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5 Best Surplus Rifles Under $500 | TFBTV

– Hey guys, I’m Alex C. – And I’m Patrick R. – We’re back at ya with
another five guns video for – Well, kind of a six guns video – Unfortunately yes, there is a little bit of disagreement but we’ll get to that at the very end. – Anyways the category today is five great C&R rifles you can get for under 500 dollars. We really like C&R rifles because oftentimes they are inexpensive, there’s military surplus available, or ammunition available and they’re just a lot of fun to shoot. – Yeah, and I mean a lot of new shooters kind of forget about ’em I know I did when I started shooting. – Absolutely you’ll
write ’em off maybe as a, you know you see a guy with an AR-15 and you think it’s a much cooler much more fun gun but sometimes you got to look to the past to, you know, bring out a little bit more. – Yeah. – So anyways, let’s start from our left and go to the right, first up is a Lee-Enfield rifle. At one time in the 60s and 70s and up into the 80s you would get these for ten and twenty
dollars from a gun store. This is a Enfield made in 1917 in England so if it could tell some
stories that’d be cool. It’s almost a hundred years old. It works. The rifling’s strong and I paid I think 280 dollars for this gun which for an Enfield
these days is a good deal. I actually got an almost unissued one recently for 500 dollars which is probably a little high but even though I paid a little bit too much this year it’s probably not going to be too much in a couple of years. – Well, I will say this about that gun I’ve never seen an
Enfield that looked nice for some reason they
don’t weather real well. You know this is a pretty decent example but the unissued one is
just staggeringly beautiful. – And I didn’t choose that one to include because of the price, It’s just kind of floating
towards the 500 dollars and this one realistically
shoots just as well. But, I mean it’s in great shape for the amount I paid for it. They handle, well, they
have an interesting cock on close action which is interesting you can fire them real quick, there’s a legendary thing called a mad minute where soldier’s would get off you know X amount of aimed shots in under a minute which some people have disproved
some people have proved. It’s a big old… – Yeah, It’s kind of one of those topics that nobody can agree on kind of like our fifth gun. – I’m skeptical myself but anyways… – I want to try it. – I’ll try it. I’ll fail at it but.– – So will I but I’d still want to try. – Yeah – Shooting stuff is fun. – But, these are cool, they have history, the service length on them is incredible. Soldiers of empire carried them on every continent so, great rifle. under 500 dollars.
– Yeah, it’s an awesome gun. – Next up we’ve got what in my opinion is the greatest rifle ever made. That’s going to be the Mauser 98 now this is a Yugoslavian Mauser 98 so not necessarily what would be regarded as a collector Mauser. There are Mausers out there that you can drop thousands and
thousands of dollars on. Of course, a lot of people hear Mauser and associate it with the Third Reich when in reality they were made and introduced in the
days of the German empire and Prussia of course but it’s admittedly the best bolt action system that’s ever been devised and
is still copied today in every bolt, I mean elements in every single bolt action. – Yeah, just about. – I mean, they’re staggeringly accurate the action’s always smooth, slick. There’s just not much more positive I can say about
it, they’re flawtless. – No, I mean it’s a great gun unfortunately I don’t really love them they’re great guns but its
not something that’s for me. This particular example I purchased you know and it sat in
my safe for about a year and Alex said that he had to have it because he wanted all
the Mausers in the world. – I want all the Mausers in the world but they made a hundred million of them so still working on that. – It’s a goal – Yeah, but this is a
Yugo Mauser like I said and I think, what did you get this for? – I think I paid 240
dollars for it from JG’s – From JG yeah, I bought one from JG for 219 at one time so, there was a time when also you could get
these for 10 and 20 dollars including the K98ks that everyone wants. Everyone wants stuff affiliated with the Third Reich, some people don’t some people don’t want that in their safe. It’s whatever something, it’s fine. – I mean, I can understand the history behind it is kind of interesting just as a firearm that made a huge impact on humanity but I mean, buying something because it was Third Reich I don’t really see that. – To each their own some
people are collectors but yeah, a Mauser in its own right is a great shooter and
that’s why we chose it. Going by that same kind of you know shootability standpoint, the
next gun is an obvious choice. – Yeah, it’s one of the
Swiss rifles isn’t it. – Absolutely, this is a Swiss K31 and I believe AIM Surplus is blowing these out right now at 320 dollars
or something like that. – Something like that. – So you can find these for 300ish dollars and they’re cool because
they’re straight pull. But technically they
call them bolt actions but to work the action you just pull back, push forward, new round. It’s got a helical bolt on it that unlocks itself on a guide. – Yes, I don’t know if
you probably can’t see but this bolt does
rotate counterclockwise. As you pull the action,
the operating handle back and it will eject the
round, feed a new one in and they’re pretty quick to shoot not quite as quick as the Enfield though. – I would say not quite
as quick as the Enfield. I don’t know, they should be on paper. – You’re right – At least I can’t do it, I’m sure there’s a guy in Switzerland
that could school us all. – Probably. – But yeah, they’re great rifles and at three hundred and some odd dollars since they never actually made corrosive ammunition for these that I’m aware of, the
bores are all spectacular. Even though the wood is
often beat up pretty bad I actually refinished this one, you know the metal quality is always great the bores are great and surplus ammunition is available which is important. – Yeah it’s strangely enough I think it’s all match ammunition. – It’s all, they say it’s
all match grade ammunition I mean I don’t know what the criteria is. – I don’t know either but I know the ones that I have shot have been extremely accurate, the Swiss really did hit one out of the park with this gun. – And at 300 hundred
