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5 Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Gadgets in REAL LIFE

what up then just it’s Chad wild clay
and you guys have been commenting below to do call of duty black ops 3 today
we’re gonna buy 5 no make that 6 we’re gonna do 6 call of duty 3 weapons that’s
them out in real life here we go the first black ops 3 weapon we are testing
out is the Carver it is a single edged leaf all blade weapon stock from the
shadows to strike swiftly on your prey let’s jump online and see what we can
find blue karate Mart has the saw back tactical cleaver for $24.95 that looks
perfect actually because it has that long square blade this looks like it’s
gonna be our Carver let’s buy it wouldn’t it be scary if your barber
pulled out a Carver I’d freak out let’s check this out
it comes in a nice nylon sheath and a button there on the handle so it doesn’t
fall out let’s see the blade oh wow that is way bigger than I thought it would be
look it’s awesome huge square black stainless steel blade it’s all black
except for right at the edge where it’s sharp it’s a silver color there it has a
sawtooth edge on the back so if you’re out in the jungle and you need to saw
off of a branch or something that’s great for that this handle is really
cool too actually it’s a wooden handle but the blade runs all the way through
the handle you can see the metal comes all the way through it down to the
bottom here yeah I’m really impressed with how
similar this actually looks to Carver in black ops 3 so we need to test this
melee weapon out in real life so we’re gonna go outside now chop up some fruit
and in just some soda ninjas and some other bad guys let’s see how this weapon
does what up what up I am out here with my
buddy Justin I have got a weapon here from black ops 3 it is called the Carver
I got all stocked up here with my camo pants and my belt here wait where did
you like to no I can’t see them they’re gone dude it’s pretty sweet isn’t that a
beauty that’s no nice that is not a knife that
is a cleaver they come in the game they call it carp the Carver no not pumpkins
uh I think they carve up some pumpkins down there yeah it’s good to Halloween
video game yes so where are you gonna be hacking up today you just did you video
so yeah we’ve got some evil soda ninjas in just and some fruit ninjas out here
trying to battle us pesky soda ninjas know everyday aren’t they I think they
need to be chopped hey Ned Flanders from The Simpsons back
hey buddy have you ho neighbor howdy ho I didn’t know you were in this video
game and he’s in call of duty black ops 3 that’s so cool that is cool I didn’t
know you were a gamer let’s see how well you do against the Carver hopefully
don’t clean who came okey but you get it on your head check oh this a GoPro so
you guys at home can see what it looks like from my perspective as I do my move
which is going to be the inner crescent crown follow a spinning left-handed hook
sliced karate let’s go get busy I guess that happens when you get karate
I know you’re running I empty my body I want you guys to check out what I just
found here these crazy awesome oil slick ninja swords actually they remind me of
the Pekka or the PE KK a swords in clash of clans so I always give you guys a
thumbs up goal let’s see if we can hit this video 80,000 thumbs up if we hit
80,000 thumbs up on this video here I’m gonna buy these crazy ninja swords do a
clash of clans video and test them out in real life
alright guys onto the next black ops 3 weapon which is the nunchucks they are a
melee weapon dealing out 150 MP of damage it can be acquired in these
zombies map revelations by completing five rounds in under five minutes
alright so these are like a pair of black hard nunchucks with a textured
grip I know exactly where to find those karate Mart has the polypropylene
training nunchuck ooh for $26.95 yep these look identical to black ops 3
nunchucks let’s just go ahead and order these and test them out black ops 3
nunchucks are here get out of this plastic there we are
very nice yep these are hard nunchucks gonna easily smash up some fruit with
these oh cool it’s got some little dragon engraving on the handle here
that’s cool I didn’t see that online hopefully you guys can see that there so
they’re actually pretty lightweight surprisingly and they have ball bearings
at the top here with a chain attached so I can spin around very easily on both
sides yeah these are really nice actually very lightweight I’m gonna be
able to I hit the chair yeah I guess I should be doing these inside I’m just
gonna hit my chair hit my face no I’m not gonna do that anyway we’re gonna
take these outside we’re gonna smash some things up test these out in real
life even though these are called training nunchucks we are not gonna do
any training with these we’re gonna do some fruit smashing it there’s something going on behind me I
don’t know what oh my goodness if you have extra watch camouflage they call it
black ops 3 but I like to call it black ops be like clothing what if something looks like you can float your hat down a
little stream yeah I don’t remember I don’t remember call of duty having hats
like that oh it’s called a duty helicopter I’m ready to take them out
down B let’s hear your get to the chopper get to the chopper get down so
this this is the one of the melee weapons of black ops 3 the nunchuck very
popular military weapon yes yes I started integrating those in the last
few years when you join the army that’s this is one of the first things you
learn oh yeah just kidding guys that’s a joke should I hold your little hat for
you there you go looks better in position you know she put this in her hair but
she actually has it there for picking locks
so you know her she’s sneaky just give you one that’s why they call you sneaky Vy
alright chuck it up alright that’s fine you’re good tell you what if I was
