,& numbers of naval forces & technology from USA …..

  24. The Tsar bomba was a clean 50 Mt configuration with a lead tamper. The original version would have had a depleted uranium fission casing doubling the yield to 100 Mt and turning it from a very clean into an extremely dirty bomb. Now if they want to go all in they could give add a final casing, say cobalt. That wouldn't contribute to the yield but certain elements would still undergo fission or fusion reaction and create extremely nasty long lasting fallout. In Dr. Strangelove the doomsday-device was a cobalt bomb.

  25. I read some of the posted comments , and a recurring theme is , how can a broke Russia build such super weapons ? Well , we are accustomed in the US defense industry , that every thing is rediculiosly expensive . But in a Russia that Putin rules he decides how much things cost . All I'm suggesting is it is a mistake to think that any other countries expenses are the same as the US expenses . Hell , if all employees worked for bread and vodka , the US could cut costs to .

  26. I like the way everyone thinks that the West is surprised by any of this or that anyone believes all the hype. The US spends 6 times more on defense than the Russians can or do.

  27. There will be no winners between Russia and the United States both countries will be destroyed if the Russian people want to let Putin cause them to all be annihilated then so be it because we got way bigger Army than they do and we got just as many fucking nuclear missiles there is no winner suck it up and face it people

  28. Like the su-57, which russia was only able to order 10, russia cannot afford any of these systems which is why they are cgi weapons. They're economy is just too small.

  29. The "Kinzhal" (Dagger) is basicaly the 9K720 Iskander (NATO SS-26 Stone) mounted to the airplane. Nothing to do with Zircon.

  30. US upcoming deadly offensive weapons. 1) The Virginia Class Attack Subs with the Virginia payload module and it's 64 cruise missiles. 2) The 100 B21 Strategic Stealth Bombers.  3) the 300 watt Athena  laser. 4) The Trident II D5 14 warhead MACH 24 Strategic Missiles with the MIRV-EV accurate to within 60 meters. 5) The Columbia Class Nuclear Strategic Sub.  Lets add some others. The GBI in Alaska getting the ABM with multiple warheads for highly maneuverable orbital interception. The THAAD EXT ABM systems.  The US hypersonic cruise missile. The mach 7 rail gun.  600 F35's capable of carrying anti ship missiles. The NSW missiles. LSRAM Missiles.  The Minute man III upgrade or replacement ICBM. US Bases, all 800 plus across the world . US allies. Ukraine. Poland. Romania. World sanctions. Aegis Ashore.


  32. The ultimate weapon of defense and offense is to come up with a button that will detonate those bombs (nuclear or conventional) in the custody/possession of the owner! This will certainly deter or totally avoid production of bombs by any country, thus a final peace on earth is assured!

  33. I agree that more respect should be given to the Russians. The western populace is comparable to the Roman one, very ignorant and reliant on the opinions of their media. After all, the Russians did defeat Hitler and initiate the space race.

  34. if both USA an Russia spent 10% of military buget on ppl who needs it ther would not be homless or hungry ppl on erth

  35. Soldiers with Brave and Noble Hearts are the greatest weapons of all time.
    Forget whatever modern and nuclear weapons you create.

  36. There is one good Russian proverb: Do not trouble trouble till trouble troubles you. Our Western "partners" ,So take my strong advice, just remember to always think twice

  37. kinzhal is nuclear capable. its the ALBM counterpart of the iskander missile. which is, to be honest a pretty good SRBM. but most likely, it will be used as a non-nuclear weapon for defeating airdefences, and also, for hitting insurgents, just like the iskander. the iskander was deployed at kaliningrad before, and it caused a political shitstorm. because of this, medvev decided not to deploy it. however, later it was deployed and stationed there anyway. it is also rumored to have been used in syria. although these are just rumors and allegations about russia threatening to nuke others. no evidence was shown that it was used in syria. the kinzhal with its mig-31(strike variant) has intercontinental range. and because its based on already existing technology(iskander), it was easy to develop and produce in quantities. the kinzhal is already in service and groups of mig-31 with the kinzhal are stationed i think in south russia(not sure about location).

  38. Nothing says „peaceful“ like introducing a bunch of doomsday type weapons. Russia the country of „peace“. Many of these weapons were designed in the Cold War but not made in order to deescalate the strategic arms race. Now Russia is going all out to create as many doomsday weapons as possible and kick the strategic arms race into overdrive.

  39. Sadly Western politicians Western media giving huge amounts of propaganda against Russia. As far as I can understand as a Canadian Russian just want to be treated fairly. And with Nitto aggression pulling up for their borders Russia will defend itself let's hope it doesn't come to that. The Western world really wants to keep backing out of treaties that were sent way back when Russia has every right step up its defenses.