dollars if you are looking for a gun that you want to, I don’t know, hunt with or just have in your collection, that’s a great option guys. Now next up is something we reviewed together a while back
from our odd guns series. This gun was France’s military
service rifle for a while. This, of course, is a MAS-49/56 – And honestly my favorite C&R rifle out of all of these. – That’s a bold statement
he even one time said that he liked it better than the Garand and coming from a former serviceman who owns a Garand that’s
a pretty bold statement. – Yes I’ve been looking
for a nice one of these in .308 and haven’t found one yet but it will get added to my collection if I do come across it. It’s just a really great rifle. You’ve seen the two of us shooting in some of the videos. I’m a man of smaller stature
and this gun really lends itself well to somebody
who’s a little bit smaller. But it’s just an outstanding gun super reliable, we referenced
it in an earlier video. Ian McCollum did a mud torture test and this rifle performed
exceptionally well. – It’s also kind of cool if you are a gun nerd like we are because
it’s DI in it’s purest form. – Right, yeah. – Which is gas travels up through the tube and slams right near the carrier there’s no internal little
piston or anything like that. – Yes, and you can see
the gas tube right here but unlike the Rasheed that I kind of gave a bit of a criticism because the gas tube would burn me when I
was reloading the rifle, this one’s kind of set back a little bit and it doesn’t, I don’t have that issue on this particular gun. – It is cool also ’cause you can reload with stripper clips or you can take the 10 round detachable magazines out easily unlike the Rasheed which they’re fixed as fixed can be, nearly. You know the only problem
is ammo availability. They fire a 7.5 French. There are some 7.62×51 conversions although I’ve heard that
they’re spotty at best. – Yeah, I’ve heard that but that said I don’t really want to
hunt for the French ammo because if I buy one of these
I want to shoot it a lot. I really like it that much. – Sure, I get it and especially with this butt pad which is actually factory. This is a French-made accessory they put on them to soften the recoil. They’re just general shooters and they’re really cool guns guys I can’t sing the praises of this more. Just a phenomenal firearm. Now up next is kind of where we disagree. – You know I’m a gonna give you yours. – OK, I chose the SKS.
– I’ll take mine. I chose the Mosin-Nagant. – I chose the SKS because It’s legal in a lot of places where semi-automatic rifles are harder to
come by like California. SKS’s are a hit there
because a lot of them I believe are grandfathered in because they don’t have
a detachable magazine and you know some of them are featureless or what not, whatever the
crazy gun laws are out there. Also in New York I believe they’re legal and in Canada they’re
like a hundred dollars because there’s no Chinese import ban. So that’s, it’s just a cool feature. They also shoot decently they shoot 762×39 which is very inexpensive
so if you want to go out with a big crate of 762×39 and just blast all day with
a semi-automatic rifle. – Yeah, you can do it with that gun. – This is the way to go. – I mean they’re fine guns I just prefer the Mosin to the SKS personally. – It’s also worth noting that
his choice is a lot cheaper. This actually my dad bought this for 50 dollars in
the 90s at a gun show. It’s since made it into my collection by no fault of his I
kind of snuck it in there but you know it is what it is, it’s kind of cool it’s been around since I was a kid in the safe so… – Yeah and I do want to
touch a little bit on price. Something that is a
little off-putting for me about those is for a
decent one you’re looking at about 350 dollars now. – That’s right, that
does ding it quite a bit. I mean if we’re talking, if these go back to Canada prices then this would unfortunately, it would shut out the… – Yeah it would… – But that’s not going
to happen anytime soon I assure you guys of that unfortunately. So why don’t you explain
your pick there Patrick. – Well, mine is just a Mosin-Nagant. It’s a Russian built M38, I refinished the stock with
some boiled linseed oil and I really like this one. I’ve got four or five
Nagants that I really like and I mean they’re reasonably accurate they’re relatively cheap for
about 20 cents a trigger pull. – I will concede that
the ammo price on that is very alluring. – Yeah, and the cool thing about it is it’s a full power round
it’s not intermediate. – That’s true, if you
want to hone your skills and try and get your
flinch out as a new shooter that is a great tool to do that. – Yeah it is unfortunately sometimes the triggers on these feel like pulling a piano across a gravel road with, you know, some
twine but Timney does. I think it’s Timney, isn’t it? Or is it, somebody offers
an aftermarket trigger I don’t have one because I
think it’s fine the way it is. I understand that it’s a crude rifle that was intended to be
built quickly and cheaply – And the reason I
personally disagreed with it is because prices are increasing on ’em. – They are – This is an M38 which
is a premium one now because they’re shorter and handier. – Yes – Prices are getting up there you know, Enfields were one time 10 dollars these will one day be
ridiculous in price I think. – I agree. – I suspect that, people
might disagree with that but I think one day we’ll
be looking at Enfields and reminisce about hey I remember when those were 100 dollars. – Yeah, yeah I mean like
this one in particular I think I gave 200 dollars
for and like Alex said it’s a little bit more of a premium rifle. They’re not as common. I paid 120 dollars for
my Hex Receiver 9130 and I’ve bought round receiver guns for as low as 70 dollars
in the last couple of years but prices have increased a little bit and they’re in the 120 to 150
dollar range at this point. – Yeah, so basically we just had a small disagreement there but you know people disagree on things neither of us I don’t think there’s a wrong
it’s all personal preference. – I think you’re wrong. – Oh you think I’m wrong? – I do. – OK, well fair enough. Anyways guys we sincerely appreciate you guy watching the program. This is Alex C with TFBTV. – I’m Patrick R. – And if you hit that subscribe button we’d really appreciate it especially if you enjoyed our video, let us know.