the enemy I’d be like oh my gosh I’m not messing with her yeah I see I know what
you’re doing you’re like yeah be afraid of me I say your enemies like haha I
they let their guard down and then you go oh yeah riding with some of those
room salads right you do these oh this guy looks a little demented
he’s like I’m gonna get you he’s just freaked out because these nunchucks I
would be look at those Josh and now this is black ops 3 because we have black
nunchucks and this guy is filled with a black liquid as well oh this should be
this is a brand new thing we’ve never done on this show let’s see how it works
have black water emojis chuck it up like Chuck Norris no jokes at the end of all my videos I always
shout you out the notification ninjas so please have that Bell symbol on down
below by the subscribe button make sure the Bell is ringing
not just black but ringing because I’m gonna shout out your comments at the end
of this video I’m gonna show them right down here and let’s go on to the third
weapon actually let’s do the third and the sixth weapon we’re gonna do a bonus
weapon right on this one the combat knife is a secondary weapon under the
melee category it is unlocked at level 40 and can defeat your enemy in one hit
the Bowie knife is a special melee weapon which can be bought for 3,000
points it is better than the starting knife as the players melee will become
more powerful we’ve got the black sawback tactical knife for $29.95 this
is gonna be perfect for our melee combat knife we are gonna order that and we’re
gonna add on another weapon here let’s do the black tactical bowie knife for
$21.95 it has that awesome grip protecting your fists we’re adding both
these to cart and let’s test them out we got the bowie knife in the combat knife
oh what a life to be unboxing nice right first let’s take a look at the combat
knife really digging this comes in a hard plastic sheath with a little clip
on the handle here so you could actually wear this around your belt and it won’t
fall out until you unbuckle it which i’ve already unbuckled and it has little
slots here where you can wear this on your leg even put a leg strap through
these things and you’re good to go oh yeah look at that and the handle has
this I can put this around my wrist so it won’t go flying out of my hand very
good-looking blade m48 tactical commando stainless steel that is a nice looking
blade again has these rigid edges up here great for sawing through a rope if
you’re tied up somewhere you just pull this off your leg and you get yourself
free from that rope very sharp point here this blade is very sharp it’s gonna
cut through pretty much anything that gets in our way now let’s check out the
bowie knife oh it’s a big one comes in a very thick
leather sheath again with a strap here you can wear it around your belt
the blade is hooked in by a button here so it won’t come flying out wow that is
beautiful that is a long blade Wow very very sharp point I think this one
might be even sharper than that than that last knife oh and cool it’s got the
sawtooth edges down here as well and some ridging edges on the top and I
really love this handle look at this so if I if another sword or a blade or
nunchucks or whatever is coming your way your hands gonna be somewhat protected
here and this can block those attacks that would hit your hand or you can use
these as like brass knuckles as well so I can give you a little punch just like
that so let’s take both of our blades here and we’ll see how they do against
each other outside versus some fruit and soda ninjas we have got weapons number
three and we’ve got weapon number six we’ve got a bonus weapon today everybody know you’re never gonna get out oh but
you’ve got the book yeah I just kick forward here we’ve got the combat knife
that’s nice you call that a knife this isn’t Hawaii
that’s an arm there you go be alright careful its sharp what’s this
muds gushing everywhere has it happened yet about one minute here we go sandwich later oh that was a really
sensless comment hey she she offered it was ready her idea she brought it up she
said peanut butter so there peanut butter sir can I have some chocolate milk with
that okay I’m just kidding I’ll make me a sandwich I told you she was violent help me help
me the person I can’t kick your behind you the person who has a knife in her
hand all right we’ll hold that for one more second we’ve got another weapon
here oh goodness what I really like about this one is this gardening your
hands so you can you can use it like brass knuckles yeah we’re a good team
huh I don’t think we should do a battle with you I don’t think you should have a
nice plate that’s a wool it’s a little too dangerous why don’t you guys just
give me a nice crisscross crisscross it up and let’s attack some fruit on here
no no you gotta pay attention bro just up the combat knife ramp does not a
couple knives on you here better you got some sharp teeth there here you got
something on your teeth let me let me pick it out thanks thanks I mean there
you get a steak for dinner a fruit ninja I think you should get a
life but I’ve got a knife what happened there let’s try that again
guys Oh ah whoa ready to serve oh yeah in the next black ops 3 melee weapon we
are testing out is iron Jim it is a leaf all melee crowbar the right weapon in
the wrong place can make all the difference in battle being is a big iron
crowbar so let’s just go with the Desco pro 211 gooseneck wrecking bar 24 inches
oh it’s on sale for 17 dollars and 75 cents let’s get it
I always win when I have my iron Jim funk okay it’s a big heavy 24 inch
crowbar check it out I think you guys have seen these before
great for prying into things like this like when I get locked out of my car I
just put this in my car door and pry it open and totally destroy my car just