  40. Russia has been a country of losers since the late 1800s when the Industrial Revolution started to take hold. Russia somehow missed that train that Europe and the United States was on. They missed this train even despite having the train right there waiting for them is being part of Europe.They continue this reputation even today in 2018. With only a population of about 145 million and the largest undeveloped land mass in the world. Russia continue with no industrial base. No technology base. 80% of their economy which does not have much of a GDP is based on selling oil. The whole world is going away from fossil fuels and that's all Russia has going for it. They're going to continue being losers this Century also. Their GDP is smaller than a state like Texas, a country like Germany, are UK, or France. They have no future unless they modernize and they can't do that because all they're worried about is killing other people throughout the world.

  41. What a great visionary leader Putin is, bring back mother Russia to a great and higher state… It's good the Russian people support their leader thru thick n thin.. Propaganda or sabotage are old crafts that work no more.. The world is changing and new players are rising…

  42. The world will be so much better if every nation chip in to find cure for every illness out there instead of trying to kill each other

  43. Hahahaha, defending from Iran by installing potential nuclear weapons on Russia's border! Hahahahah, but then,most Americans think that the World is flat, they can't find Ohio on the map, never mind Iran or Korean peninsula!
    NATO is cancerous and has to be gone for good, it serves absolutely no purpose, Russia already has enough land and it wants to do business with Europe, without sucking Yankee dick or using fiat dollar! China is a greater threat to the It S hegemony, it's like a giant quiet octopus that has tentacles in everything that it wants! Pushing Russia to China is a biggest and mabe last mistake US will make!
    If Putin wasn't a highly tempered person who would prefer to do business with Europe ,someone else would say fkit, China has needs for Russian tremendous amount of energy and minerals! Idiots whose hubris will be their downfall!

  44. Putin and China just copy the USA we have been working on these things and many others for awhile now and just perfecting them Putin will just buid his version then show to the world but never have the money to build in numbers just like there 5th gen fighter jets they will never be able to keep up with us there just showing they can build it or have plans to try to build it but it take many years and millions and even billions to perfect that's why Israel backed out to fund the Russian 5th gen fighter because it had to many problems and not really stealthy America is always in the lead and Russia don't want to fall out of the top 3 military powers but it will eventually because it don't have the money and I'm sure more santions will come and then India or someone will take there place as number 3

  45. Balance of power is necessary as Russia was weakened by America but they r gaining world support surely it will create good atmosphere for Russias economic growth they will live healthy and wealthy live and protect other nations from invasion from America

  46. Another Message, how dangerous this Dictator, Vladimir Putin is,slowly he becomes the World most dangerous Man in History, if Adolf Hitler, has killed, in the cruelest way over 45,million inicent People, he will kill Billons of People, he is the Armageddon, which was mentioned in the Bible, doesn't the World Leaders realised this???

  47. Very gross mistakes, I will give only one example – Avangard.
    Declared speed 20+ mach. At the last test was 27 mach. (33 thousand km / h)
    Vanguard glide in a cloud of plasma. This makes completely impossible the standard method of radar detection, as well as makes it impossible to destroy with the help of laser irradiation. The laser just scatters in the cloud.

  48. This country does not have enough eggs to feed the population and they are building expensive rockets? Lots of stupid people on this planet.

  49. Very good. Russia has envisaged future offensive and defensive warfare technologies at an unbeatable level.

  50. so.. missile defense shield on Europe it's to contain north Korea and iran… NATO and the USA know about geography??? 🤔🤔🤔

  51. They released Lenin, gave him enough gold, and now they have concocted their own demise. Stupid people, like their father Satan – these Freemasons.

  52. Dude…why you're not give the brain wash citizen the facts. By the time they leak the information out that means the weapon is already in operational .

  53. Some! folk say, "the biggest weapon the enemy has, is that it is in bed with the Other side's leaders, Secretly, and the only enemy to their power is the Men they send to their deaths in the farce of war they have conned them into believing", that "all the fraternities they have formed are about Getting rid of any vestage of A True God and Man who was created in His Form". That "they seek to supplant true freedom for a supposed one of slavery of The Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit.
    That. "the offers of, "You shall be as Gods", and "you shall not surely die", from That Fallen Star, "Lucifer", will end the same way.. "Death".
    That "all Of us are expected to Reject The Messiah for" The Coming False One, they will turn all their powers over to. To bring in The Final Trump."

    🎺. Now.. Just wait a minute.. Iiiiiii'm not saying that, not me uh uh.. No no no.
    Really! I'm only thinking good things about Him, Good, Good things, nice things, thoughts of… good, good things, only nice ones, ones of happiness and… Thankfulness not anything…. untoward… No no no, just thinking gooood, good! things.. 😐.

  54. Mr. Putin is announcing new weapons because USA is constantly trying to tighten it's hold around Russia, lately through Ukraine.
    He is well aware of American imperialism and what it does to nations, basically if USA tries to convert Russia to one of it's subordinates we will all go down.

  55. He would make a good car salesman. Trying to sell equipment to the world but yet only buys a few dozen SU58 and Armata tanks. What does he know that he isn't telling his possible customers.

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