100 thoughts on “5 Best Surplus Rifles Under $500 | TFBTV

  1. Loved the Mauser I had.
    German made 1949 with Turkish military emblems, in 8mm. All numbers matched… And shot perfectly.

  2. In the late '50's, a new M1 rifle or carbine was $89.95 from Sears. Around 1970 or '71, I bought a sportsterized .303 Enfield at K Mart at Regency Square in Jacksonville, FL for $30 along with 10 box's of reload's at $2 box. In '92-'93, I bought a new SKS in sealed box for $70. Who ever imagined where inflation would take prices to?

  3. The mad minute is true , the British infantryman was trained to fire 10-15 rounds on target . At the Battle of Mons 1914 the Germans thought they were facing machine guns , at present I " think " an I'd Ian police man has the record for the minute hitting the target every time .

  4. That's funny I have all six, and with taxes I paid less than the enfield for all six. Purchases were all made prior to 1975, back when surplus ammo was 3.5-4¢ a round those were the days a guy could shoot from sun up till sun down and still have beer money.

  5. I know Alex's opinion of the Mosin but omitting any Finnish variant is disrespectful. Yes I accept what the average 91/30 is but a M26 or 39 are coveted rifles

  6. Mausers are great, the open sights are amazing, action is beautiful, looks great, the only issue is they are heavy and hard to haul all day hunting

  7. I bought my mosin nagant 6 years ago for $150. Now at the same store they are $300 blanket price out of the crate!! And the sks I bought last year was only $140!! It was the dirtiest gun I had ever cleaned but after cleaning it it fired perfectly with no issues. But the other sks's they had were still only $200 to $300. Da fuq?

  8. I have a dream to bought for myself a bolt action rifle with tangent sights not for shooting but as mechanical toy. I like the way bolt opened and reopened with click sound. But all that paper regulations in my country are very rediqulious.

  9. I live in Canada and between me and my friends we have 41 sks rifles, 21 Mosin, 10 enfields and 6 k98. All shared between 13 people

  10. Where’s the 800 number? Never mind… this isn’t the home shopping network. I was wanting to order 2 more Mosin Nagants and SKS’s.
    I was knocking cigarette pack sized targets off post at 100 yards with a $100 SKS that was fresh out of its cosmoline with iron sights back in the early 90’s.