kidding I would not do that yeah this thing is actually pretty heavy gonna
easily destroy a watermelon ninja or pretty much anything and we should pitch
some fruit flying through the air I’ll swing it like this try to catch it with
my hook let’s go outside and test this out yo I got a crow Oh bar our boy oh no
way I’m just scared of my crowbar girl oh I can be the crow did you know that
Justin and I dressed up as the crow for Halloween these kids even know the crow
probably not that’s a little before there that’s why that’s a long time ago
it’s a melee weapon in black ops 3 in cod black outfit you know the first time
someone asked me do you like cod jaws like I was like yeah I was like no I
don’t like fish I’m more of a chicken stick kind of guy what are you gonna do
with that crowbar you look like you’re ready to hit somebody or even are you
gonna harm someone are you gonna do some modeling we’re gonna get kind of bananas in here before it even got near me in the next
black ops 3 melee weapon we are testing out is the Fury’s song is a legendary
two-handed sword it Cleaves through foes with each mighty swing so it’s long
black two-handed has some cutouts on the blade has some slots cut out and ridges
on there I know exactly where to go it’s the black tactical combat sword for
$29.95 this looks perfect because it is two-handed has slots cut out on it it’s
black has the ridging on top this is very similar to Furies song
so let’s order this thing our opponents are not gonna be singing any happy songs
when they meet the fury song alright it’s quite long you guys check that out
she comes in a nylon sheath with a big belt strap there it’s good a lot of its
plastic here wow this is a heavy duty blade I really am gonna handle – that’s
some really cool gripping in fact like it has these grooves right here that
your fingers can fit into really easily check this beauty Oh
alright so I’ve been hearing from you guys in the comments that you know I
asked you what are these slots in these blades for some people say is to improve
aerodynamics some say it’s to make the blade lighter others say that it’s for
when you slice into somebody it creates an air pocket and lets oxygen in so
people perish more quickly what is true I don’t know I should ask you guys what
do you guys think one of these slots for I think those are all good explanations
but what I’m really curious says what are these slots up here for is it for
like putting straps through or strings or what what do you do with these here I
don’t know and what’s this little not cheer for guys if any of you guys are
blade experts or you have any gas even if you don’t know anything just take a
guess let me know what you think wait a second I just found like a secret little
thing here unscrewing the bottom it’s a compass oh this is right in the handle
of the blades when you’re out in the forest or on the jumbo land you get lost
so I hope you find your way that is so cool it was not expecting that to be in
there and there’s something else in the handle –
what do we have here oh this matches matches fishing line maybe some tape a
little hook here so I put the hook on the fishing line and I can go fishing so
when I’m stranded I could get food to eat this thing is awesome and there’s
even some bandages in here check that out that is super cold it’s not
expecting these little goodies in here that is really cool all right so let’s
put this back in the handle here oh it’s spring-loaded – boink all right you get
in there put the compass that is awesome now I really really like this blade even
more than I liked it before all right well let’s go outside battle
our foes the fruit ninjas and soda ninjas and see who wins I think you guys
know who’s gonna win in this band Oh what are you doing back there baby
ambush hold up hold up unbuckle the buttons that would help amazeballs
that’s where you just put your finger through and spin on your finger and just
wow your enemies join us today I don’t know what I was actually asking them
inside what they thought this was for what’s this one called Furys song huh
yeah I you know it’s a great name right yep I love that part in the game when
it’s like there’s a fury and then there’s a song that’s like very song into like a disco and everybody starts
dancing dude you call of duty remember that part of the game that’s a different
game yeah yeah I’ve never played call of duty but I got a call of Booty from my
excellent oh please Justin we all know no one’s
calling you late an on the phone what’s that Drake song call me no one’s
calling you on your cell phone there you go just for that I’m making you watch my
Drake Call of Duty dance oh oh please stop please no no I’m sorry I take it
all back you’re so white towel oh that’s me with
my black blade versus the fruit then just shell that guy doesn’t look too
happy cuz I got the strongest fastest melee weapon and call duty you don’t say
late alright get rid of his other eye he only has one oh snap look at that car ridge you charge
right through that huge shout-out to you notification ninjas I’m putting some of
your comments down here from the first hour of the last video thanks for all
the great comments you guys and thanks for all the funny comments I love
reading those keep them coming and another huge shout out to Karate Mart
com I put links to everything I’m using from them down below in the description
underneath the video be sure to use code wildclay during checkout to save
yourself 10% if you guys haven’t seen this video yet check it out a bunch of
awesome weapons are used if you’re not subscribed to me what that’s weird and
if you’re not subscribed to Vy subscribe to her because her I do challenge videos
together every week they’re super fun check them out and this video is really
amazing as well so I’m gonna see you guys real soon with a brand new video

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