  11. The sks goes for like $500 in New York and every one and there mother is after them so they are rare as shit. The mosin nagont also goes for $399-$499. Also for anyone in new York looking for a hex model mosin Cabela's sells them for the same price as a round resever mosin. Good video btw

  12. I inherited a Hitler youth rifle chambered in 22 LR patterned after a Mauser 98. It was brought back by my grandpa after the war.👍🏻

  13. how stupid it is that anti gun laws exist when actual criminals don't give a crap about the laws and it simply leaves the decent folks defenseless. guess you get that when taking rights for granted.

  14. Oldbummer destroyed our cheap weapons. Do not!, buy surplus until President Trump fixes this. Otherwise, you will never see cheap surplus ever again. Be smart and let The Big Donald work his magic. Surplus used military rifles should always be under 200. I was buying brand ne sks for $75 until that moron exposed himself. Stay strong!

  15. International firearms out of Montreal,Canada at one time had a very good selection of those old military rifles that UPS would bring right to your door.I ordered a little Swedish Mauser cavalry rifle in 6.5×55 and just loved it.If i remember correctly it was around $100.00 Canadian.

  16. I wish I had an M1 Garand cus here in Europe there is a picture of a Soldier shooting a Garand in every history book starting from year one . So …yeah a Garand . Maybe one day there will be one hanging in my living room. Regards from Norway .

  17. Bought a Mosin for $99 about 8 yrs ago for my father in law as a Father’s Day gift . Never shoots it but loves WW2 history! Such a cool weapon !

  18. I see where WWII M-1 carbines are worth over $1000 today. I bought a 1944 GM made one for $90 back in 1980. I kick myself in the ass everyday for selling it a year after I bought it for $150

  19. You cant even buy a deactivated SMLE for that price in the UK. See following example £750 ($923). Insane.

  20. I don’t know if the capabilities of these relic rifles have even been fully utilized as they appear to still be very potent weapons in 2019.

  21. That Patrick guy presents himself like a douch bag that wasnt good enough to play on a football team…. "I think I'm right…." what a child!

  22. Just the other day, I saw a bunch of average K-31s for $829 each!
    I'd love to see more vids with Alex & Patrick.

  23. Sks– make sure it has a chrome lined bore and hopefully it's accurate enough to keep. It's hit or miss. Pun intended. I happen to have a very accurate one.

  24. You can’t beat time. Mosin Nagants were $100 when this posted now minimum $250. They don’t make any milsurp anymore. So buy them when you can. Personally my favorite on the table is the SKS , I do own a Mosin too. Thanks for sharing!👍🏼

  25. I paid $89 for a K31 in 2005. It shoots beautifully and while surplus GP11 ammo isn't always readily available the Prvi Partizan usually is and functions very well.

  26. a lot of cool old guns… but you can get a good ar-15 for around $500… i will go with the modern rifle or carbine when it comes for home defense or shtf. just saying

  27. I purchased a number 1, MK3 Enfield back in the '60's from Klines in Chicago for approx $38 including 100 rds of surplus ammo! it was "sporterized" by a saw and they didn't even remove the fore end because there's a saw gouge on the barrel!

  28. I have an Enfield 308. It is an unissued. It is the best shooting rifle I have and I have made shots with iron sites at 600 yards. I got it for fixing a ladies car. I don't have a clue what the value of it id

  29. I've got a 1929 Mosin with the hex receiver. I've added the Archangel polymer stock, which mounts 10-round removable magazine, along with the Timney trigger which is designed to fit inside the Archangel stock. It was factory-set by a gunsmith to have about a 1/8" pull, and a 1.5' pull weight. I've Picatinny rails on top and bottom, and am employing a bipod, turn-down bolt, and ATACR scope (which costs about as much as my entire gun collection!). Also added an AR-15 sling (the stock has three attachment points for the mounts). Note that I was a sniper in Vietnam, and I'm getting solid groupings at ranges of 1000-2000 yards, using modern Winchester-Western ammo.

    When I bought the rifle, it was before Obama's ban on the importation of the Mosin-Nagant, and I bought this rifle for $75. It was the only thing he ever did FOR me.

    And no … I will not sell!

  30. Ik someone who bought an sks and the first time they went shooting with it, it jammed and blew up. That’s what he says at least

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